questions to ask a woman you are getting to know:

how many guys you had secs with? more than 5, bad news. no rel 4 u.

whats the shortest amount of time you knew a guy before having sex? hopefully no shorter than 6 months!

whats your opinion on casual sex? you better say that its WRONG and sex should only be part of a committed longetrm rel!

whats you opinion about dating multiple people? dont do it!

ever cheated on someone? i hope not!

ever kinda sorta cheated on somebody because they didnt realize you werent serious? better not!

ever been in luv? i would imagine most people have.

even had your heart broken? ditto

whats your longest rel? hopefully fairly long. OR she is a virgin and never had any short term OR long term boifrans.

why did that end? who ended it? uhhh hopefully her not being a Bailing Out B.

what was your shortest rel? who ended it?

how many times has your heart been broken?

how many hearts have you broken?

do you know if any guys have K’d themself because you broke their heart?

any crazy guys ever stalked you? what happened right before that? did you do them extremely wrong? not that anything really justifies stalking, but sometimes broads really push the guy over the edge, like cheat on him or dump him harshly or do something really rotten and bad. not that it justifies stalking but it can reallllllllly push a guy.

have they ever stalked a guy?

have you eer just thrown a guy away with no communication, while he begged for mercy, begged to just talk, and you just walked away?

are you a sociopath hahahaha

how are your communication skills?

when you have a problem in a rel, do you try to talk about it, or do you just say Fook It Im Done and Walk Away?

whats the most horrible thing youve ever done to a person? top 5 things.

what are the top 5 most horrible things a person ever did to you?

ever been raeped? not that you should blame the victim, but gurls that have been raeped often become crazy and will do horrible things to you even if they dont mean to.

did your father abandon you?

were you molested as a child or teen by an uncle or yr momz boifran or neighbor or something?

what age did you lose your virginity? (anything less than 18 is a Red Flag.)

what do you think of sluts? are you a slut? have you ever had a slutty phase? tell me about it.

tell me a brief summary of all your relationships with men.

do you learn anythign from your relationships or do you keep making the same mistakes?

is there anyone who hates you or holds a grudge against you because you did them really wrong?

do you like partying at bars and parties and clubs?

did you ever hook up with a guy from a bar club party? how many? how often?

do you “hook up” with the men in your social circle?

tell me about all the times/men you had sex with and then regretting it because they got weird.

you you have bipolar?


do you have lots of guy friends?

do you have lots of friends?

do you prefer a quiet night at home or a wild night out?

do you hang out with your family a lot?

do you think other people are too wild and too much social drama?

do you have any tattoos?

shit. all i can think about are all the things i loved about muh female former friend, the things abotu her personality that made me fall in luv with her, the way she was different from Stupid Normal Gurls.

then there is the bad shit, like she was completely incapable of communicating with me, or how she ended a beautiful friendship in a godawful way. i mean i think she is making a big mistake and she did not have a history of making big mistakes.

heh. did second 3 miler, up to 6 miles, might try for a third here hahahaha.

of course i feel STUPID, having such STRONG FEELINGS for someone who had such WEAK FEELINGS for me.

this is why you communicate right away.

well i think our long friendship DID account for something and DID mean something to her at one time. but the second i gave hints i liked her, ie sending more texts, wanting to hang out more, she started her process of disengagement, detachment, preparing for the End. I did not. cuz of the mixed signals she was giving. i thought she was interested in Working On Things, just not right now.

fook. communication is so important. that is what i learned from this hahahaha. it wasnt important for her apparently. just me. hahahaha. well she did not like me, so no, she didnt need communication as bad.

she could have cared about me more tho. it is not inconceivable that when a man and a woman are just friends for a while, someone eventually gets feelings. usually the man hahahaha who usually gets his heart broke, or remains as a Supplicating Beta Orbiter for years while she Bangs Badbois and cries on his Beta Shoulder!

it would be physically impossibe for me to be in that position because i owuld have used one of those many Hangouts to confess my feelings after 10 months max hahaha. i dont understand why these supplicating beta orbiters just dont Blurt It Out already. oh yeah. because they are pussies.

well arent they giving signals? even shitty signals?  and the woman knows right away, she just AVOIDS COMMUNICATING about it? i dont even know. i wouldnt avoid communicating about it.

i just couldnt get muh frend to spend ANY time with me WHATSOEVER. that in and of itself is a Big Red Flag! a Warning Sign!

so you say forget that person, anyone who would do such a shitty thing, they dont deserve you, say fook them, they’re doing you a favor by taking them and their shitty self out of your life!!!!!!!

and then i say yeah but shes not the type of person who DOES this sort of thing! this is probably the first time she has ever done this, and might be the last! its INCONGRUENT hahahaha. out of character.  nothing in the past to hint at it, and prob wont be repeated again!

just feels stupid. to feel so close to her, yet she didnt feel close to me at all.

and i thought she would talk to me if she had any problems with me, rather than just walk away.

how else was i wrong about her? did she have a secret life? was she secretly a huge whore having secs with tons of guys this whole time? and its none of my business! bullshit i thought we were friends, so yes it is my business! but i THOUGHT we were friends but we weren’t! but i knew her for almost three years! its extremely hurtful to end a 3 year rel in this way! how could this happen?????

so stupid. like why couldnt i see her facebook friends? was she getting tons of attention from guys? maybe. but she wasnt that type!!!! did she block all of her friends from viewing her friends?

if she was casually fooking tons of guys, then she should have found it easier just to tell me UGH WERE DONE, to tell me something, its got to be easy to talk, you’ve got to do SOME talking before fooking these guys! like the 30 seconds of small talk in Old Pornos before they start fooking.

yeah any rejection is gonna hurt, and the person cannot really be there to Help You Thru It. by definition.

but the silent throwing away rejection is even worse because it makes you IMAGINATION RUN WILD. you start filling in the blanks with all sorts of fantastic things. and making the person seem more evil than they were. maybe.

i dunno. i thought at one point i knew her. then to have HER change. she changed a lot more than i changed. she changed into a horrifying monster i no longer knew!

being overwhelmed, freezing, shutting down, overbearing, too much to handle, still i dont know how she could do this to ME. i thought she cared more for me. it is VERY painful when someone you Luv cares for you at one time, and then they DONT care about you any more. god damn. 2 months later and the pain is still very real!

ok better get a third 3.1 miler in. its more like 3.1 than 3.0.

ok did that. it is really 3.1. so, 9.1 miles today woo hoo.

anyway yeah yeah i guess what bothers me is that the relationship meant nothing to her. im sure it did at least for the first two years. but i really wanted her to express that when she Ended it. to say something like i am really grateful for the good times we had, and the special friendship we had for two years, but i cant go on any more. something liek that. oh i mentioned this in email3 and or 4. that i just wanted her to recognize that relationship had value. well i know it had value to her because she told me a couple times long ago. not enough and not recently enoguh hahaha.

cuz it kinda feels like our entire rel was NOT REAL, or the goodness that it brought me. well, thats patently false, it only stopped being real the moment she picked up my signals of feelings, then began Packing Up and Leaving Bit By Bit. she prob started doing that around January2015? give or take 1 month.

i mean i didnt have some kind of white knight mlady fedora view of women! I was/am basically a huge woman hater! I have been full mgtow and mra for years! i was an Early Adopter back in like 2005 son! i am WELL AWARE what evil, crazy, socipathic, harmful, posionous, evil, ruinous, destructive monsters women are! it was miraculous that i could ever have positive feelings for any woman ever again, after “TAKING THE RED PILL!”

but i sure did. i got feelings for TWO women during my MRA Red Pill phase. woman2012, and woman2015.


anyway she actually probably did appreciate our friendship and it did mean something to her. but she sure is never gonna tell me that! but it would have lessened the hurt to HEAR that from her.

tell a b the best way to dump you, for when she dumps you. what would give you the best closure?

for me, i would have liked her to write me Long Emails. Because thats what I like to do. I write THEM long emails. if you start receiving long emails from me after dumping me, pretty good sign my heart is BROKEN hahahaha.

so she could write ME long emails basically saying the basics: its not you its me, im SORRY, our relationship was meaningful to me, im sorry, i dont want to hurt you, youre a good person. for 9000 pages. and heres 1000 dollars for a breakup fee you can use to pay your shrink and buy some indica hahahahaha.

hehe walkjogging 6 to 9 miles a day and still not losing more than half a pound a week. maybe i am gaining muscle mass in muh legs hahahaha. or eating too much. but i always eat a lot!

the show workaholics is pretty funny, it made me lol several times over several episodes. yes it was degenerate but it was still funny. i would like to get into the show and have the characters arc towards less degenerate, and become fully grown adults with Good Wives.