had a dream that briefly had the woman. really cant remember the details. took a small mininap soon afterwards that wiped the details out.

so i could have treated her better, but she could have treated me a LOT better. plus were were coming at each other with a different “tone.” that is, i was bothering her because i was too begging and supplicating, please hang out with me; and she was really bothering me because she was shutting me out. well she would say i was pushing her away. and i probably was.

anyway when somebody wants you out of their life, and you are desperate to have them in your life……well your damn heart gets broke hahahaha.

and my luv/committment is a valuable thing. i dont commit to just any broad hahahaha.

yeah i committed too early becuase i hadnt gotten any committment from her but oh well it happened jeez.

well in the dream she was not being particularly warm to me, i would have remembered that. she was being kinda cold or lukewarm to me but was still allowing me to talk to her, oh benevolent queen hahahahaha, lets the peasant talk to her.

anyway yeah i should go for muh walk.

yeah i dont want to contact her because i dont want to play it cool like i dont still want her. i will always want her and if she doesnt want to give that a try……I DONT WANT TO SEE HER. i dont want to see her dating and fooking and having interest in other guys. then best for her not to be in muh life.

as i was going for the 5 miler today, i thought again, should i contact her and be like ya know, you really hurt me, and i think you should know that, and i would really like an apology, because i dont think youre this bad of a person, things were just a perfect storm for you right now so you just shut down and didnt act as virtuous as you normally would. thats understandable and forgiveable but you really hurt me nonetheless and i know you are not that bad of a person, but im also not sure you know really how bad i was hurt. please show me one last act of kindness hahahahaha.

really it wouldnt change things, other than my Final Memory of her would be a bit more positive, but i would never GET with her. and thats really what i want!

it would be like when i Reestablished Connection with Woman2 in Fall 2004. she began hanging out and making out with me again, said she was sorry, and the making out made me think, NOT UNREASONABLY, that she MIGHT be interested in Dating Me.  but she wasnt! I was still ready and willing to commit to her but she had no such ready and willingness. at all. whatsoever.

so was that worth it? no, not really.

the best is when you are making out or even having secs with a gurl, and she has no interest in dating you even nonmonogamously. she is 90% out the door even as you are Plowing her. that never made sense to me. well they are always looking to clear out the betamost. especially if those betas are Angling towards Monogamous COmmitment, like i always was, cuz that was always my endgame, still is.

and i dont think thats inherently a bad thing, although it always turned out HORRIBLY. i just never found the right woman hahahahaha.

ok got a second 5 miler in nice. hahahaha.

anyway eerything she was saying and doing was indiciating NO i dont want you, im done with you, get away from me.

while everything i was saying and doing was YES, please give me a chance, please show me mercy, please be with me.

my point is, if she wanted me AT ALL, i was making it easy for her to say yes.

so yeah there is NO chance, i should not contact her.

but it sucks, women ALWAYS lost interest in me, in some cases because they are stupid sluts who like sampling a buffet of cock, but she was DIFFERENT, she actually made me feel special and that she really liked me as a person, which women dont often do!

well i think if i hadnt gotten feelings for her, we would have still been friends, she would have still be interested in me, it wasnt really her losing interest per se, as much as her not wanting me to have feelings. not really her getting BORED in me.

or maybe she DID get bored of me!

well she told me i was interesting and smart hahahahaha even while we were having problems.

shit jsut as i was bottling things up and abotu to explode, so was she. the difference is when SHE exploded, she didnt say a damn word to me! then i exploded and told her (email) everything.

so yeah i have had my heart broken by women before but never like this! and this is probably the worse. because i actually had SOMETHING real with her, it was one of the best actual rels i have ever had with a woman. it was real, built on a real foundation. i cant believe it doesnt matter to her, to have this ripped out of her life. maybe it does. so i should contact her right? she would say thank you thank you i wanted to talk to you so bad but i was scared!!!!!

well she woudl contact me if she really wanted to have some sort of rel again. since she’s not, then clearly she doesnt.

so basically women always want you to read their mind, because they will never communicate what they are feeling, which is usually Losing Feelings in you, because you’re too Clingy, because bitches dont realize that Love entails a BIT of clinginess, you want to be with the person a lot, and the person is more special to you than random people; and then when shit gets tuff, they never want to fix it, they just want to dump you and find some fresh, exciting Men to bang. god damn savages!!!!

never communicate, expect you to read their stupid mind, AND they never want to work on shit, rather just give up and bail and jump on the nearest dick. you’re an idiot if you have any respect for this!!!!!

of course its BLUE PILL to think “baby we can WORK IT OUT, lets TALK ABOUT IT”

no, you’re supposed to hit them with “dread game” where you lose interest in them and start gaming other bitches, to prove that you’re not putting her on a pedestal. that you dont need her more than she needs you!

bsaically the idea that

” If a girl is losing attraction for you, it’s YOUR FAULT for not passing shit tests.”

because this is all subconscious for women. but for men its gotta be conscious.

either way i wont make these mistakes again hahahaha of course i am getting too damn old to pull a 7 any more hahahahahahaha. was she a 7 or a 6? well she was in her 20s and not ugly so i think she was a solid 7 hahahaha. maybe more of a 6.6. still. i should only be able to pull 5’s at best. well i dont want 5’s, i want 6.6’s hahahahaha.



had another dream with her. foook that is like 3 in the past week. well in this one i was at the job, saw a bunch of familiar faces there. the people there were overall pretty good. i was feeling more comfortable with the people. i had come a long way. anyway in the dream it was like i had already quit and i was just sitting there hanging out while eeryone around me was goign crazy, which is the norm, trying to figure out the weirdest fooking shit, i was helping them, which is hard to do when you have you own stupid proejcts you need help with and no one can really give you as much help as you need.

anyway she was a few rows away as she was in real life and she was not talking to me. i would turn around and see her and i felt bad because she was not talking to me. i guess that was very similar to what happened in real life. and that was about it for the dream. we didnt have a big argument or i didnt confront her.

shit. i should have confronted her and said whats the deal here, youre killing me, i cant work like this.

then she would say, well you have no choice, you have to work like this, i am done, we are done, this rel is OVER.

and i would have said please please im begging you (this is very beta, never supposed to beg a woman)

and she would say nope yu already had your chance and you blew it.

but yeah i hate the “gamer/red pill” idea that if a woman loses interest, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT for not being EXCITING or CHALLENGING enough.

anyway i have never LOST INTEREST in a woman. not QUICKLY that is. usually its a very painful and long process, that extends long after they have lost interest in me and dumped me.

in other words, its always women losing interest. women lose interest in men SO QUICKLY and then quickly get interested in other men.

so maybe this is normal given our Biological Natural Differences?

i think yes. so in other words women are SUPPOSED to lose interest quickly? and not be loyal ever? maybe.

well because they are supposed to be choosy and always Branch Swinging to the Best Possible Man. so why have Secs and Date men before youve determined that?

because secs is fun and why deprive yourself of FUN? there arent any long term consequences to a woman having secs hahahahaha.

then after a few weeks you get bored. you see that the guy is BORING and not EXCITING or CHALLENGING enough. so naturally you want to find a Better Man. swing to a better branch. this is what women are. get used to it so you are not BLINDSIDED.

but the friendship we had for 2 years was smooth and ez and not so damn problematic. she showed a decent amount of loyalty then. but its a whole new ballpark once you get feelings. then the women get RUTHLESS.

google horrible tech support stories



Have your reps ever said this? “There is nothing I can do for you.”  I asked for a supervisor and they told me that the supervisor will tell me the same thing! – See more at: http://katenasser.com/worst-customer-service-stories-train-best-csrs/#sthash.ojCDfJZG.dpuf

hehehe but sometimes its true. theres nothign you can do, adn the sup doesnt want to speak to them cuz theres nothing they can do.  and you have no explanation because you dont really understand. you want to help them cuz youre a beta people pleaser who cant keep women from Losing Interest hahahahaha.


cracked is communist beta leftists but this is an accurate article and comments.

i was “the white knight” because i tried to actually help people when Level 2 would essentially advise us to do very customer unfriendly things like “we dont support that” and then we would have to say “we dont support that” and then they would ask well what can i do “uhhhh i dont know, call somebody else” “who” “i dont know” well can you find out

ok lemme ask level 2

they say we dont know, thats not our job



and it was your job to be a BULLSHIT ARTIST and figure out what kind of bullshit you could tell them as to why you couldnt or wouldnt help them.

yes many callers are idiots that dont know the difference between a computer and a monitor. but i was always on the callers side. i felt tech support branded them as idiots more often than they should. shit I was kinda an idiot because I didnt know what was going on!

i actually wanted to help. honestly. but the Culture made it difficult to help the people, for me to get the help for the people. so you learn to fudge troubleshooting steps to get approval for escalation quicker. ways to work the stupid shitty SYSTEM so you can get your department to do what they claim to want to do: fix peoples tech problems.

i actually LIKED figuring shit out, but i can’t do it in that context any more. taking call after call of WEIRD shit where i have to fight with the caller, then fight with level 2 to get the caller the help i dont have the knowledge or the authority to implement. convincing level 2 that yes, this shit DOES need to be escalated, do you realize how unprofessional it looks for our COMPANY to say “we cant help you” and then give them NO alternatives because we just dont know?

shit could be improved with regular training for level 1. but that costs too much.

could be improved by hiring more level 1’s. but that costs too much.

30 days of training?

try 10 hahahahahaha.


talking to a sup isnt a right, its a privilege


another very good story, its like WAR, people just disappear. shit is so stupid. its horrible for the customers, its even horribler for the CSR


This one’s voice shakes [level 1 begging to transfer angry caller to level 2]. I bet she’s wondering if she’s being recorded. “I have this customer who demands to speak to a supervisor. Can I please transfer him to you? He won’t speak to me anymore. He’s all mad, calling me stupid,” she says hurriedly.

She’s breathing heavily. I know I could grill her about the trouble-shooting steps she’s taken, run through the standard check list (check the cables, check the settings, rip TCP/ IP) and then shove her back to the customer. But I can hear the panic in her voice. I remember how it feels, calling for help and getting brushed off. “Go ahead,” I tell her. “Transfer him.”

“Thank you so much,” she says, her voice very fast like a prisoner suddenly freed. I think: she’s not gonna last much longer.

“It’s a new plan,” Angela sighs. “We can’t deactivate him. What we’re doing is collecting names, adding them to a list. Once we figure out what to do, we’ll take care of it. Give him a credit.”

“But he’ll be billed again next month,” I point out. “He’ll have to call back.”

“I’m sorry,” she says. “It’s all we can do for the moment.”

“Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight,” [aka “SO YOU’RE TELLING ME….” hahahahaha] the customer responds when I explain the situation to him. “I don’t have any service. I’ve never had any service. You can’t cancel the account which I’ve never had and you will continue to bill me?”

“Yes,” I answer cautiously, dreading his response.

“I’m stunned, absolutely stunned,” he says. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

There’s a long pause. It’s like waiting for the firing squad to yell FIRE!

And then he laughs, and I know I am in the clear. I’ve dodged another bullet. “Well,” he sighs, “I guess there’s not much I can do.” Fight, scream, raise hell I would like to tell him. Just not to me, to someone who has the authority to fix this mess. If only he could find that person.

I credit his account and send him on his way. Another unsatisfied customer.


5 Confessions Of A Comcast Customer Service Rep




if companies like comcast or any other damn call center, tech support, cust servce, SLAs, MSRs whatever, were SERIOUS about giving good cust service, they would PROVE it by implementing policy changes that were clearly PRO customer nstead of clearly ANTI customer.

Comcast Customer Service Agents Get Answers To Certification Tests Right Before The Tests

why would they want you to know the material? thats more time in training, which means less time out on the phones, which means less calls answered.

the emphasis on AVERAGE HANDLE TIME rather than ACTUALLY FIXING PROBLEMS. the COMPANY thinks its more important to leave a problem UNFIXED if the call goes over 20 minutes. or 15 minutes. or 3 minutes. whatever the SLA is.

our average call time was 20 minutes. i was always around 22 minutes because i went the extra mile. i was probably working for a better company because muh managers did not fire me for being 10% over the target, because they realized that apart from that, i did EXCELLENT work and actually tried to solve problems.

there is “Executive customer service” lines sometimes, semi-secret numbers that go straight to Executives so you get special treatment for being VIP. i do not know if our company had this. why would i? i was just level 1. i know i had a FEW super high ups call us, but its very possible they did not know abotu The Executive line.

Also encourage your frustrated callers to use TWITTER to complain. i never thout about this one!

Comcast Demands An Explanation Before Agreeing To Cancel Your Account



quote from jack lambert:::

Technical Support is one of the most burnout-inducing jobs you can have. There is constant pressure that comes from solving complex technical problems when you’re on the spot, coupled with the fact that most of the customers you’re working for are usually people who are in tough spots, that have managed to get good and frustrated before they called you. All of that kind of thing can wear you down until you’re in honest need of psychiatric attention, a long vacation, and possibly even meds to put yourself back on the straight and narrow. I know all that, because I’ve been there/done that, and I’ve seen countless tech support colleagues go there too.


Working with your mind is a weird business. You are physically able sit at a desk 16 (or more) hours a day, crunching away at tech work (or tech play for that matter). However, if you do this for an extended period of time, you stand a near 100% risk of developing one of several types of debilitating mental illness that may affect you for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t do manual labor until your body was broken and damaged beyond repair would you? Of course not. So why would you do mental labor until your mind was similarly broken and damaged?


I made the mistake once of trying to stick it out hoping things would get better. 9 months later when I ran out of mental gas, it took me almost 2 months off and some good meds to put me back together. I now recognize that I have some long term effects from that experience, in that I am far more susceptible to going back to burnout land ever since then. I am not doing that again, for anyone, for any amount of money. I will only let an employer fail to maintain my work environment at sane levels for maybe 3 or 4 months, and then I’m floating resumes and looking for my next job.

I also strongly suggest, that if or when you ever have to pack and leave because an employer can’t manage your work environment adequately, that you make really sure that you carry zero guilt when you go. Clearly explain to yourself, that it is not your failure as employee because you “couldn’t hack it” or some such. It is their failure as a company to manage a work environment that is not psychologically toxic. If they can’t manage to do that one little thing for you, then you owe them nothing, and are not responsible for their failure.


while customers are googling “how to get better customer service” and think asking for a supervisor or team leader or level 2 or manager is their Magic Ticket to Good Service, level 1 agents are googling “how to tell a customer they cannot speak to a supervisor” because they know their supervisors dont want to and cant talk to customers and we as level 1’s just arent sure how to word these sorts of things, and we are not gonna receive good Training on how to Deflect callers from talking to a higher up.


oh yeah. i think part of my dream involved seeing the woman taking a phone call. that was a problem for me at the end, was 1. i was thankful for being removed from calls and doing a non call project, but i was stll worried about taking calls. 2. at this point she was actually making a few calls a day, and i was doing none, so i felt that she was “better or smarter” than me, when, not too long ago, i was taking calls ALL DAY like a BOSS and i felt that i was way smarter and better than her. but at the end, i heard other people taking calls and i was like “OH GOD HOW COULD I EVER GO BACK TO THAT” and i felt like she was bragging by taking calls, not that she was, but i was kind of bragging a few months previous when I was taking calls and she was not.  and that bragging was a passive aggressive thing that i didnt do to the other chat/nonphone people, but i did to HER specifically because i was upset about her being distant from me.

perfectly wrong response to the shit test. better response would be, “i dont like you being distant; i can give you time and space, but i can’t give you forever. i want you to make up your mind. i’m giving you one month. also be aware that i do have feelings for you. i want to take this friendship to the next level. so think about it for a month, but if you cant give me an answer by then, i cant keep waiting, and i’m going to have to leave this relationship. whether i leave or not is up to you. its not fair that i be asked to wait on hold for longer than a damn month. my time is valuable.”

well that might be too assertive, in the sense that you are actually cmmunicating with words. alpha males know that women cant communicate with words, they’re not even AWARE of shit, they dont have to be aware of shit, so you are always responsible for them being damn big babies. babies with loaded guns hahahahaha.

5 miler walk. read that icmi.com article directly above, there were great comments on how to deflect and defuse callers who want to speak to a sup. reading this thread of comments was more useful than ALL the training i got on the “soft skills” of handling calls.

hey. SHE wanted OUT of the rel, so if she changes her mind and wants back IN the rel, SHE has to make that decision, because you think shes gonna listen to ME beg and convince and coerce her to take me back? shit i’ve already apologized too much! you cant change somebody, they have to change themselves on their own accord, and what im trying to do is change her mind about me.

i just dont think i was given a chance. i gave her tons of chances. she gave me none!

i just didnt think it would happen the way it did. that it would happen so suddenly and that it happened when it did.

i felt like she went and pulled the ultimatum move, WITHOUT ACTUALLY GIVING ME THE ULTIMATUM.

i STILL havent lost interest in her. yet she lost interest in me like 10 months ago. and now is whoring out her uterus to evern exciting dangerous challenging CHAD THUNDERC0CK out there, not even caring that she can get PREGNANT or get a DISEASE! just secs, just pregnant, just a fetus, just an abortion, just gential warts, gtfo bitch!!!!


i wasnt perfect. i made mistakes. but i was willing to work together to at least smooth things over so noone went away angry, which would be about the best “win win” we could get here.

she wasnt perfect, she made mistakes, and she was not willing at all to do any of this.

i know men and women are VEYR different, but are they SO different that you can NEVER hold a woman accountable for being unreasonable? that you can NEVER empathize with a woman and they can NEVER empathize with you?

doesnt she feel BAD about what she did? if she felt bad ENOUGH, she would apologize. so clearly she doesnt feel THAT bad. but she SHOULD! but she is also good at avoiding and forgetting about shit. she has certainly forgotten about all this by now. yet i havent forgotten about her.


i was way more hurt than she was. now she gets to continue in the job and go on to be more successful than me, becuase shes not committing career suicide! she is continuing to work at her Hard Job, and one day after Paying Her Dues, will move on to a Better Job, whereas i quit the job, have branded myself a quitter, will have a tough time getting a job of that shitty caliber, and one day she will be powerful enough to be My Supervisor, even though she is 8 years younger than me and doesnt have a degree hahahahahaha she was jsut fortunate not to go batshit crazy and quit her damn job.

i am always insecure abotu women dumping me then going on to being way more successful than me in their careers. this always happens because i am at the bottom of the career ladder, and all the women have gone on to be WAY more successful than me and make WAY more money and be WAY more respected. sometimes they get fancy graduate degrees, sometimes they make shitloads of money after moving into managment, sometimes they get a phd and become an Influential Intellectual, in this case she will prob move to a diff company which pays more and has less stress, but you can’t do that without Sticking It Out in the lower paying more stressful job WITHOUT QUITTING first!

so i respond to this by rereading what jack lambert says (see above.) that its just never worth it to go fooking crazy.

i was going crazy from the work and then i was going crazy from her, and then when the two worlds collided i said O HELL NO and it was obvious that things had crossed the rubicon, that Muh Triggers were Triggered. SNAPPED.

i snapped and she didnt.

its just SO FOOKING STUPID. SO STUPID. worst “breakup” i EVER had. EVER.

well…. before, when women had “THE TALK” with me….i would tyr to coerce them to change their mind. and i would sort of succeed, we would make out a little bit again, id get hopes up, theyd quickly start distancing again, i would fall back down, get angry, think it was “mixed signals” when really they had just been pressured by me, then quickly went back to their original position of they didnt want to be with me.

either way i should have never tried to make them “change their mind.”

i didnt really MANIPULATE THEM, really it was more like begging them to change their mind, pretty much same thing i did recently. i aint too proud to beg hahahaha. it has worked to get them to make out with me a couple more times, get the hopes up, and then trouble starts again. well in the past i have not had great communication with the women either!@!!!!!!

but it was still better than what happened with this one.

but the diff was i was closer to this woman, so this one is a lot tougher. it has been REALLY REALLY hard to accept that someone i was close to and trusted would End The Rel in this manner. I didnt want to believe that she actually WAS ending the rel. i am STILL in denial sometimes! oh she doesnt know what shes doing etc.

she ended the rel because i forced her?

if i ever ended a rel, wouldnt i blame it on the other person? they wouldnt listen to reason, they wouldnt stop their shit, so i HAD to end it. i didnt want to hurt them……well actually i did because i just essentially DROWNED them.

ohhh thats another great metaphor. you drowning a child in a tub, or smothering an elderly person with a pillow. hahahahaha. as they writhe pathetically, silent scream hahahaha, hands flailing helplessly.

thats what i felt like, and IM the bad guy????

you might not remember what was done and what was said, but you will never forget how you FELT. like total shit hahahaha. abandoned. left out in the cold to freeze to death.

lesson learned: next time i get feelings for a woman, which seems to happen once every 3 years, so, 2018 or so, tell her right away.

i dunno. i think she owes me more than i owe her! i tried and pleaded and begged and yeah thats gameless and real men dont beg, or real men dont COMMUNICATE, so it as ALL MY FAULT for not knowing that? for trying to commuicate? because real men know know to commincate? they do he man bullshit and start banging other women immediately. hahahaha ok yeah i did get total oneitis, which is essential a PREMATURE COMMITMENT.  well SORRY.

she coulda sent me one final text or email or message. she coulda sent me a message when she unfriended me. i was going to unfriend her with a Nice Polite Clarifying MESSAGE to go along with it…..but she unfriended me FIRST, wth NO message!

or she could have responded to any of my emails, at any time!

yeah the only xplanations i can come up with for Ending A Rel with Not Even One Text, is the person abused the shit out of you and you hate them for it; or you are Overwhelmed and just want to Abort Them.

or they hate you because they have no respect for you because you are a Weak Begging Beta! at least with Manly Abusers, they LOVE them and think they can CHANGE them and they keep going BACK for MOAR ABUSE! but nto so with Beta Weaklings!

I would have had better results if i had BEAT her!!!!!

maybe i should start Beating Women hahahahahaha.

this just doesnt sound RIGHT to me. but men and women are really different. but are they really SO different that they can NEVER understand one another? it seems stupid and unhealthy for women to love men who beat them. but thats what marxist psychologists say. and marxists are always wrong. and Alpha Game types are always right. and they suggest that women prefer violent abusive men. something like these men are powerful enough to NEVER TAKE SHIT from them. i mean what better way to pass a shit test.

anyway i still feel i should have been treated better and i am totally entitled to that feeling hahahahaha.  but it will take a fooking ETERNITY before i stop wanting her back. before the Flame Of Luv is Fully Snuffed Out. i always wish she will come to her senses and essentially do what i did to her: write long emails to ME, say pleeeeaaaseeeeee im soooo soryyyyyyyyy lets have long talks about this and lets get together forever.

ok shit im going to bed this is stupid. chad thunderc0ck is my name hahahaha. challenging chad.