looking for older posts on here where i talk about the female

this one written in august 2014 is an early one saying we are just platonic and its weird i dont like her. finally posted in november 14 but actually HAPPENED in aug14.

go to posts from December 2014 and you see the stuff written in october 2014 and you see it starting. i had not gone crazy yet, and i wanted to resolve it as soon as possible, and she was blowing me off for the first time but it hadnt become a frustrating pattern yet. things were still OK.

its fascinating. i think the change started in late september, then during early october i was lukewarm, and by late october/early novermber i was all in. and i was fairly cheerful and optimistic we would hang out soon and talk. either way it became a HUGE TOPIC in late sept and thru october, where before it was not. and it has continued to be a big topic ever since.

lets see posts from january 2015

life happening in november 2014

and by this time she was “in a distant phase” and i was gonna “rein it in”

and struggled with reining it it vs her distant phase for the next 9 months hahahahahahahaha

but she was only being distant because i was FAILING to rein it in

and i was failing to rein it in because she NEVER stopped being distant lol

feb 2015, posts from later november 14, i was already feeling rejected, i think she had confessed about the boifran to me, saying thats why ive been so distant, meaning i HAD to rein it in.

yeah then basically nothing changed. the ball remained in her court and there was damn nothing i could do except “play it cool” and i just could not do it real well. by december i was already writing stupid text drafts. should have blurted it out then.

it is interesting to look at the posts from before then, i seemed more at peace, although still incorrigible and hopeless hahahaha. but the DECLINE certainly started then in october.

notice how i wanted to Get Out In Front Of It and Take The Bull By The Horns, and fully expected us to hang out in october, where i would Talk about Things, playfully Touch her, etc.

and she fairly quickly became distant and i tried to Roll With It, but it was difficult and she never relented and i never relented, it was a bit of a cold war right from early on that just got colder. until i finally blew up.

but the most shocking thing is how you THINK you KNOW someone, and they CHANGE so drastically.

i am well aware how Awful Women can do a 180 in a heartbeat and destroy your life. i have been well aware for years, ever since i became an MRA MGTOW, years before i ever MET her ahahahaha.

i thought i had developed a good RADAR in other words, and i wouldn’t become close to somebody who showed Warning Signs like promiscuity, flakiness, craziness, untrustability.

its harder to become Friends than “lovers” because bitches will have secs with ANYBODY, people they dont even KNOW. Friendship is much harder, a higher hurdle, because you have to LIKE, RESPECT, and TRUST the person over TIME. and how the hell can you do that with a WOMAN.

so if i was willing and indeed even ABLE to be her FRIEND, that means she had to be of a pretty good character, to pass that TEST.

and looking at it like this, it makes SENSE that a female FRIEND would make a good lover: because you like, respect, and trust them over time.

so all the more surprising when she flaked out on me like some god damn random crazy bitch. she wasnt a god damn random crazy bitch! whyd she act like one to me!

if she were a random crazy bitch, i never would have been FRIENDS with her for two years, where we knew and trusted each other!

SHE threw that all away, not me! I didn’t force myself to get feelings for her!

Well, in truth, I tried to force myself to get feelings, and then soon after, i got feelings. but i dont feel they CAME FROM the forcing, if that makes any sense.

really the most direct and important cause, judging by what i wrote, was learning about her New Boyfriend. There were other causes but that was the main one. I didn’t expect her to be dating someone so soon, and so i started thinking, if him, then why not me? i’m a better guy for her than this scumbag! and i really was!

but if i could be SO WRONG about her, i could be wrong about any woman.

if a woman can fly under the radar of my Long Term Friendship test and I could STILL not know or trust her…..that does not bode well for my Trust Issues with Women. [this sounds like i am a niceguy trying to convert friends to lovers. this is not the case. i was trying to convert a friend to a lover, BUT this big Paradigm Shift did not happen until well AFTER a healthy longterm friendship had been established. knowledge and trust. then i started to get feelings after that. when i first met her, she was in an LTR, and I was getting over woman2012, and was nowhere near ready to have feelings for a woman.] and it totally makes sense how your wife of 10 years could suddenly snap on you and GHOST you and your money and children. you cant even trust the women you think you can trust. how can i ever trust a woman ever again? there weren’t any warning flags with her!

well, she had a somewhat troubled family but they still were allright i guess, more importantly, she didnt have a personal history of horrible behavior, a string of shady lovers, etc

you don’t have secs with a lot of people because it is a healthy risk as well as an emotional risk. you risk getting aids or the clap. and you think these crazy sleazy bitches are insisting the sleazy men wear rubbers? fook no they are just getting drunk and have diseased raw dawg secs. fooking disgusting degenerates. let them all get aids.

and then give it to poor virgins like us the first and only time we have secs hahahahaha.


these millennials they say they “adapt to change” well because their lives are always changing, i say they treat people as disposable and replaceable so its impossible to have a long term rel with millennials, because every person has an expiration date for them. they also treat secs like nothing and it does not help solidify relationships. 99% of millennials who get married will be divorced within 5 years. because people just expire.

i am angry because she did not treat me with the respect that our 2 years of friendship deserved. period. of course that respect started fading on HER end 10 months ago. it didnt just happen overnight. our shit was DONE 10 months ago.

dont look at what they say, look at what they do. she never lifted a FINGER to Meet Me Halfway!

she dumped me with great disrespect because i wanted to communicate and she didnt want to communicate AT ALL, that she would rather avoid/ignore/cold shoulder/ghost / never talk to me again, than even talk to me ONCE. because thats how bad i am!

but yeah i think i deserved more respect. i honestly thought she would give me more respect! I thought she did still respect me, despite our recent tensions! we still did small talk sometimes and she would be nice to me once in a while. i just thought she respected me more, thats whats so shocking.

next time you have secs with a millennial, immediately after you’re done, say ok see ya, im going to have sex with other gurls now, see ya. what you think this means something? its just secs babe, dont get jealous or creepy or get feelings. by the way i have very potent sperm and might have gotten you pregnant, so just get an abortion if you need. see ya.

but how many broken hearted me sit there when some bitch has dumped them saying “I THOUGHT I MEANT MORE TO HER THAN THAT!!!!!!!” millions. you think somebody cares for you but they don’t, they’d just as soon WALK and never see or talk to you again.

yes, it is amazing how you think you know a person, after years, but you dont know them at all, and they have NO regard for you. heck yes that is hard on the fragile insecure ego hahahaha. you think you mean something to a person, but you mean NOTHING. and you’re not even an abuser!

was watching intervention and they had “suzon” the crack addict. her parents set her up for failure because her father was an abusive asshole and her mother was a Codependent Drama Queen. she had a baby at age 15 with some deadbeat. she got married at like age 23 to a successful beta male and had 2 more kids.

he developed a Crush on a Coworker and felt guilty about it so he told his wife. he didnt even Act on the Crush or Cheat. the wife was so devastated by his Emotional Betrayal that she had an affair with an Exciting, Fun, Badboy Abusive Asshole who introduced her to drugs, left her husband and had tons of secs with the badboy, then she got into Crack and destroyed her life.

i can see how the beta husband wanted to clear his conscience. and i can understand being upset when your partner has feelings for somebody else. but i would imagine in most cases they would just go ahead and cheat. i have never heard of someone so beta they would confess the feelings before they cheated. that was clearly the husbands fatal mistake. he should have just cheated or said nothing at all. then everything would have worked out.

he was just too honest and moral and ethical.

i hate that we live in such a world, where doing the right thing just screws you. no good deed goes unpunished. then SHE goes and does actual cheating ASAP.

well for a young mother she was still decent looking. the crack kept her down to a healthy 88 pounds hahahahahahaha. no i kid that is pretty bad. but i cant say i’d prefer an obese woman either!

oh well the husband was still a successful rich docker so it doesnt matter that his decent looking but degenerate trash wife left him and became a crack addict. he can still find a decent looking woman who hopefully doesnt cheat on him and smoke crack.

beta husband says i am worried about our relationship, lets talk, i was tempted to cheat but i didnt, lets communicate.

bitch wife says im not willing to communicate at all, im gonna full blown cheat on you ASAP with the first badboy i can find, and really ruin everything.


her pathetic son “attempted suicide” because he was so upset about his mother becoming a crack whore. i really cant blame him, i would be upset too.

that boys father was never once mentioned, the mother just got pregnant at age 15 and had a baby, thats it. then she met captain save a ho.

i never want to be captain save a ho!

well i guess she was a good mother to her children before she became a cheating crack addict.

but it was amazing how she would throw her whole life and family away rather than Communicate with her damn husband. bitches will do this. they will have secs with strangers but god forbid they communicate with their damn husbands.

and see if i told her, i think i deserve more respect from you than this, she would say, well did YOU show ME any respect when you constantly were pressuring me to hang out?

of course then i would say back, it wasn’t about hanging out, it was about talking about the elephant in the room, i just wanted to hang out so we could discuss a Sensitive Topic privately and in person, which i dont think is unreasonable. and i think pressuring you to do that constantly is nowhere near as disrespectful as you unilaterally cutting off all communication. nowhere near.