would argue that secs with someone u like like could be considered somewhat “psychedelic” in that it makes your brain work differently, and u see the universe in a different way

maybe, i dunno, have not had secs in 10.5 years, have not cuddled with qt in 10 years hahahahahahahaha

who knows, who cares

still going off the meds, well i have like 2 tiny crumbles left haha.

how 2 get a job: LIE to them telling them what they want to hear

how 2 get a qt gf: LIE to her telling her what she wants to hear

continue the act / lie until u get fired or dumped, then repeat whole process till death lol.

hahahaha my writing is better when i am off meds

BUT its actually WORSE hahaha

involuntary makeoutlessness hahahahahahhaha

well what do wimmin want to hear

i dunno that you are the manliest man ever i guess. NOT that you are sensitive and that you listen and help with housework. that you are manly and EXCITING and alpha and make them tingle and are always being didlesired by younger, more attractive wimmin.

i usually try the “just be yourself” thing, then when that doesn’t work, then i try psychological manipulation, then when that doesnt work, move to another b and repeat the process a few years later after getting over previous b

wat do u do when both just being yourself and then not being yourself and trying to give the b what they want, neither of them works? hehehehehehe.heh

yeah it is gonna take a few days to stop feeling weird from getting off this paxil i predict

good thing i got some valium to take the edge off lol

is there something like valium, but like 10 times stronger, and doesn’t build up a tolerance

so u can use it all day erryday

get a ratio of how many times u busted a nut looking at pron : how many times u busted nut with real gurl

and the closer that number is to 0, the better and more normie u are

uhh was taking about 40 mg of paxil a day for 1 year but had been taking it at various levels for like damn…..7 or 8 years???? quite a long time. went thru phases. about 3 or 4 years ago, was convinced i was a Victim of the Heaviest Chemical Imbalance Ever and I simply HAD to take the world’s Hugest Dose of Paxil in order to even have a chance at being normal, so i GLADLY took like 60 mg a day at that time.

didnt really seem to do anything and was still a big loser and had even less energy, so weaned down; then last year or 2 years ago decided it was J00ish Poison meant to pacify the masses like soma, and wanted to get this j00ish poison out of system forever.

was still a big loser and stressing out and decided to go back up again. dr prescribed 60 mg a day, i took 40 hahaha. and that was most recently. also was able to get some valium added to the rx hahaha which i dilegently hoarded and still have a bunch.

then paxil started running out. and now its gone. my doc is now out of the biz and i would have to find a new one. currently on “vacation” from job, so less stress, so, ideal time to get this jooish poison out of system, rather than worry about finding new doc to get moar.

i will totes start using valium on the job though, when i start job again, to reduce stress on job.

then when the valium runs out, will find a cheap doctor to write rx for more valium, and maybe a less controversial ssri, like prozac maybe.

or maybe just get a medical mj card and vape tonnes of mj out of a vape pen bwahahahahaha. and then tonnes of valium at work.

or i think i was toying wiht the idea of an older tricyclic or MAOI type drug. yeah what the heck why not, couldnt hurt.

so thats my recommendation. get off evil ssri drugs and treat your “depression” with tricyclics and w3333d and valium. the “depression” just comes from you being ashamed and afraid of not living your life, you inherently know what the many Existential Problems are you need to fix: get a job, get a gurlfran, get along better with your friends and family, lose 400 pounds, etc, these obvious things are whats making u “depressed”, just obvious travails of Life.

if anything i was just too SCARED or NERVOUS to do the things i KNEW i needed to do, and prbably valium would help with that initial anxiety. but then not doing those things led to years of regret and then the derpression.

most of it prob stems back to when i was 18, and i should have just gone to military, trade skool, or worked some stupid jobs. but since i was real good in high school, i was pushed to go to college, even though i knew i didnt like skool. i guess i just thought after high school would be my time, that college would be better and get me prepared for life. i was dead wrong hahahahahahahaha.

i could have still gone to college later, once i saw how the world worked, and could have gotten a stem degree and actually used it and made money.  but noooooooooo.

now i have much less energy and am much older than i was at 18, and working at a job an 18 year old coudl handle.


also i did not “get help” while i was in college, so i might have righted the course while in college, and used college to get into a good career, rather than being scammed, and going on to crappy jobs you didnt need college for anyway, and becoming a huge old fat bald virgin loser hahaha who had made no Progress in Life between the ages of 18 to 30 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

bretty awesome eh mang.

and another reason i took the ssris was because i didnt really have any obvious reason for the “derpression”, had a good family, everything i needed, opportunity to go to college, etc. hehehe.

but grew up to be a huge lazy loser omega kissless virgin anyway hahaha. no i am not a kv, but i have not done anything with gurls for the past 10 years. in a way thats almost WORSE than being a kv, because i have had a TASTE and i can VERIFY that it was every bit as good as i ever wanted it to be, and i want to taste it again lol.

promised not to say i as much oh well.

well maybe the jooish k1ke ssris work for SOME people. maybe they even worked for me and i just didnt realize it hahaha. but i just took the like 7 mg thing i had and threw it away. maybe watch some alex jones youtube on how ssris are a big govt big biz collaboration to enslave the tax livestock hahaha.