may 2015

wow been doin this blog for TWO YEARS now, and 487 posts or so wow. weve come a long way baby hahaha.

went from a total loser job to a signif less total loser job, but its still a loser job, AND it is 90000000000000000 times more stressful and has made me mroe stressed, angry, even less energy hahaha.

still no success with wimmin during this two year period haha.

think used this blog to help get over woman7 in 2013, and then in 2014 woman8 happened, and still trying to deal with that, haven’t gotten officially rejected yet, but fishing for it, just so to move on. cant waste time like with woman7. already wasted too much time with woman8. so that is on the short term here. dealing with rejection using no contact, deleting everythign, sleeping at least 10 hours erry day, and medical m. all u need.

also get a huge hoard of valium to help you get thru your horrible job, but dont take the valium every single day, but every other day, so you don’t get hooked, and god frbid you take it every day, and then every day is equally bad. with eery other day, you get one ok day, one bad day, then one ok day, then one bad day, and so one. the risk with valium every day is that every day would gradually become worse and worse.

oh yeah everything is 50 50 chances…..even if they are nto. because that will give you the irrational overconfidence needed to succeed in life.

heh. thinking of erryone u know and how often they have secs. pretty darn often! well, assuming married people have secs once a month and unmarried monog couples have secs twice a month, hahahahahahahaha.

and unmarried nonmonog people have secs erry day hahahaha.

leaving opne weather dot com slowly eats away at your computer phones memory. why cant they fix that.

accuweather is better on the memory.

memory leaks. why.

how to fix?

dunno. cant be fixed. so sorry.

heh. i indignantly believe that there is a way to fix memory leaks.


ehhh this is for windows automiotive, in some car stereo systems

hey i TOOK c++ coding 202 and we TALKED about memory leaks, and how you create and destruct blocks of memory using the “new” command, and the “release” command at the end?????? and if you forget to release the memory, thats a memory leak.  so go into the code and put a release command there. thats why you ALREADY HAVE a comp sci degree and make 100 grand a year. so just do your job.

i dont remember the exact syntax or the exact meaning, or if it involved pointers. it DID involve delegating and releasing blocks of memory during run-time, so you didn’t have to delegate or dimension or declare ALL the memory right at the outset; so if you needed a little, you got a little; if you needed a lot, you got a lot; and at the end, all the memory was freed up.

heh dont even really care about secs tbh. when was young said would not have a prob if found a nice gurl who wanted to date for a long time before having secs, simply because secs always made me nervous and wanted to make sure really knew and trusted the person. that went over like a lead balloon hahahaha.

so hate to mark secs as THE symbolic thing for what mean, when it could jsut as well be something like “a loving make out sesh where you cuddle with the person all night, and get butterflies of luv at how much you luv the person, but no actual secs is had”

yes all that would be fine too.

so how long can you go without THAT and still remain sane, undistubred?

what happens if u don’t have that for like 5 years? on average? 10 years? do you become more….cold? distant? tired? old? angry? distracted? lazy? loser?  yes all of the above hahahaha.

muh big scientific hypothesis is: after 5 to 10 years, not having good make out gurlfran cuddlez will make u a crippling derpressed lazy loser hahahahahahaha.

who is no fun to anyone and who no one wants to hang out with, have cuddlez with, or hire for a job. hahahaha.

basically lets just say “whatever you would subjectively consider a physical expression of Shared Intimacy Emotionz” lol, whether that is secs, or that is just making out and cuddling and spending time with a B1tch you Like Like.

is it worth to be getting paid twice as much, but your new job is WAYYYYY over two times as stressful? like would you WITHSTAND TWENTY times the stress, for TWICE as much money? hehehe personally prefer a 1:1 ratio there

official position of this blog is that 1:1 ratio of pay:stress is ideal

and that also going more than 5 years without making out with a gurlfran like gurl, will make you derpressed and lazy.

ok so u might need a job more than u need a gurlfran, but oh well. stuff only makes sense 50% of the time.

so yeah it goes against your moral code to LIE becuase only filthy liars lie, but also figure this: who has EARNED your TRUST? who DESERVES the truth from you? only your family and friends at BEST, certainly not prospective employers and current employers. lie to these k1kes AT ALL TIMES.

hehe might have to start studying game again. like how to pick up women. not because endorse the hedonistic degenerate worldview behind it, but simply to get some action without having to pay for it, and maybe shape self into being more “fun” hahahaha.

anythign they can teach you about getting in shape, dressing better, being less creepy, being more fun, then thats all good, even if they choose to sit “poolside” and “enjoy the decline” ultimately. you dont need to go that far.