who asks such a stupid question?

dirty filthy cheating whores hahahahaha.


it is 82 days since i was dumped harshly hahahaha and i feel like 6,000,000 bucks hahahaha.

went for a 4.2 miler, listed to the first 55 minutes of that molyneux video linked in prev pos

well here it is again! great stuff. it is like sitting in on and listenign to a Marriage Counseling Session. young 20s man and woman in a new relationship, i thought they were dating for at least a year but no, just a few months, i was hoping it were longer because that would be more dramatic. anyway she wants to fook around, he is not in luv with the idea…..NATURALLY! WHAT MAN WOULD BE! but he is such a beta that she only agreed to be exlcusive with him for all of 2 or 3 months IF he agreed to talk about opening it up in the future.

the amount of Hamsterization on her part is disturbing but ilustrative, as is his disturbing betaness and his desperation to hold onto her. molyneux says if you had any confidence in yourself, you wouldnt stand for this! i luv you, i want to be with you, i want to commit to you, and you better want the same with me, or im gone!

also stefan touches on the important idea: can you be truly COMMITTED to more than one person? of course the woman thinks yes. she wants to have several poly committed rels. stef rightfully suggests that adding a new commitment diminishes all your previous commitments. time and energy and such.

and its like these women dont see a value in time and the long term and knowing somebody for years. if a guy has proven his virtues over 10 years, well maybe this sexy man youve known for 5 minutes has the potential to be more virtuous than him! the person youve known for years is no more important to you than they person youve known for minutes. hahahaha i know that feel. just being thrown away. doesnt matter if weve known each other for 2 years. just doesnt matter.


robinsss 1 week ago
+Edward Bernayse666

how so? [ufmll: how does cheating cause pain/harm; because people are so degenerate they cant even understand how CHEATING IS BAD!!!!!]
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Edward Bernayse666 1 week ago [this guy is the voice of reason obviously]
+robinsss [the + means they are responding TO that person]
cheating on your spouse causes emotional and psychological pain to the one being cheated on and if they have kids together than it has an adverse effect on the kids as well.
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robinsss 1 week ago
+Edward Bernayse666

for the third or fourth time what is the damage to the children?


in this situation it wouldn’t be cheating since he would agree to it
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Edward Bernayse666 6 days ago
the kids grow up not understanding about commitment to their partners and end up like this lady in the video who can’t fathom why it’s wrong to have sex with other men besides with her boyfriend/husband of 10 years for one thing. you guys are blaming feminism. i blame growing up in a household where the parents cheating on each other with seemingly no guilt is what creates people who seem to cheat without a conscience. it’s bad for the overall family structure and instills a lack of guilt and shame when a little [or a LOT!!!] guilt and shame should be felt.
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robinsss 6 days ago
+Edward Bernayse666
if no one is harmed by an activity then it isn’t wrong

no is directly harmed by cheating so it isn’t wrong
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Edward Bernayse666 6 days ago
how is nobody directly harmed?
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robinsss 6 days ago

if you are a conservative female promiscuity is negative to you

if you are a liberal it might not be
I view it as a positive characteristic

the market is made up of both groups

do you agree?
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this is how stupid the people are! they cant even see how Cheating is bad! i thought we knew that in our Blood! well, men do. but i think the robin person is a man. but this is how the left nurtures nature out of men…..but when you fight against nature, nature fights back! for example, Fatherless r-selected Ghetto Matriarchy, and also this robin may instinctively feel jealousy when it comes time to father children.

or he might be as r-selected as the cheating “SEMEN DEMON” and say “whats the benefit of my wife having an affair? SImple, theres a Second Daddy!”

this is what the cuck in the stefan video says when stefan asks him “what benefit is there to YOU, of your wife having an affair with another man?” and this is what he actually says. and she talks about bullshit like “poly parenting”. good lord!!!!

i mean men can always run off and not take care of their children! women dont have that luxury/privilege! so you’d THINK women would be just as inclined to monogamy as men!

BUT they can always either trick a man into thinking it is his child, OR they can just find a beta who is willing to take care of another mans child, OR they can date a string of badboiz who beat and molest the child hahahaha.

anyway clearly the woman in this vidya would be the worst mother ever, letting strange men around her child. she is obviously putting her own Sexual Hedonism above the well being of her own damn child! and she knows its HER child! what does that say about your mothering potential?

another thing: why doesnt she just leave him right NOW? women never had a problem leaving me when i didnt enthusiastically consent to them Fooking other men! Oh you want to be EXCLUSIVE? well go be exclusive by YOURSELF! Im outta here!

im sure thats what happened after this video hahahaha. i mean why is she even keeping him around?

unless she is truly a sadist and LIKES to cause him pain and see him suffer. i figure even promiscuous sluts wouldnt be that SADISTIC. theyd just dump the guy and spare him the pain of watching her get with 900000 other dudes.

does cheating violate Non Aggression Principle?

i claim that it does, it is emotional/relational aggression.

Stefan makes the point that cheating is not EVIL, it doesnt mean youre an EVIL person, its not as bad as raping and killing, but it is a form of LYING to someone you made a PROMISE to, and thats kind of a shitty thing to do.

YES. VERY SHITTY hahahahaha.


letter: i just feel real hurt by being thrown away. maybe you didnt mean to do it so harshly and yeah i acknowledge i pushed you to some extent and i apologize for that. but i just dont think the punishment fit the crime. this is an extremely hurtful, painful way to end a relationship. this is not a good or healthy way to end a relationship. this makes it even harder for me to get over everything. my heart is already broken, now it is broken even more becuase i think you hate me. but i dont think i deserve to be hated that much. yeah i should have just come forward and said what was on my mind, how many times do i need to apologize for not doing that? i was honestly trying to respect your boundaries and not bug you all the time. but that still left things unresolved for me. obviously the solution was to just talk to you without hanging out.

yeah this is kind of a simple point, it doesnt take a genius to realize that you dont need to hang out to talk. i could have just called or wrote an email or told you right here. i should have. would have made it easier on the both of us. but i honestly beleived we would hang out within the next couple of weeks. i didnt think you never wanted to see me again. i didnt realize that until you stopped talking to me altogether and damn did that hurt me. why couldnt you just tell me. write me one paragraph saying i dont think this is working out, i cant do this any more.

just the feeling of being thrown away. that is what im left with and that is what hurts so bad. it would be different if we didnt know each other, or just knew each other for a few months. but we knew each other for a few years. it hurts even more when you throw away a person you were friends with for years. i think it helps to pay respects to the relationship itself, as well as the person. you didnt always hate me. i didnt want to make you hate me. any relationship takes the consent of both people at all times. once one person wants to get out of it, then its over. thats fine. i dont want to force you to be with me in any sense. you cant MAKE somebody love you, you cant MAKE somebody want to be friends with you.

I was annoying I get it. But dont punish me like THIS for being annoying. try to understand why i was being annoying. i had something very important on my mind that i wanted to talk about, and i thought we were close to talking, but then that date would get pushed back, and i got more and more anxious and worried and pushy and that caused me to be more annoying. but my intention was not to be annoying. my intent was to talk to you about my new feelings to you, and how this would affect our relationship. and it was veyr difficult to just put the entire relationship on pause while i waited months and months and months to talk. i would have happily waited one month, two months, but ten months? do you see why i was being so pushy and annoying? i just couldnt hold back what i needed to say any longer, and i exploded. i had to say it regardless of whether we were gonna hang out or not.

yes i should have done it earlier and done it differently. i never was in this situation before. i dont want to make excuses but i was very emotionally and mentally compromised. i couldnt think straight and i was anxious and overwhlemed. i know you were overwhelmed too.

so i botched things and im sorry, but i think im not 100% to blame either. i feel like i was not being met halfway. i felt i was trying to meet you more than halfway and you still wouldnt meet me there.

this would be easier to take if i had just met you and we had not been friends. but that was obviously not the case. and it sucks to have someone whose very important in your life suddenly be gone. i feel abandoned. it didnt have to be that way. we could still talk about this and try to smooth out the hard feelings and neither of us walk away angry. its fine that people have to end a friendship in situations like this. but it doesnt have to be done in such a hurtful, ugly way. please im begging you show me a little mercy and let me down easy and show respect to me, show respect to our past friendship, and act like the decent human being i know you are.

end letter portion

hahahahaha see what i mean? and i pretty much said all this in emails 1 thru 4, especially 3 and 4. i told her all this. she just never read it. deleted the emails. never responded.

and i revised them so they did not sound angry or mean or accusatory or bitter, but still said what i wanted to say.

maybe i will post a scrubbed version of email3 as well.

but yeah i like this letter writing, i think i will do a litte moar here as well.

it makes a difference when you pretend you are addressing HER speicifically. as “YOU.” TRY IT LOSERS, it really works when you are getting over some

Ben Baker 1 week ago (edited)
+Kyle Rich educate yourselves people:
Semen Demon Jizz Genie Baby Batter BringerCum Caresser Lovegoo Lass Sperm Summoner Ejaculate Empress Mayonnaise Maiden Jizz Jockey Spunk Monk Sperm Worm Sodomy Sentinel Penile Perpetrator Erection Confection Salami Tsunami Boner Condoner Fluid Druid Urethral Umpire Wang Wizard Knackers Knight Prick Pirate Dong Dominator Cock Khan Stiffy Sultan Sausage Sergeant Middle Leg Major Pole Privateer Shaft Specialist Pecker Prodigy Boner Benefactor Baloney Poney Dick Juice Masseuse Tallywhacker Smacker Man Muscle Steam Shovel Baby Batter Bladder Willy Ghillie Butt Hut Glans Fans Spooge Scrooge Ejaculate Advocate Skeet Treat Wang Wrangler Jism Prism Smegma Savant Anal Aficionado Testicular Temptress Spunk Trunk Nut Slut Cum Chum Testicle Vestibule Dick Duchess Cock Sock Testicle Tamer Cock Clairvoyant Scrotum Totem Mattress Actress Prostate Magistrate Penis Machinist
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hahaha from that same stefan vidya. synonymz for Cvm Dvmpster hahahaha

another guy says he has no spine, she has no soul.

a recipe for disaster!

4.2 milers later

finished listening to that stef vidya. i took a break on stef for awhile because he wasnt right wing enough, all about muh liberty, when really i am less of a libertarian and more of a far right conservative hahahaha. and muh liberty needs to take a backseat to muh morality and muh tradition! but its possible stef might be gradually leaning more and more right. i mean he’s a smart guy. and he def does not like Open Relationships or Cheating or Promiscuity, so thats good!

so yeah i mainly dont like his hardcore “libertarian anarchist” view and also his “defooing” ie abandon your family of origin because they are abusive in ways you cant even imagine. foo = family of origin.  and he had kind of a family destroying cult hahahahahaha,

also he is hip to hypergamy and mate value and mating market and all the tradeoffs you have to make there. evo psych and mating and what men want and what women want. has a pretty good head for that, while also encouraging healthy, loving relationships, rather than casual sex with sluts.

what if both parties agree to the open relationship?

i would argue this only happens in less than 10% of open relationship situations. i could be wrong.

not sure why i harp on this! i have never had an open rel and i never would. when muh wimmin want to get fooked by other guys, and i hem and haw in a beta way, when i SHOULD have said “fook that shit baby, im an old skool alpha male and i demand a Glorious Fair Maiden, not a dirty Gutter Slut!” and then kick them to the curb! but i hemmed and hawed like a beta and said “oooo i guess if it means i can date you sometimes sweetie dear” and then they dumped me anyway!

stefan said it was a SHIT TEST. im gonna make an OUTLANDISH DEMAND to see if you acquiesce. because that shows me how much I Am Worthy. My Pvssy is worth more than Diamonds and Gold. this guy will put up with SO MUCH SHIT just to be with me. thats how much POWER and WORTH i have.

how do you respond to this?

and i was kinda getting a shit test from The Woman.

you calmy say while reading your Investors Business Daily, that “You must HAVE ME CONFUSED with the little fuccboi down the street whose balls are the size of peas. I my dear have JUEVOS GRANDES. Massive CAJONES.”

“You must have me confused with someone who gives a damn.”

“you must have me confused with a supplicating beta niceguy.”

“you must have me confused with a Ballless Beta Bitchboi. How amusing. Now get in the kitchen and make me a sammich.”

yeah the best response to a SHIT TEST is to not get emotional, and just blow it off like a total BOSS.

not cave into the shit test and let the gurl bang other guys.

not cave in and come begging and pleading to the woman, pleasseeeeee treat me like a human beinggggggggg please respond, please dump me easier, please talk to me, please stop giving me the Silent Treatment, please dont throw me away.

of course i was getting the shit test because i was engaging her in a different way. in that male female way ive always failed at before.

yeah so women give shit tests without even knowing it. its the woman in them that makes them wanna play this game, hahahahaha

well honestly i was in no mood to get a shit test, i was going fooking crazy. and when you are going CRAZY you cant deal with shit tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lesson: the shit test was still going when i was not that crazy. at that time, i should have just said “I dont tolerate bullshit. I DONT TAKE SHIT. either shape up or ship out babe.”

would that have WORKED? maybe.

anyway. when a woman is giving you any kind of SHIT, thats a SHIT TEST, and you simple tell you you DONT TAKE SHIT. and then dont take it! i just sat there and took it and took it and took it like a bitch.

but i wont blame myself too much. i already blamed myself enough and i dont need to blame myself so much to learn lessons.

lesson: dont take shit EVER.

but by that time i was so fooked up i didnt even remember shit tests were a thing. i didnt even remember they were a thing until i heard stefan mention them while listening to that podcast today.

but still the shit test could have been passed if i just said “i feel abandoned and hurt when you never hang out with me. This is crossing a Boundary for me and i will not tolerate it, if you are not willing to show you care about me and muh boundaries.”

which is a faggier way of saying the same thing. i dont take shit; treat me with respect; treat me like you care about me!!!!