heh facebook actually has some decent groups for us r9k, 4chan, kv, autismal, pepe the frog, feels, loser type stuff.


that was a good one found recently.

imply that nonvirgins actively hate and seek to degrade wimmin, while virgins luv and long and pine and feel sad for loving, nonhateful, things. not sure how TRUE this is, but it seems true to depressed virgins, and is a way for them to further divide themselves from those “woman-hating” nonvirgins who really don’t DESERVE the luv of women, because they must HATE women!!!!! which is not necessarily true!


dont defend the nonvirgins hahahaha.

dunno maybe its 50 50 , 50% hate women even moar than niceguys like us, 50% don’t.

but yeah liked that aspect, and also that of the virgins dream, as it reminded painfully of own dreamz!!!

well just as it would be unfair for wimmin to think that we are the same as every other man, ie cheating scum (because women can always excuse their own cheating but ALWAYS get butthurt when a man “cheats” on them! no exceptions, even for the most Open Minded of Wimmin and Luv Has No Boundaries and Luv Is Infinite and Unlimited etc)

just as u know u wouldnt cheat on a decent woman, u have to beleive that Not All Women are Cheating scum, or trigger happy Dumping scum, etc, and that maybe the next woman won’t screw u as bad as the last, because they are not the same person, hahahahahaha.

so if, by the grace of GOD, u find yourself with a wimmin again, and she is not some 35 year old single mom hambeast and u actually dont want to dump HER, and you are thinking “this is too good to be true, whats the catch, i bet she dumps me after 1 bang and like 1 week” uhhh try to remind yourself she is a different person than the last person who did that. besides u wont have long to wait to confirm or disconfirm your theory! hahahaha. 50 50 chance.

anyway who cares.

have heard from somewhat reliable sources that you can pass a drug test, because u smk so much w and couldn’t possibly pass a drug test, by smuggling in a bottle of fake urine in your pocket. rebutted “bbbbut what if they send a guy into the bathroom with you to make sure yr actually peeing? wwwwhat if they make you empty your pockets?”

well then you say SO SORRY, i aint gonna pass this test bra see ya. then tell your family that they picked the other candidate instead, he had moar internships in college hahahaha.

just got an order from target dot com. like say way better than kohls dot com, fook them forever, target 4 lyfe. recommend u size one up on merona “tailored” short sleeve button downs. if you look large but pick xl, you will be VERY happy with your new merona short sleeve button down shirt.

the wrangler ultimate khaki, flat front, classic fit, $20, is a classic pant, and should buy moar now. u def need 2 or 3 pairs in various colors esp gray.

you can return the stuff at your local target. would hope that having the stuff and needing to return them would be more of a motivation than going there, before buying the things, and hope they have whatever you want in a good size, style etc. F00K THAT. just buy everything online.

so yeah. go into your interview with a clean, newish dark blue suit. smile and try to have a good attitude. just talk like your smart from your 100 flashcards. lie wherever you can to improve your chances. shave your beard. pretend you are an extravert nonvirgin normie who has a gurlfrand and kids. and knows how to deal with people.


well if you KNEW college was a scam, why didn’t you start going to trade skool to become an electrician at say age 22? or even 25 for chrissake?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NEVER say uhhhhhhhhhh. just keep your mouth SHUT and PAUSE for an awkwardly long time, an awkward pause is better than an awkward UHHHHHHHHH. have a flash card for this question. say you wanted to make money, you wanted to get better at job searching, job getting, customer service, and people skills before you became an electrician or welder. because you need good people skills to get a job as a welder.

and you had a long way to come with your peopel skills, thats why it took so long. also you had many stress in your personal life. they can’t ask you about that.

be like you had to go to a lot of workshops and read a lot of books and get a lot of practice before you could get good enough at interviews to get a job hahahaha.

who fooking cares, just lie, these k1kes dont deserve the truth, and they wouldnt hire you if they knew the truth anyway, because they are j0015h f4990ts.

heh. tell them your resume is underwhelming because you are a n199er who doesn’t like to work.

bad attitude hehehe. fix your attitude. then everything will magically get better.

so magically change your attitude from horrible to good. just do it.


u might be a loser if u have tried meds and shrinks and u have a good fam and good upbringing but u still turned out a lazy loser and nothing seems to fix it lol.