yeah people being undertrained for their jobs, beign confused and overwhelmed all the time, being scared to ask for help because that proves youre not getting it fast enough and are stupid, smart people shamed into believing they are stupid, the most help you get is someone pointing to a 10000000000000000000 page book and them saying “read and understand. try harder.”

i say FOOK IT. just do a half ass job, say i read the documentation and used my resources and did not want to steal time/money from senior employees, so, this is how i decided it should be done. i cant be wasting peoples time or my own 900000000000000 times during a project saying is this right? is this right? is this right? every time i do something. the company will lose money.

so i was rejected because i was a BETA? well, not even a beta but an omega? i get periods of weakness and vulnerability sometimes. i guess lesson learned is hide that shit like a Deep Dark Secret when dealing with women, even women you think you can trust. becuase you can never trust women hahaahahah. or just because you trusted them in the past doesnt mean you can trust them now.

i have been reading matt forney ever since the early days when he was in mala fide / ferdinand bardamu. he might have been the second or third guy i found after roissy / heartiste. when the hell was this? 2008? 2007 even? a long time ago. the Movement has been shifting, growing over the past 7-8 years. it started out as anti feminism because we could see feminism had ruined women and we were angry were couldnt get any women cuz we were beta men and the modern sluts hated beta men. hahahaha. but then we gradually saw the bigger picture, feminism was just one part of leftism / marxism, women are not the enemy, marxists are the enemy, the LEFT is the enemy. theyve ruined Our Women, theyve ruined Our Country, theyve ruined Our Race hahahahaha. and now its all coming together in a beautiful way.

but i havent read forney regularly in years. but i might start listening to him. some of his writing seems a little woman hating hahahhaha. but he is a great writer. but i can never tell when he is being serious or trolling. and writing is ridiculous. i think talking is better. he sounds more down to earth and normal and trustworthy when he talks. i might start listening to his Podcast.

heh. i liked having a woman in my life to remind me that Not All Women Are Like That, ie annoying pieces of shit who i dont want in my life, destructive value suckers. depreciators. make life worse not better. yet in the end she just made my life worse and i wish i had neer met her. we had really good times but the bad times outweighed that. i wish i never met her. only if i had BANGED her maybe would i be able to look back and say “that SUCKED and im glad shes gone, but i cant say i wish i never met her, because im glad i banged her.” i cant even say that! and All Women Give Up Bangs Easily! just not to us beta creeper Thirsty Scum hahahaha.

thirsty what a stupid word. only women can come up with words this stupid. i don’t like them. i dont like the way they TALK, i dont like the way they ACT. I do not like women. I’d be foolish TO like women, given my experiences with them! there’s not enough TO like! and too much to dislike!

so while i dont really want to be a “woman HATER”, i dont mind saying i do not like women, fook no i dont. why the FOOK would I? the cons have way outweighed the pros. they have disappointed me time and again.

i told her. i told her i was an MRA and a MGTOW and that basically i was an anti-feminist and i didnt like feminists and i didnt particularly like women either! so i was honest about who i was. well we really never had a super long meaty talk about that sort of stuff. we didnt have enough long talks period, especially at the end. she just wasnt willing to. i would have talked about thsi shit all day. i wasnt cool or manly enough to get an audience with her though. fine fook her then. i used to be cool enough to get an audience though. i can deal with being Never Liked. Its harder for me dealing with being DOWNGRADED. to be liked, and then move down to being not liked.

writing can be very unhealthy. youre just sitting there by yourself alone, alone with your thoughts, and your thoughts can be very unhealthy. with talking, its easier to be more optimistic i guess is what im trying to say. partially because talking, you can keep better pace with your thoughts, compared to writing.  and also you can consciously put on a Happy Voice and Smile Into The Phone so you can move your Thoughts down a more optimistic, more healthy path.

well, i am speaking from the perspective of lazy Despairing Losers who have trouble getting and keeping Momentum. Forney does not appear to have this problem. he has had a 10000000000 jobs. i respect this but at the same time i envy such a “normalfag.” kinda like stefan molyneux as well.

even a fat bald shitbag like forney has gotten more pvssy than me, because hes not afraid to talk to gurls.

i used to read another blogger who was a great writer but god damn did he hate forney. he was so angry and petty and hateful that i stopped reading him! and obviously forney rose above that, he now makes a living as a writer/blogger/internet personality, was able to quit his job, is basically self-employed, and im sure is far less butthurt about this guy, than this guy is still butthurt abotu forney.

when i am not heartbroken and or in the depths of despair, this is the type of stuff i read hahahaha. “alt right” or “new right” or “neoreaction” or all that.


was it worth it? was it worth being such a bitch and throwing me away? you’re better than this. at least you USED to be better than this. its so disappointing to see you change for the worse. we could have been good together. but not the person you are becoming. its sad. you are not just throwing me away, you’re throwing yourself away too. all of this has made me very sad but theres nothing i can do about it but let you go. you wont listen to reason and you arent willing to listen to me or talk to me at all. you arent willing to try to do anything to end this on a good note. i will never know exactly why.

i blamed myself completely for pushing you to this. i dont have great boundaries so i always blame myself completely for anythign that goes wrong in a relationship. which is why this “nuclear bomb” ending is especially hurtful to me. most normal people would take it as a sign the dumper is not worth their time, anyone that would do that to you doesnt deserve to be in your life, forget about that completely unreasonable person. but i automatically blamed myself and immediately threw myself at your feet begging for forgiveness for what I did, for forcing you to do this, me begging for forgiveness, apologizing over and over and over again for being pushy.

well if anything im sorry to myself that i did that. if anythign i deserved an apology from you. i became angry that you would let our realtionship DIE without even lifting a finger, without even saying some mournful words of respect for the good thing that once existed.

you were completely unreasonable and this leaves me with a very unfavorable view of you.

i know you are a better person and are capable of so much better. you treat other people better than you treat me. well thats because i was SO HORRIBLE to you you might say. i argue i wasnt so HORRIBLE to deserve this. being thrown away like this is horrible. i will never make sense of this. the only thing i can do is just hope time eventually heals this wound for me.  its getting better but i still want to contact you.

but im tired of BEGGING. im tired of doing all the work. im tired of this being so one sided. not much is clear about this but what is clear is that you dont want to have anything to do to me. if you change your mind, then its on you to contact me for once. not that i think this will happen.

there are many free articles on the internet on how to dump or break up or end a relationship with somebody in a good way. all of them say to do it in person and to let the other person have their say.


shit. this whole shit is so fookin stoopid. why couldnt she just TALK TO ME. that would have been SO EASY. hang out with me ONCE IN TEN MONTHS, i say listen i like you, i know its a bad time, she would say omg lol idk, idk if i like u, idk weird, ur 2 thirsty, i just want to be friends, and i would say ok then, well i cant be jsut friends, so please just tell me we had a good friendship before and you wish me well, and well put an end to this in a dignified way.

well THEN what. then id still have to deal with her in the office being nice and talking and hanging out with other people in plain view of me.

so thats my fookin problem right.

yeah technically it is.

ok so its my problem but it legitimately SUCKS, you cant deny that. when you get rejected by someone then you see that person all day at a very shitty job. you would be going nuts too.

but i might have been able to make it to layoff IF the ending was more amicable. and then i could have just never returned in july. and have had like 5 extra months of my life back. and it probably would have ended a little better. and rather having to then say i “quit a job because of personal issues”, i could just say that i wasnt called back in a timely manner and i was looking for new jobs in my layoff period. rather than returning FROM layoff and then QUITTING cuz shit sucked so bad.

also what if i just took some valium whenever i had to see her? wouldnt that make it easier?

well not every day, i would never take valium every day, but every other day yes. 3 work days a week and then MJ on nights and weekends hahahahah.

google how to say no to a customer

we would have to say no to callers all the time and it was nerve wracking for me because i am a people pleaser becuase i get nervous when people get angry

well its easy to lose confidence or fumble your words if you dont know if the thing can even be done or not! and you are thrown to the wolves with inadequate training, where you have like 2 weeks of training at best with about 10 chapters of complicated new material to learn every day!

funny, i didnt start Studying At Home until later in the game. i should have started off Studying at home RIGHT AWAY, during training. but nobody suggested it, and it took me a while to think of it on my own.

well i dont think anyone else studied at home. but i was one of the most nervous high strung, unerconfident people there. i was just able to fake confidence and chillness pretty well. which does bode well for my future employment. or banging bitches.

but yeah even reading “customer service tips” like the above links would have helped me.

also just go ahead and lie and make mistakes until somebody tells you dont do that. in one of your weekly 5 minutes coaching meetings. then say oops sorry i didnt realize that but i will definitely never do that again. and then make another post it note or flashcard and honestly never do it again.

it was funny. i had 10 times the training for my previous job, which was more than 10 times easier. we also had pretty extensive Customer Service workshops there, althought the cust service aspect was 10000000000000000000 times more important in the next job.

how to say no to customers.

how to deal in situations where you dont know the answer and it would take you 2 hours of FLAILING to Research and Work Out the answer, but you have 20 minutes to resolve the call.  and you dont want to sound like an idiot to the caller, like an idiot who doesnt know what youre doing. that was my biggest peeve.

built muh 2.00 max buying up to 4.54. I HAVE DOUBLED UP. thru winning 2 good pots. i never do this. now i gotta stick around to avoid looking like a HIT N RUNNER. not sure the min amount of time to do that.

also how to deny a caller who wants to speak to a supervisor. well you simply cant do that. the supervisor doesnt want to speak to them!

it would be different if there was a policy where you could transfer them to The Supervisor Queue but they kept this shit SECRET. there were so many queues, 30% of them were dead and disused, and ALL of them had mysterious names that you had no idea what they were, and there was no documentation as to what they were.

one of them essentially did go to tier 2, but it took me at least 5 months to learn that. also that you needed permission to transfer to that queue. so then i would ask in the Advice Chat Room, caller is asking for a sup, may i transfer to “queue name” please? and they would not say yes regularly but i showed i Was In The Know. there was tier 1 agents which showed initiative to learn The Secret Wisdom, and those that didnt. so i proved myself as a smart kid. but it was hard won, i dont know how i lasted in the beginnig. part of it was because my female friend supported me in the beginning.

once i started liking her, she stopped the support. now i had made other friends by then so i got my support from them, but this was just another way she rejected me and it pained me. also i really was smarter and a better worker than her. she didnt study on her off time. she didnt Think Like A Tier 2. she just acted like a dumb robot cow and said sorry cant be fixed even when it could be fixed.

i pushed myself to think like a tier 2, and the tier 2 and management respected that, and realized i wasnt an idiot.

it was wrong of them to treat tier 1 like idiots and not train them properly, so i will never defend them in doing that.

but it was good to have their respect too, since it made my life easier and less of a constant living hell.

and i am angry about having to give up those SICK GAINS i made, really big achivements, because i was going mental over some girl dumping me.

so stupid.

anyway matt forney advises young men to go into the trades, and #2 choice, maybe try north dakota, but thats on a downswing right now as the price of oil is going down. also you will have to live in your car because housing is too expensive and low supply. but he made 17 DAH in a temp job holding a damn FLAG for 10 hours a day and said it was BORING as shit. i thought of this as my dream job.

i could never ever say i was BORED at muh job. i was always nervous abotu fooking something up or sounding liek an idiot. and i just wanted a damn break from talking on the phone.

i finally got it after 12 months of work, moved to a nonphone project, but right when i was, i went batshit over the girl. god damn.

google how to tell a customer they cant speak to the manager


so what do you do when the manager says “NOPE LOL” because all the tier 2s are busy on other cases right now, the best you can do is escalate with the “customer requests higher level of support” article and they can get a callback within 3 business days, which will often result in a missed call, left voicemail not even leaving the Special Tier 2 Number, then sending them an email saying “you need to do this this and this” or “what your asking cant be done please call the tier 1 help line back if any questions” with no fooking suggestions as to an alternative, or its clear t2 misundertood completely, and when they call t1 back, t1 is not gonna know either. not because theyre STUPID, as t2 thought us, but because there was so much stupid shit to know, it was an ocean of confusing half-knowledge, and we had to navigate it ourselves, not even sure if were doing it right, until some t2 message us and scolds us for doing it wrong. well becuase the issue and the damn documented “solution” was UNCLEAR AS FOOK.

but documentation of any kind is a luxury right?

not in Technical Support, I’d argue. we need the documentation to do our damn jobs and to answer questions and fix shit where 1 minute ago, we had no idea what the person was TALKING about!!!!!!

then yes you DO need documentation or a knowledge base! OR people who can advise you clearly and quickly!

instead we got a half baked but spaghettish knowledge base, and rude and slow and unclear t2 Advice Givers who were useless. as we scrambled like CRABS IN A BUCKET in the Advice Chat Room barking out questions, steps taken, and they gave monsyllabic responses that were like wtf htf can i even USE this? i cant TELL THEM THIS!!!!!!!

so then do you waste 5 more minutes asking them, could you rephrase that in a way i could explain to the caller, you BULLSHIT it yourself.

i advise you to never ever work in a technical support call center hahahaha. well it built character and built my resume but god damn i cant go back to that. i got all the damn utility out of it i could. i lasted a damn year and ultimately it was a woman that pushed me out. i would have lasted at least 6 more months if she werent there hahahaha.

maybe 3 more months if we had just talked things out. i mean come on we work together we dont want things to get weird. and fook did they get weird as fook.

heh. i wonder if i hadnt quit, if she would have talked to me eventually.

or if i would have done something ridiculous. i probably would have gotten mad at her, then she would never talk to me again, and then i would be the bad guy cuz i got mad at her. she was bound and determined to make me the bad guy. and i dont like that cuz i am prone to make myself the bad guy anyway. i dont need any outside assistance.

anyway. real abusers dont WORRY if they are being abusive.

real woman haters dont WORRY they are becoming a woman hater.

i dont LIKE women though and i am very fine with that. i just dont want to be A Woman Hater, automatically hating all women.

well why would you LIKE ANYONE automatically? thats stupid.

women just signal their unlikeability much more immediately than men. cuz they spread their legs and play russian roulette with their womb so easily! have a reckless disregard for Human Life in a way that men just dont.

im not perfect and i am working to improve myself. but its hard and long. long hard road out of hell.

women could improve a lot in my eyes just by shutting their damn legs. HOW HARD IS THAT? WAIT TO HAVE SECS WITH A GUY. MAKE HIM WAIT. MAKE YOURSELF WAIT. never have secs with a guy before knowing him for at least 6 months. respect the power of your womb to create HUMAN LIFE. simply never have secs outside of a committed, monogamous, long term relationship.

Good Decent Traditional women already abide by this. that is the kind of woman i want. i thought i found one. and she was kind of traditional in the fact that she wasnt a fast, easy, high number whore.

but she still dumped me and she did it in the worst possible way, that a virtuous woman really should know better.