may 2015

really its absurd that its so hard to get a job, because once you get the job, you see that everyone there is incompetent and should be ashamed of themselves and that noone is held accountable, and noone really knows what they are doing.

but it is simple supply and demand i guess, too many people want jobs, and not enough jobs are available for them.

well current job was so easy to get: one interview and done. int was less than 10 minutes. basically needed to have a pulse. prob the easiest int ever did.

then i int for another job, which would have been much less stressful, and much easier, and paid more, and i thought i had an In by Knowing People, and thought i did ok on the interview…… but didnt get the job. for doing a BETTER interview for a MUCH EASIER job.  see it doesn’t make sense.

a few months ago i talked to a marginally older guy who had an engin degree, military experience, wife, multiple kids, home, good job, TOTAL normie in other words. he said when he interviewed people he didnt even CARE about their technical skills, but rather their people skills: could you talk to the person, do they annoy you, are they weird or creepy or nonnormal. that was the most important thing. coming from a guy working a tech job, interviewing tech people for tech jobs.

unless its life or death it doesnt’ really matter. at worst, you fook up, the system goes down for a day, the company loses 100 grand, and u get fired. nobody dies hahaha u just lose your livelihood and means of taking care of your kids. hehehe what kids. what livelihood. u dont even make 15 bucks an hour yet hehehehe.

making 15 bucks an hour is the hardest thing in the world. u dont get to do it unless you were the Valedictorian of your class in stem at MIT, and only if you had 90000 internships too. with good companies not shitty companies. and did good int he internships, not just coasting.

coasting hehehehe

personally have coasted all muh life cuz too lazy not to coast.

what would make you not coast?

being homeless, having a nice qt gurlfran hahahahahaha, being a fun energetic person where jobs look for u, u dont look for jobs.

but yeah just get a damn proper suit before your next proper interview. go to yelp and look up mens clothier and find a place that is rated as having good service and get fitted for the cheapest suit they have. actually just go to mens wearhouse and look at suits. hopefully an employee will stop you and try to sell you sheet. be like i want a navy blue suit, willing to spen $100, but i do want the suit tailored on the pants at least because muh body is weird. i need something that doesnt look like a Charity Suit Becuase Interviews.


also take a valium, xanax or benzo before the interview and just try not to say UHHHHH and try to Talk Smart and Talk Fun.

those “simple” Five things are prob the Top Five of Job Winning things.

welp i guess my “passion” in life is to help Privileged Cis White Men who because of Emotional Weakness became Losers, hahaha not a big market. most losers have darn good reasons for being losers, like they had a hard life, bad families, abused, molested, etc. they weren’t set up to win and then failed because of their own stubbornness and weakness.

but there are a few others out there so i should really Reach Out and Develop them into Paying Clients hahahaha. then i can start my business. because not gonna get a stupid costly masters degree in like counseling, then try to get a fookin JOB in that, THEN try to build my client base from there. build clients NOW and easily convince them that me not having a gay masterz degree is no bad thing, but in fact a great thing.

but yeah obv i still need to roll up sleeve and do actual work of Reaching Out and Working with Losers on a one on one basis. and get like 10 regular clients. with local losers i could actually do house calls and meet in person.

ehhh i guess i would charge 15 to 20 bucks an hour. maybe 12 hehehe.

grateful to have friends but they are ALL normies, meaning they have decent jobs, they are in rels or married or have had gurlfrans before for many years and have had secs many times. weird. that is not normal to me lol.

but i am not sure i ever met a non normie i ever liked, in person.  many non normies are just excruciatingly annoying and no fun, sound familiar hahahaha.

if anything, we actually want to become normies, by getting ok average jobs, by getting a gurlfran, and cuddling with her regularly, and not getting dumped by her for like a good solid year. what is all that but definition normie. normie is not bad. normie is the goal. normie is the BEST.

nonnormie is basically autistic virgin, and you dont want to be that, trust me.

in fact, it might be the defining feature of normie vs non normie, to be able to establish a hetero rel with a person you Like.

begs the question, are we non normies less normal than GAYS? because once gays move out of their Small Town, they usually easily find Secs Partners in the Big Gay City. plus gay men are always horny for other gay men and they have no reproductive costs, so gay men go to gar bars and have tons of easy gay secs. no matter how weird looking they are, or autistic, or awkward.

long ago i was at a party with a gay man and he was pretty drunk and he told me he would like to get gay with me if i were not str8. i smiled and said thank you for the compliment, you are a good looking man yourself, unfortuantely i am not gay. i wish i were gay sometimes because the females aren’t much easier, hahahaha. funny enough i was at the party to try to court a gurl (woman6) and she was being a cold standoffish b1tch to me, but nice to other guys, no doubt taking it up the 4ss from guys she just met that day at that party hahahaha what a b1tch and slut.

anyhow i hypothesize that the average gay man has more positive secs experiences than the average hetero cis non normie autist virgin loser, hahahaha.