yeah buddy. just lie and say youve been trained on anything and everything. and then be more evasive when they ask you how GOOD you are at it.

if you have a lot of EXPERIENCE in something but still aren’t really GOOD at it, tell them about your vast experience and then lie and say that has made you good at it.

because in reality you arent smart or good enough to learn from your mistakes, and your employer does not care enough to train you further, to “coach” you (which is like mini-training sessions where you are pulled aside for no more than 10 minutes, your mistakes are pointed out, then you say “wont let it happen again, thank you for the teaching moment”)

so business buzzwords change every year, every quarter.

have been struggling trying to find a “professional journal” for industry, like the type of thing my managers manager should spend 15 miuntes a month reading, hahahaha. its harder than you might think. finally found something from a national organization. picking up buzzwords. zappos ceo tony hsieh says something about a c-suite. wtf is a c-suite. google: investopedia:

A widely-used slang term used to collectively refer to a corporation’s most important senior executives. C-Suite gets its name because top senior executives’ titles tend to start with the letter C, for chief, as in chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief information officer.

ok there you go. info at yr fingertips.

basically a place you or  will never ever be. type of place where they never ever have to deal with angry customers!!! because they have mbas from top 5 skools.

anyway 35 years ago, you could just be an average idiot and get a job and get into the middle working class and have a fambly. now you have to be THE BEST. the Top ONE of all the competition, to get that job. well unless u work in a crappy company like that Overhires because they expect/predict/build in that many people will either QUIT or get FIRED

hehe ask your manager what are some good trade journals to read for best practices in your industry, they say uhhhh i dunno

ask your managers manager the same thing, they say uhhhhhhhh i dunno

which sounds suspiciously like what u say to custos when they give you another really weird question.

when the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t lose the company that much money for nobody to know how to do things.

why not?

uhhhh i dunno.

use the language of management even though you are applying for entry level and it would take you 20 years to get into management.

if u are dealing with a b who is giving you mixed signals, you are allowed to contact her once every 4 or 5 days.  lay low during that time, she will forget about whatever beta thing you did before, allowing you to reinvent yourself as a nonvirgin alpha. bs can get over / forget anything in 4 or 5 days. unless its one of the things that they never forget. dunno. always got dumped before learning what those things are.

at your job just imagine YOU are a computer or robot. what would a robot or computer say: “sorry this cannot be done. so sorry. the system is limited that we cannot even force it or make an exception. exceptions are systematically impossible. nobody has ever done an override or an exception. thats just the way this mysterious monolithic System is. why?  dunno. can you talk to someone who knows why? no. because nobody knows, and even if they did, they would not let let you talk to them.”

period. repeat for years until you get laid off permanently.


buy at least one season of your favorite tv shows, pref comedy. anything from season 2 to the peak of the show. get a decent season in other words. then you can use it to fall asleep to. very relaxing. and if u ever get a gurlfran to cuddle with, you can put that on if she doesn’t find something stupid on tv lol.

you can get valium for pretty reasonable price. got a 30 day supply of valium for like 10 bucks. and  would take less than 10% during the 30 days. so now  have a fookload of valium to take when return to work and need nervousness releif hehehehe.

but have to get a cheap doc to get moar. but shouldnt need more until january hehehehe.

tell middle class decision makers and managers that you read the new york times, even though you quit reading the nyt ten years ago because it is marxist trash. oh well. people with good jobs read it. so lie to them and make them think u read it, when you dont. its all about lies and bribes you see.

so, we try to be logical, because to be logical is to be smart, but other people arent always logical, life isnt always logical, in fact, life in general might be 50 50 logical illogical, so being logical all the time doesnt really help you any.

there are many examples. for one, why are u more obsessed with wimmin than with careers and jobs. you need a job more than u need a wimmin, yet you spend more time thinking about wimmin. not logical at all. will only hurt you. self destructive. got it ass backwards. if you focused more on the job, you would be more successful, make more moeny, and get more/better women. but you cant focus on jobs because you can only mainly focus on wimmin. wtf.

and it has been this illogical way for years. at that point would just say forget about the job and focus on the wimmin, pander to your weird brain, and maybe if you give it what it wants, it will then let you focus on jobs after you get your “foundation” with wimmin, or wild oats out of your system or whatever.

also the interesting idea that people GO THRU PHASES. like oh she went thru her promiscuous phase, now she’s in her stable monogamous phase, etc, so the previous beahvior is not a predictor of future behavior, because it was jsut a phase.