june 4 2015

blog was gone for a few days because of TOS violation, was worried they might think i was encouraging illegal activities or violence, turns out i just flagged spam filter, and a wordpress employee apologized to me hahaha.

got the red box at the top of the wp-admin page, couldnt do anything, couldnt see or write posts, but COULD downlaod an xml backup file of all posts THANK UUUUUUU WP you are so kind and benevolent and i am so evil and loser, could NEVER get a job at a WP

m4yb3 because i wr1te w0rd5 l1ke th15 and they think thats spam, when im just trying to censor words to get past hate speech filters, hahahahaha. n1993r f4990t k1k35 hahahaha can succ muh dicc.

anyway we are BAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK and not going anywhere, although am working on another writing project so this blog will slow down TEMPORARILY, so just bide yr time by reading old posts hahaha.