posting day might be halloween, now all the young women can add another secs partner to their numbers. good job whores. way to profane everything sacred. sex, relationships, human life. if you want to destroy a culture, you destroy its women and make them into maneating monsters.

i cant even say she did this because she is showing her true colors as a horrible person. i fooking wish she WERE a horrible person, because it would allow me to make sense of this, and say, “reap what you sow.” but she will prob continue being a saint to everyone and i will be the One Solitary Skeleton in her closet. and i have no reason to Warn OTher Men about her, because she will probably make a Nice Wife to some Lucky Man.

that or this even will start off years of running and avoiding and lying and this will be the beginning of her downfall as she finally crosses the rubicon into a life of whorish dissolution!

we do have one mutual friend, who if they see her ever again, might ask about me, and then what would she say? probably “Oh he got all creepy and began acting really really weird to me and i didnt feel comfortable any more, so i just had to cut him out of my life. it was for my own good.” and then make me the total bad guy.

it sucks when just wanting to talk about a problem in your Relationship makes YOU the creepy weird psycho where the person is right to Ghost you!

You WANT Communication? you cant HANDLE Communication!

well see it was because i was pushing the wrong way, for the wrong type of communication. after several months, i should have stopped asking her to hang out, because i was the bad guy for not Respecting her wishes to hang out, and at THAT point, wrote a damn email or phone call.

in the old days, they would have done a phone call or a Postal Letter.

I just thought she thought more of me as a person than that! had more respect for me! she used to have respect for me!

yeah well respect is earned not given out. so as soon as i stopped earning it, she stopped giving it.

hahahahahaha secsless loveless relationships with women are such hard work, they are just not worth it hahaha.

i didnt realize i had stopped earning it! but i stopped earning it the moment i broadcasted that things had changed, the moment i began texting her a little bit more.

before The Change i would not text her a lot and she would often text me first.

after the change I began texting her a lot more regularly.

i figure my texting was the number one most obvious signal on my part. you dont start texting somebody this much more unless you Like Like them.

it wasnt 9000000000000 times a day, but it was a noticeable difference from what it was. i noticed it, she noticed it. more texting, more invitations to hang out. pretty noticeable signal.

so i guess after a few months of that i got more and more impatient and she began losing respect and that made it possible for her to flush me away like a piece of shit.

i thought she had more of a CONSCIENCE than that!

i VETTED her! she passed my tests! over years! i knew and trusted her! i expected so much more out of her! if she was a piece of shit like so many women i would have just not Gotten Involved with her at all! but she was DIFFERENT! Not All Women Are Like That! Some Are Different!

well found a nice 3.2 mile route i can walkjog, and found a nice little new park in there that i had never been to. 1.6 miles from my house in a neighborhood. it was small but had some nice trees and little trails and once you got in it was a lot bigger than it seemed.

damn. i just thought she would have treated me better given our history, which IMHO warranted at least a conversation of sorts, rather than a permanent cold shoulder. this is not the work of a trustworthy person. next thing you know she will graduate onto cheating.

50% of people graduate to cheating. i never did ahahaha. prob because i was never in a real rel ahahaha.

ask the average man whats the worst thing you ever did to a woman. he failed to do one thing perfect and was dumped coldly for doing one thing only 99% correct. failed to live 100% up to a womans ridiculous standards and was dumped/cheated on in favor of a socipathic cheater. well i guess a sociopathic cheater WOULD be a better MATCH for a WOMAN!

ask the average woman whats the worst thing she ever did to a man. she has secs with 900000 other guys including him, cucks him, makes him raise another mans child, cheats on him with his best friend, ruins his life, breaks his heart, reduces him to a broken shell. completely changes overnight and does a total 180 from a decent person into a horrible person. mind boggling evil that boggles your mind that a Human Being can be capable of such evil; makes you question if Women are indeed Human Beings. they do such awful things that make you never trust women again, make you very suspicious of any woman. even the good ones do very very very bad things.

im saying that women are worse to men, on average, than men are to women.

weird. i have have had shittier women End Things in a better way with me, than a Decent Woman.

why does it even matter if shes a decent woman or not, if she ended it in a shitty way, and i will never talk to her again? because she is gonna go be Decent with other people but not me?

definitely i get DABD all at once, but i am feeling notable anger now!

is it bargaining if you’re not bargaining WITH them?

well yeah because this is meant for people who died. like you bargain with GOD to bring your loved ones back to life.

also you cant get ANGRY at someone dying. although i know many people do.


i am super nervous about making a damn phone call about a damn medical bill question where i believe i was charged twice what i expected. and i dont know if it is a just some kind of error, or if they scammed me with confusing bait and switch shit and i signed up without fully understanding. oh its not a 50% discount for people with no insurance, its you just pay 50% now and then 50% a month later when we bill you.

because i worry they wont understand my question; and that i wont be able to articulate my question; and that i wont understand their explanation; adn that i wont be able to stand up for my rights; and that i am perfect for getting scammed; and that i will sound like an asshole; and that when we used to take phone calls noone knew what they were doing and would just bullshit all day; so therefore when you call ANYONE with a question, they dont know what theyre doing and are bullshitting you; and you cant talk to Smart Person because in OUR job we wouldnt LET you talk to a smart person; and us dumb people resented the smart people for not training us properly and making us look like idiots all day, struggling to do things we dont know how to do, giving the worst bullshit explanations or just saying i dont know and i cant find out for you because i dont understand the shit and this particular thing there is no explanation for, but One Does Not Simply Talk To Someone Who Actually Understands Things. Can I talk to a manager? Hhahahahahahahaha absolutely not. first of all you dont really mean manager because they just manage and dont know how to do shit. but the person you really need to talk to, the person who really understands stuff, or who at least can bullshit better, theres not enough of them. its like expecting to talk to the president. or ceo of a company. we are the gatekeepers to keep you AWAY from them.

i would probably appreciate it if they were more forthcoming about us being Gatekeepers, and gave us Direct Training on How To Be An Effective Gatekeeper. but you had to figure all that out on your own.

and talking to somebody who actually understands is the hardest thing in the world. because there is such a low supply of people who actually understand the issues and the people whose jobs it is, to Explain Things They Dont Really Understand, understandably say Fook This Shit, and quit! only to be replaced by other people who dont understand, and so on and so forth, so the only people who stick around are those who learn to Bullshit.

I was better at the job when i had more confidence. you need a lot of confidence to bullshit all day. and when shit went bad with the woman, who was there working with me, confidence fell to an all time low.

stupid to have confidence so dependent on women. women who can do a 180 overnight. go from being a long term friend, to being a total stranger you never knew. overnight. hahahaha.

no it wasnt really overnight, it was a process that occured over 10 months, it just felt like overnight because there was no real communication, so it was easy for me to Not See the gradual distancing.

i didnt think things were THAT BAD, and i thought we would eventually figure shit out. i dont see that as denial on my part, rather i was just flat out mistaken. i was reading the situation wrong. i wasnt reading it right, then denying it. i was just mistaken. SORELY mistaken. which was (mis)guided by my optimism, or, more accurately, the idea that a negative outcome would be unimaginable. and it was. it was the worst thing ever!

but secure normalfags dont get dumped and then their life falls apart. they manage to carry on.

well i am not a secure normalfag obviously!

also i would say that in at LEAST 50% of Severe Dumpings, the people do NOT work together. that was really the crux of the whole situation there.

or if they do, its like a restaurant where people only last 6 months tops, with some blatant whore waitress.

where here, people would linger 2 or 3 years in the entry level job, well, 50% of them, and the other 50% would quit or get fired within like 3 months!

also she was not a blatant crazy whore waitress, and i thought our relationship Meant Something because we had known each other for almost 3 years.

well it meant something to me, and it meant nothing to her.

well thats not even true. it USED to mean something to her, and maybe it still does, but she was too Something to talk about it. scared, angry, annoyed, immature, cowardly?

but it was all my fault because i didnt know how to communicate properly.

fook that! you think SHE knew how to communicate properly?!?!?!?! absolutely not! for that reason it is 60 40 fault at least. the 60 on her hahahaha. i clearly wanted to communicate and she didnt even WANT to communicate.