june 13 2015

i swear guise i am still alive. all my writing is going into this other project and that is going well so….. however i am thinking by july or maybe aug at the latest i will be back here giving Life Advice to Losers.

but here is a guy who asks the infamous question, “cant tell if depressed or just lazy” and then a guy in the comments says


which i thought was a good talking point, and he’s prob correct too.

because lazy people are probably happy in their laziness, like a pig in shit. but your laziness does not make you happy, yet for whatever reason you cant break out of it. it sucks.

also i hate the word “depressed” anyway, its a weak faggy word. plus its different for everybody. i myself get really LAZY and ANGRY and NIHILISTIC and not super “sad” or weepy per se. but angry and HOPELESS and DESPAIRING would be other good words.

anyway just try to go for a walk every day if you cant get any action from your cover letter than you’ve been improving bit by bit every day for 10 years hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

or women oh god not women they are the WORST. they are about as bad as JOBS, maybe even moreso. not a fan of jobs, not a fan of women hahahaha.

well, if you live in alaska, oregon (as of july 1 hahaha), washington state, washington dc, or colorado, go to the corner store and pick yourself up an indica blend and 420 BLAZE IT (not encouraging any illegal activity, per the WordPress Commissars who have suspended muh blog TWICE!!!!!!!!!! no good deed goes unpunished when you try to HELP PEOPLE!!!!)

oh yeah happy 500th post to me right now!!!!!!!!!