why did she do it? because she didnt know what else to do.

why didnt she just want to respond? she was just too scared and confused.

why was she scared and confused? we can never know, but ultimately i think it was somewhat on me, but MORE on her. i wasnt trying to scare her. i was trying to have a two sided conversation. she was avoiding the conversation at every opportunity because she was just that scared of conflict, that she would rather Run Away From Me, than have a damn uncomfortable conversation. Srsly. or even to write me an email or text me.

like whenever i mentioned important things sandwiched in with small talk, she never took the bait, never addressed those things, just ignored them.

but she wanted to communicate with the other guys!

because she was desperately in luv with them and would do anything not to lose them. me, she wasnt in luv with, she needed a platonic friend, not a nonplatonic friend. so the second i showed feels,  she wanted me to get the fook AWAY from her. she WANTED to push me away. if i voluntarily pulled away, she would not have stopped me! but if she were in luv with me, she sure would have lifted a finger!

DAMN it must suck being a young girl and having 90000000 guys in love wiht you all the time! you must be a really lovable person!!!!!!!!!

ironic that the guys SHE fell in luv with, were pretty cold to her! maybe thats what she likes, the hard to get hahahaha.

and have secs with them, damn. i dont want to have secs with anybody but her, even if she were a cold fish i would not care! because there is something EXTRA with her. the EXTRA SPECIAL FEELINGS MAKE THE SECS BETTER.

and since so many normies have secs without special feelings, i dont think they understand that.

but yeah i get terrible thoughts of HOW GR8 it would be to have secs with her, her rubbing her pvssy up and down muh d, making out, her making those girl sighs, her big pale white ass on me, fooooooook. ALL women do these same motions, but with her it would be SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be something that seals the deal, that brings the both of you together 4 lyfe.

as soon as you get a gurls phone number, also get her Most Regularly Used Email address, and Mailing Address as well hahahahaha.

went for walkjog. 3.2 miles. not bad. should really do another.

there should be a textbook or a knowledge base  for this, how do you make somebody communicate with you?

you can’t. you can only change your style of communication. you cant MAKE somebody WANT to communicate with you. that has to come from THEM.

but you can change your style, and that would make them WANT to communicate with you more, right?

so i guess you never accuse them, never say “stop hurting me!” you say, “when you say this, I think this, and if that were true, it would hurts me. i know you dont intend to hurt me, but i worry that you dont care about me, what can you say about this please.” is how you’re supposed to communicate. which is basically how i did it in the emails i sent which she never read and threw away hahahahaha.

it is amazing how people get into Long Term Relationships that dont know how to Communicate with each other. This is probably because its the Woman who Chooses Her Man. she is in luv with him, desperate not to lose him, so she will do whatever it takes to keep him, including ….gasp!!……the Dreadful COMMUINCATION! they hate doing it so much, they would rather just run away, unless they are CRAZY in luv with a guy.

if you want to know whether a woman truly loves you, is she willing to communicate with you? or does she say fook it and just runs away. women will do anything not to communicate unless they are REALLY all in.

i guess to some extent that is true with men too. i mean i luved her, i was desperate not to lose her, i was all in, i desperately wanted to communicate to do anythign to save the relship.

it really WAS a relship of sorts. we did not have secs but we were friends for 2 years and were close during that time. a friendship is still a relationship motherfookers, stop making everything about secs this and secs that.

we truly are living in oversexed, hypersexualized times. i think its disgusting and degenerate and morally abhorrent.

MORAL HYGIENE that was the phrase i wanted to bring back.

in england during ww2 they had a “committee for moral hygiene” which had something to do with keeping the young soldiers from doing degenerate things, or the young women too. basically keep the young men and women from drinking and partying and fooking. i think the idea of MORAL HYGIENE is very good, although young men exposed to the Horrors of War are more than entitled to have Secs with Hookers IMHO, well really so is any man.

i should have more secs with hookers, like i say, any kind of secs boosts a man’s confidence. casual, hooker like secs for regular women just harms them; makes them harder to respect; because they are the choosers; because they can get pregnant.

so if you are the CHOOSER, it is better to be DISCREET rather than INDISCRETE. not sure the correct way to spell that, dont really care.

discretion vs indiscretion dont really come into play when you are the beggar. beggars cant be choosers. a beggar isnt going to turn down a penny. if anything, a beggar should be indiscrete. he;ll take anythign he can get .

so does that mean you should have a rel with any trash woman who wants to have a rel with you?

i didnt say that! but regarding secs, maybe yes you should.

but i am pretty sure you cant MAKE yourself LOVE somebody.

for a while i THOUGHT i was MAKING myself luv my female former friend, during the confusion of the transition period, but once it came on, i was certain that it was not forced. and i certainly could not force it off!

really we never ever talked about Our Feelings For Each Other. this was equally both our fault, we were afraid to.

well she said some things to me in july 2014, like “youre a really good friend” that made me think she might like me, then i felt uncomfortable, cuz i didnt like her yet, which was ridiculous, so i try to “make” myself like her, then i liked her, but it didnt feel forced at all, then she didnt like me any more. at all. wtf.

lesson learned: if a female friend acts like she likes you, just come out and ask her, what do you feel about me. i dont have feelings for you yet, but it can take me a long time to develop feelings. if you are a cute young gurl and we get along very well, then chances are good i could get feelings for you over time.

i mean shit she could have said “i have feelings for you” if she really did. lord knows I was more than willing to say that to HER face, once i got feelings, if she had ever let me talk to her!

or if it were eating her up like it was me, she could have constantly pressured me to hang out like i did to her!

shit i mean she has WAY MORE Relationship experience than i do! all women do! they should be GOOD at this sort of thing! The best i had was a shitty pseudorel that was decidedly short-term! with absolutely no expectation of monogamy, no real intimacy, no real communication, no spending lots of time together, just some physical activity and a handful of fun evenings. no long conversations. no real getting to know each other. no trust, no real connection, no real mutual luv.

hehehe i have Learned a lot of Valuable Lessons without many good experiences to back them up! i have only had secs twice with one woman, i have only ever psuedodated a woman for 2 or 3 months tops. and thats all she wrote. well i also Fingered this other bitch and made out with her quite a bit and regret not banging her, cuz i was moving too slow, like a pussy.

well she wasnt a “bitch”, she was just a bitch to me hahahahahaha and brought more bad to my life than good.

hehehe kinda like my former female friend.

yep. blurt it out BEFORE the bad tips the scales and outweighs the good. because at one time in the past, the good outweighed the bad!

i never dealt with women well, i never learnt my lesson hahahaha. even when i learn the lessons. well thats not true. i dont necess make the same mistakes over and over. a big part of the problem is i just dont meet a lot of women i like. like when i was in college i met  3 women i liked in the space of 1 year! now i meet more like 1 likeable woman every 3 years!

no i learn my lesson, its just that i keep running into new and unique problems! that always kill the rel before it really starts! which all happen to fit under the umbrella of, the gurl just doesnt return muh feels.

with woman2012 i waited too long and vowed never to do that again. with woman2015 i didnt wait as long, however that wasnt because of any lesson i learned from woman2012! it was because the actual situation of working with the woman was killing me and there was SUCH tension between that i HAD to say something! it was an obvious breaking point.

it was never getting to that breaking point with woman2012. there was never really any huge tension between us. as soon as there was tension actually, SHE addressed it in a very mature, professional manner. then i responded back saying yeah i do have feelings for you, thank you for communicating about it. and it ended as well as it possibly could.

i really am afraid that im never gonna meet anybody ever again that i have feelings for. cuz its gonna take me a while to get over this. and then i will be SUPER OLD.

next time you have secs with a gurl, if ever, warn her that her doing this makes you lose respect for her, because women should wait until they really KNOW a man before Inviting Him to Make Babbys with Her! this takes at LEAST six months, but most women will invite you in before 1 or 2 months.

i wouldnt take such offense if it werent such a VAST disparity! ideally it would be more like 1 year. and then say women made you wait 11 months. not too shameful. but when i am making a concession to say 6 months, and even thats a LITTLE slutty, and they do 1 month, thats INCREDIBLY slutty.

the average woman is INCREDIBLY, UNBELIEVABLY slutty. this is what i mean by degeneracy, and moral hygiene. moral hygiene is anti-degeneracy!

just be honest in your communication. be like, i’m losing a lot of respect for you right now, you’re killing this relationship, but damn i want to get my rocks off too cuz i havent had secs in 10 years. meanwhile youre going crazy cuz you havent had sex in 4 months, ya dirty skank. try going your whole Youth without Secs. Or Luv hahahaha. I will never get the chance at Young Luv because I am no longer YOUNG!

well she is on the path to unmarryable single mother, and i am on the path to Lonely Old Bachelor Nevergf Foreveralone. not sure which is worse! the single mother gets to reproduce at least.

well maybe i will dump a load in one of those single mothers, be like yikes get away from this nutcase, and they will end up raising my child! win win!

men are less likely to love their child if they dont love the mother.

could the same be said of women?

well i think for both, it goes both ways.

i am just heartbroken because i wanted a long term rel with her and maybe have her have mah babbys one day. that idea was not completely ridiculous. that is true luv for the true believer.

yes its good for men to have a fook buddy. because secs on the reg, with a reasonably attractive (minimally doable!) woman will give the man confidence, which will help the man in EVERY AREA of his life, INCLUDING finding true luv. just be careful not to fall in luv with your fook buddy. to my ears it sounds ridiculous, because the type of gurl that has secs without Emotional Attachment is NOT the type of woman you want to fall in luv with.

i mean i USED to fall in luv with Sluts, and i thought it was a GOOD Lesson Learned that I STOPPED falling in luv with sluts. so i need to learn the new lesson of How To Luv Sluts Again? that doesnt SOUND like a good lesson!

this is why you need to interrogate and interview and ask the tough questions:

what do you think about casual sex?

how many secs partners have you had?

did you ever have a slut phase?

how many abortions have you had?

what do you think about cheating?

do you ever have sex outside of a relationship?

do you ever casually date ie have sex with multiple guys at the same time?

if you got pregnant right now, would you know immediately who the father was?

have you been abandoned by your father?

do you let your boifrans make secs videos of you?

just a list of dealbreaker type questions.

well maybe i need to LEARN TO LUV these types of loose women. i dunno that sounds like a shitty deal. and i am upset because this woman was basically a non degenerate. who would pass this purity test. and that kind of woman is so rare. and that made muh luv even stronger.