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i do like GAA even if it is marxist control pysop, antimale hahahaha just cuz i like reading “advice columns” and this is a good one for younger unmarried people, which as an Eternal Adolescent, i identify with. of course the endgame is, if all else fails, go see a shrink. ok great thanks for the advice bitch hahahahaha.

subcategory of relationships specifically on communicating

even these amoral nihilists say that Nonmonogamy can be wrong if……..both partners dont CONSENT to it!

and here i would actually agree with them. for them consent of the woman is the closest thing to “morality” and i dont have anything against CONSENT per se, i just think its just one small part of morality, which also includes the man’s consent, the respect and dignity of both parties, the dignity of the human as something more than TradeInAble FookFlesh.

stefan m, tons of people have GIVEN UP looking for a job, good comments too, but have to watch the damn vidya to find out SM’s actual opinion on it. are these lazy losers who dont deserve to live? or can we say the world is honestly actually that fooked up and that it destroys the soul an the Will To Work?

hehehe its HARD to take shit and be treated like shit and be confused and put upon all day. i have not found a way to be able to take this ABUSE well.

well thats not true, i survived at my last job for a full year, which is a damn miracle. but rather than being motivated to find a better job somewhere else, there is the sense of teetering on the edge, that one day something is gonna happen and you are gonna SNAP. could be sometthing at the job, could be something in personal life, a death or a dumping. and then you SNAP and get fired or quit.

also since it takes all your strength to just survive one day at a time, all your mental energy just to survive and prepare for the job, very hard to find another job. and all your time at home is either studying for your current job or sitting there like a brain dead zombie because youve just been at work all day, THEN you came home and studied MORE work for 2 hours, now your mind is just spinning but you cant bring yourself to study more, and in fact you should go to bed now, then you lay down and your mind races in an unproductive and anxious way.

and you can afford only a apartment in a violent crime filled neighborhood and you cant even pull 35 year old single moms for female companionship hahahaha.

did a 4.4 miler.

so modern women under 30, the only women that matter, hahahaha, but they suck because they are huge narcissisluts who reject you, yet they are huge carousel riding whores, and you wish you werent attracted to people so morally reprehnsible, but women werent’ always like that, but you are because biology hahahaha, anyway, mwu30 view NOT having facebook as being a “red flag” because its SO creepy. why WOULDNT you have a facebook unless you were a huge crepper weirdo stalker psycho. because because. because circular shit “logic.” hahahaha. but they dont NEED to have good logic!!!!

equal and opposite reaction. maybe since i had 10 months of love, i can expect 10 months of Abject Despair and MIsery. ill take it, i was budgeting 1 year hahahahah.

and yes at this point it would help my CONFIDENCE at least to have cute 20 year old gurls bouncing on muh dick casually. but that is EASIER SAID THAN DONE.

much like getting and keeping a job hahahaha. oh god hahaha.

today i learned that corsica the island belogns to france and not italy. that will get you a 15DAHJ hahahahaha.

yesterday it occured to me that i could try to Hack Into the Woman’s facebook or email……but i didnt really want to do that. didnt even want to try.

what if i were Actually Dating her and i did not trust her, like i thought she was cheating or planning to cheat?

welp then i should be lucky that she just hasnt dumped me yet hahahahaha.

and then communicate adn say baby i just dont trust you, are you planning on cheating, welp if you really are i wont be able to stop you, so lets have an open rel right now, so i can cheat on you too.

the end. thats all the conversation you need to have hhahaha. but no i mean youve broached the topic and got it right out there in the open. sunlight is the best disinfectant or whatever, lewis brandeisteinbergowitz hahahaha.

i have started doing sudoku puzzles, easy only, and it takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete one. i thought about my 20 minute call time target. it is kind of fun to do sudoku puzzles, but i would not want to be limited to 20 minutes for every one, then to start a new one IMMEDIATELY after finishing one, and to do that all day, while being on the phone with a nervous or impatient person as i try to figure it out.

took a little nyquil, then did a 2.8 miler. only took about 60% the dose of nyquil, dont want to be Zombified forever. full dose makes me zombie for 20 hours.

motivation. i never had any motivation ahhaha. except possibly sometimes women were muh motivation hahaha. but not right now! now i am gonna be hung up on a woman i can never be with, for a while!

so really my big fear about jobs is that youre going to be put into situations where you just dont know what to do; and then you put the customer on hold while you “do research” ie flail around searching the knowledge base for the answer; and you are trying to figure the shit out without going to your higher ups because they will treat you like an idiot; but you have to GET USED to being treated like an idiot both my your Superiors and by your customers. basically get USED to being abused all day, and also being confused and rushed. all this is very hard to get used to, and its hard to do that all your damn life. it makes you really want to use MJ when you get off work!!!

but yeah never a good feel when you work on confusing shit for 8 hours a day, then you cant get your mind off it when you go home, so you say welp might as well study work shit for 2 hours then. then its late and you gotta go to bed. you mind races about work shit and you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind racing about work shit. then you wake up and say damn i should have went to bed an hour earlier. but then i wouldnt be able to STUDY. AND im still not getting any exercise. i dont have TIME to exercise because i gotta

OOOO I JUST GOT QUADS!!!!! queens. QQQQ. yes i was all in after another guy  went all in! i had QQ, then another Q on flop, then final Q on the turn. insane.

but yeah ideally you would go to bed immediately after working an 8 hour day. no exercising, no studying, just sleep.

but you cant sleep cuz thinking about WORK. MJ helps with this, and prob so would nyquil or benadryl. but i was scared it would make me groggy on the job so i never took them.

funny i was stressing about job a lot more and pushing myself with studying, when i was NOT on phones! and also when i was also concurrently stressed out about the woman.

in other words, the increased stress abotu the woman CAUSED ME to stress out more about WORK TOO! stress caused more stress! which all led to a breakdown! which doesnt look good in interviews!

so what i would do is, only study once every OTHER work day, the other days walk on the treadmill or go for powerwalk for AT LEAST two hours if not THREE, AND every THIRD day, take a reduced dose of a sleeping aid like nyquil or benadryl and try to get SOME good sleep. reduced dose, take that as soon as getting off the shift, so you are not groggy the next day, because you have to be ALWAYS ON.

also drink tea on the job and not coffee, will make you less nervous and hurt stomach less and cause you to have Nervous Poops less.

also take Benzos ON the job once every 2 or 3 days. to make you less nervous ON the job. yes break the benzo up. split it in half. i had a shitload of valium. i should have just taken half a valium at the start of the day some days.

i guess it may be tricky coordinating the valium in the workday with the sleeping pills after work.

yes you do need to get 8 horus of sleep. at LEAST. 9 or 10 is better. but even though you are tired you cant sleep cuz too nervous.

Request-Masters in Accounting, Can’t Find Job

aaron clarey video

A man has graduated with an enviable and quite employable degree, but can’t find a job. Cappy suggests a couple strategies including fishing in different waters, trying various job search sites, etc., but also recommends he just get his CPA and then focus on becoming an entrepreneur.


I have 7 years experience in accounting. My last job search took 1 year. The school where I got my masters..I applied to every job on their career website and NOT ONE got back to me. And after I graduated and finally found a job on my own, they had the balls to ask me for alumni donations. All they heard was CLICK. And yes accounting seems bad..its insanely competitive, employers know it and work you to the bone, my bitch boss is squeezing more and more work out of me for the same shitty pay. And yes having a CPA opens up more doors in accounting.

I have a job as a management accountant in Germany and can’t find a new job for shit. I am moving into IT, accounting is a DEAD END.


Video Request-Fighting Post College Depression

for 10 years after college hahaha. i wasted muh twenties. when i should be working all sorts of diff jobs and banging all sorts of diff gurls. i couldnt get gurls and i couldnt get jobs hahahaha. could not even do the bare minimum. feelz bad man. defective person.

hehehe what does kevin spacey say in the movie seven, something like “only in a world this shitty, could we say that these are not bad people.”

i was gonna add to that that the homeless crack whore with no teeth and just ugly as sin, gumming dicks for crack, is more honest and had more integrity than the Average Woman hahahahahaha. who is a whore in a much more dishonest, deceptive, scheming, horrible way hahahaha and deserves less respect than a 2 DOLLAR CRACK WHORE.

aaron clarey gives Asshole Consulting to a Millennial Loser!!! who hates himself and is lazy as hell and dropped out of high school and sponges off his family and cant get a job because he gets anxious hahahaha.

i read that for a while, the comments i mean, then felt hopeless to improve my own life, being a jobless and skillless loser, and that i will never get close to a 25 year old white childless nonslut nontattooed woman ever again. it hurts more to get dumped by a virtuous woman than by a piece of shit woman!

well she was NOT virtuous in the way she dealt with ME!

also i didnt get dumped for being a Beta Loser per se. rather she never liked me In That Way at ALL.

besides she had no problem becoming my friend even though i was a huge loser. but probably women dont care who you are if they are just looking for male friends.

she didnt seem to have a lot of male friends either. THAT would be a big red flags. likes the attention of beta orbiters in the friendzone. nope that was not her. like this other slut i knew who had a ton of male “friends” and had fooked most of them, the degenerate whore.

oh shit i had a good thought i think while i was walking. uhhhhhh. cant remember it.

i did hear a good tip, that you try Fasting to motivate you. just dont eat food at all for a few days, to motivate you to do shit. you are allowed to drink water. this will simulate the state of being desperate and starving and having to Work To Eat.

so i might try that. i am not allowed to EAT until i have done some job related stuff.

plus i am trying to lose weight, so that will also help that.

also i wouldnt hurt to do Intermittent Fasting every couple of months anyway. just go 24 or 36 or 48 hours without eating.

well at least i am not blaming myself as much today. i am saying to myself, that bitch, there is no reason she couldnt have dumped me more nicely!

also the idea that i should Reach Out to HER and say please dump me more nicely, please apologize to me……. come ON! if they have ANY remorse, the onus is on THEM to reach out to ME and say sorry for dumping you so harshly!!!!! i shouldnt have to initiate HER apology! thats not the way it works! plus its pathetic for me! begging people to apologize to you for disrespects they gave you.

uhhh never take more than half a dose of nyquil. even 60% was a little too much.

yeah its starting to get cold out there. might have to sign up for the old planet fitness. might be able to pick up some obese ugly single moms, its the best i can do, being an old loser hahahaha. looks like i was was out of my league with my female friend. maybe thats why she was so DISGUSTED by me liking her. that she thought she was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of my league. but she didnt seem as narcissistic and overconfident as the Average Woman! like she wasnt in love with herself and didnt seem attention seeking.

really she didnt give a lot of big red flags when we were friends. she came across as a sensible woman, who honestly respected and liked me, and was nice to me, and accepted me for the huge loser i was. she didnt see me as a huge loser in other words!

yeah she had some reddish flags but most women have much bigger red flags that you can see a mile away, immediately!!!!

it was only after she passed my strict vetting/probation period that i began to trust her and get really comfortable with her, and then the liking started! this is proper, this is a good idea, i went about it the right way here. and this is the way i should continue to go abotu it in the future!

but she surprised the shit out of me when she dumped me like a damn piece of trash, becuase i had never seen her do anything like that before.

well except to people who deserved it, like the guy who cheated on her. i guess she called him on it and bitched him out and never talked to him again. which is proper.

maybe she was used to doing that to guys now, so she overreacted and did it to a guy who didnt deserve it, ie me. also she never bitched me out in the sense of giving me one final piece of her mind before she did it.

again the best explanation is that she avoids conflict. shes an avoider, and avoiders AVOID.

i wonder what she said to HIM. did she confront him in person and scream at him? did she beg him to stop so they could work on their rel? i dont think she DID beg him. she had enough self respect to say no i dont want someone who cheats on me.

hehehehe i am not sure i would do the same. i would probably desperately beg them to work on our rel and i will give them another chance. just pleaseeeeeee stop cheating on me. and then she would dump me for the guy she was cheating on me with hahahahaha.

well dumping a guy who is cheating on you is a good thing, sign of a mentally balanced woman. its the right thing to do. she always seemed to try to do the right thing. one of the things i liked abotu her. she was virtuous. she was kind and merciful rather than a mean bitchy bitch.

so this is why i blamed myself when she dumped me. because from her track record, i didnt think she would dump someone unless they REALLY DESERVED IT, otherwise she would treat a person with kindness and mercy.

so its just my like that she would go against character, on ME.

well she was under a lot of stress, with family, with her heart being broken, so yeah it makes sense that she would want to avoid dealing with another stressful situation in such short order. she was getting dumped on and she had reached her breaking point.

also she did use the term “broken heart” to describe what happened with the cheater.

and that is exactly what i was too hahahaha. i thought of the word itself “heartbreak” as such an apt and accurate metaphor for how you really feel. so therefore anyone else who used that word, you would know exactly  how they feel. ie horrible. like dying hahahaha.

well i am not making excuses on her behalf, i am just honestly tyring to answer the question of “how could she do this.”

most likely she was overwhelmed by stress and just shut down and avoided yet another stressful situation. that being she did want to say no to me. if she wanted to say maybe or yes to me, well then that would be its own incentive. she might have been overwhlemed and confused, but i think she was certain in the fact that she didnt want me. wawawawawawaw. boo hoo.

lesson learned: if your female friend gets out of a long term rel, then very soon after appears to be possibly dating a guy, but is not saying anything to you……just fooking ask her. dont dance around it.

well i thought it would take her like 3 to 6 months to get over the LTR. so this new guy was so a rebound. and not a good rebound either! maybe he cheated on her because she was still hung up on the LTR. ?

well he probably cheated on her because he COULD. he was an alpha male popular with the ladies. and thats about all i know about him is that he probably was kind of a “player.” probably gave her some shitty disease hahahaha and i still wanted her.

in june 2014 i went on a very fun nice “road trip” with an old friend from college and it was real nice to reconnect, i kinda wanted to pay off a karmic debt to him and the guy we were going to see, and i feel i succeeded in that. anyway i told him about My Female Friend where i had a female friend i got along with real well, but i wasnt really attracted to her That Way, which was weird, cuz she wasnt ugly. well, she was in an LTR but she just got out of it like right now.

i think i wanted to start hanging out with her a little more once the LTR was done. just to possibly “EXPLORE” my feelings with her. maybe give it a chance.

well we only hung out 3 times after that. first time was july 2014 when i later felt most guilty about not doing anything. but i think she was dating the new guy by then.

second time was august 2014. that time i was more open and asked if she wanted to hang out at her house but she was busy. damn.

third and final time was sept 2014 when we went to an event. she was CERTAINLY dating the guy by then, and now i was WELL on the path. by oct it was official for me.  and then i could NEVER get her to hang out with me . even though before, we were hanging out every month!

so its incumbent on me to say something if i get feelings for her. ok fine. well that was what email1 attempted to do, to beg for us to communicate with each other about our Strained Relationship.

well she is just as responsible for saying something when she wants to Get Out! and she didnt say a damn thing, didnt respond to email1, shit.

anyway i should have said to her in june 2014, dont you think its weird that we get along so well but we dont try going out? do you think i am ugly or something hahahaha. i dont htink you are ugly! maybe we shoud try dating or cuddling or fooking now that you are broken up. just give it a try. we get along really well as friends. we could each do a lot worse! or are you already dating someone else? wow move quick dont you? well how about give me a try too. i know you modern women dont care who impregnates you!