was just thinking with horror, a woman might not seem like a slut to you…..because she’d never want to have S with you! but get her with chad thunderc0ck where there is an immediate attraction, and she will have S with him that very same day. and you thought she wasnt a slut because she never had S with YOU. well thats cuz youre a lesser beta loser, NO ONE wants to have S with you, except drunk single moms over 35 in the 4 or below attractiveness range!

let alone a 7 under 30 and no kids!

its just all so STUPID.

also i kinda feel like my begging period is OVER. like i am DONE begging. i already begged before and it didnt work. im not gonna beg any MORE.

but she didnt have a clear mind then! she was overwhelmed! maybe after a few months of no contact, she will listen to reason! and begging! and i should contact her!

but then i thought, well its not my job to convince her to be with me. she is prejudiced against me. she needs to change her mind on her own accord. and also realize that the Ball has been in her court since like january or earlier. and you just dont keep hitting balls into their court. she has a pile of muh ballz in her court just sitting there right now hahahahahah.

a mountain of ballz. a veritable everest.

whenever i see a tv show or hear about people having PRoblems in their Marriage or Rel, i automatically think: well why doesnt the woman just dump the man then? or cheat on him? but they make each other miserable arguing all the time.

so why doesnt somebody (probably the woman) say THIS ISNT WORTH IT and just dump the guy, walk away, say NOTHING WORTH SAVING HERE, nothing worth working on here. by staying in the rel, they are implying “i want to work on this.”

why dont they just dump him, forget about him, (even if its all her fault hahahaha) and get with the next chad thunderc0ck?

why does she even care about her current guy, the current rel? why does she want to save it? because she is still madly attracted to this guy? shes in luv with him? he is still her chad thunderc0ck? why is she willing to stay in the rel? dont women just dump you and BAIL OUT at the first sign of tension?

heh that is my experience because i am a total beta who cant maintain any interest from women. even if they have S with me they can’t force enough oxytocin and dopamine and serotonin and VASOPRESSIN to keep them interested more than a damn month hahahahaha.

vasopressin learned about that from helen fisher phd, biological anthropologist who studies Love and The Brain hahahahaha.

she said there are four types of Love Personalities:

serotonin: these are very traditional and loyal people, maybe a bit rigid. this is prob me.

dopamine: these people are into the rush of excitement, jumping on a new chad thunderc0ck and probably getting bored of him quickly too. always needing a new novel fix. they get tattoos and have oops babies with random chads. stay far far far far away. borderline bipolar sluts.

testosterone: very masculine logical problem solving mindset. not super emotional. being efficient and getting rid of ambiguity and extraneous. bretty good way to be mang.

estrogen: the feminine. supposedly loving and caring and emotional but i think its crazy and evil hamstering, baby with a gun, pandoras box, a living hell of destructive emotion that destroys lives and families and society.

i would venture a guess that testosterone goes with serotonin and estrogen goes with dopamine! men build, women DESTROY! thats your idea of COMPLEMENTARY!!!!!!????????!?!?!?!?!?!?

man good, woman bad hahahahaha. that is not a good kind of complementary hahahahaha.

no not all women are like that. i hope hahahha. wow that is real BLUE PILL shit to be saying hahahaha.

no i mean i am SUSPICIOUS of women, but i can certainly get to know women on a CASE BY CASE basis. even becoming good long term friends with them. then they throw me away hahahahaha.

so great scientific minds like newton and tesla were huge virgins. so they were total autists right, they didnt care about women, they cared about science and intellect and all that shit. certainly if they wanted a HOOKER they could get one right? i would imagine even if they wanted a WIFE they could get one, they were successful in their lifetimes. professors and shit. they could have supported women as babymaking machines, and make the world a better place with their smart offspring hahahaha. or maybe they would all become bad autists. not all autists are good productive people like newton or tesla. some are just big neet v9k failer failures…….and sometimes they are interested in gurls too! and fail at that of course.

bbbbbbbut it wasnt really SILENT TREATMENT, because most silent treatments end after a 4 days or a week and then they start talking to you again. it wasnt really silent treatment, it was just ending the relationship right then and there. silently.

bbbbbbbut she didnt MEAN to be such a bitch, she was just OVERWHELMED and SHUT DOWN!

(the goyim know! shut it down!!!) hahahaha

bbbbbbbut she didnt MEAN to hurt me, i was just being SUCH an annoying beta weakling and pushing her to have a talk! i was totally out of line!

see how you MAKE EXCUSES FOR them, to do bad things against YOU????!?!?!?!?!?!

i would be a GREAT Abuse Victim or Narcissists Supply/Source. cuz i Put Up with Bullshit and I always Blame Myself, and I am a People Pleaser.


google chad thundercock brings up feminist sjw smart woman journalist to write about virgins on wizardchan O GOD hahahahaha

the awl is like jezebel/gawker for new york grad students in the arts hahahahaha barffffffff

by arthur chu, the fat asian nerd from jeopardy who says he was a former loser nerd, and now he is a full on leftist marxist feminist cuck being anti gamergate and pro zoe quinn being a huge whore hahahahahaha

obviously salon and the awl are anti gamer gate and see gamergate as misogynist loser hateful virgin nerds, rather than successful game developer 200k a year winner confident nonvirgin LTR nerds

anyway i dont want to read anything about it, not from the left slutloving nerds.

there is this site which is up and coming. a bunch of incel wizard virgins who hate women for being sluts to chad thundercock.

i can feel myself being very suspectible to this path because of the way i was HORRIBLY rejected by an otherwise decent woman. well because she was a 7, it didnt matter that she was a nerdy girl in high skool. at age 25 she can be an awkward nerd but still be a huge sociopath slut because shes in her 20s and is a 7. instand celebrity. doesnt need to treat people like human beings.

hey i never stalked her, i never showed up at her door, i just wanted to talk to her about tension in our Relationship. i think i AM entitled to that. not just be happy with oh she wants to end it without even talking about it, ok, ill respect her decision, i dont mind being THROWN AWAY LIKE GARBAGE.

i will not challenge her decision, i will let her do what she wants, but i sure as FOOK wont RESPECT it!!!!!!

if you like getting SHIT ON and CUCKED and ABUSED, Arthur CHU, well you go right ahead, but dont hurt anyone else while youre at it.

i just discovered while google chad thundercock, found some cutting edge memery, well verdict is, this place like r9k or v9k, is a Negative Influence, and they have a Distorted way of looking at the world that is NOT going to help us.

of course so do the beta leftists at salon and the awl with their Relationships who cuck them with chad hahahahaha.

i liked the female because she was an “ugly duckling” sort that was never a huge slut in her youth and was never really a slut going for chad when i met her. well i suppose her short term rebound boifran was a bit of a chad. i still dont know how she was “IN LUV” with him. well shes entitled to her own feelings even if they are WRONG hahahahaha. ie distorted

well my thoughts and feels are distorted as well. but not the ones about liking her. i really did. and i really am hurt by all this shit. how is that wrong.

gamergate is not about exposing issues of journalistic integrity! its about harrassing women! and anyone who claims otherwise is a misogynist virgin woman harrasser!

i am not a gamer but it is interesting. i can understand their pain. all these fake geeks and annoying hypergamous sluts invading their territory hahahahaha.  im a geeky girl who likes to play vidya games but i am a slut for chad just like non gamer gurls. and i only slut it up with gamer guys who are fake nerds like me, like they make tons of money and have social skills hahahaha.

anyway yeah i stay away from all this stuff cuz it gets me all worked up and angry and emo and not at my best.

it just sucks that my favorite woman has become one of my least favorite. such a huge disappointment. i really need to have a woman in muh life where i can say whew thank god not all women are shitty and here’s proof. shes not really a shitty person, but i cant get away with saying that anymore, it doesnt matter, because she was so shitty to me!

sooooo. i try to think of other women that i know are decent. there are a few. like the woman i see at trivia sometimes. she is a decent virtuous person. i dont have feelings for her or attraction, but she is a virtuous woman. it is good to have a Go To woman you can think of that isnt a huge piece of shit, or a slut, or who has done you hella wrong.

anyway i shouldnt identify too much with these basement dwellers. while i do find it impossible to make enough money to live independently, attract women, and never had a long term gf, i DO have enough social skills to make friends, and also i banged a gurl once and i could have banged a second one but i was too much of a Niceguy who said “no lets take it nice and slow, i will just Finger you and we can make out for hours.” bitch wanted to get thunderc0cked, fingerng and making and cuddling are BORRRRRING.

also i have had female friends. including some long term ones hahahahahaa and then they dump me HORRIBLY.

i am just going through that loss of confidence after you get HORRIBLY dumped, where you think you’ll never talk to another woman ever again. now its true that i never banged another gurl again, or never made out or cuddled with a gurl ever again, hahahahaha, but i have talked to a decent number of women in the past 10 years hahahaha.

well its different when its somebody you actually know long term. that at one time your rel was good and strong. and you would never expect them to do something like this. so then you think that therefore for them to do that, you must have really done something wrong.

disappearing/ghosting seems to make a lot more SENSE when you dont KNOW the person, have only known them for a few months max. you can just blame it on them being a jerk and coward and not worth knowing.

but when you knew them for 2-3 YEARS and you trusted them and knew them! it makes no SENSE for them to do that, unless YOU did something really wrong!

that or she was just overwhelmed and wanted to ignore/avoid the whole situation. ok.

but then why not come back and apologise a few months later after realizing what a shitty thing you did?

because you think it would do more harm than good? interfere with the other persons life too much? or you hate the person and think you did no wrong again i will never know.  i mean i would rather have her just apologize than for her to be eaten by guilt.

heh. maybe i should start my own sluthate type website for hateful angry lonely virgins. start my own r9k message board! and then make money off it. hahahaha.

well i would let them vent a little hate, but i would also gently encourage them to do things that would improve their lives. not patronize them like arthur chu “yeah guys i GET it, ive been there with the loneliness and despair and anger, but when you do this, it makes my gamer geek waifu gurl cross the street now when she sees gamer guys, when before, she took a chance and talked to shy awkward loser gamer me at an event a few years ago, because she trusted gamers not to be woman-haters.”

yeah my confidence is at an all time low.

she REJECTED me. that could not be clearer. she was SCREAMING STAY AWAY FROM ME I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU. THATS why i shouldnt contact her!!!!!!!!

but yeah to me it was such a shock. she was still nice to me sometimes and i honestly thought we would talk some day and resolve the situation. i would tell her, she would say awwwww im sorry! i dont feel that way! but best wishes anyway.

i didnt expect her to pull the “ghost” move, just like you dont expect anyone youve known for so long to do that. some short term weirdo, sure, but not a long term person. sure the friendship was on the wane but thats no excuse!!!! the right thing to do is to let the person getting DUMPED have their say, whether its a friendship or something more. let them express their disappointment and say “i didnt ask for this. i wanted to fix this. i didnt want to get dumped.”

maybe she wasnt strong enough for that. maybe she was SCARED fo that, and wanted to AVOID it.