may 10

ok that was a long previous post. had to be. was packed with valuable information and life lessons that you will use erry day at work.

get a retarded polyester golf polo shirt so hopefully that reduces pit stains and back stains when you are working during summer hahahahaha.

its really not a big deal since its only nice like 2 months out of the year. 1/6 of the year. like 16% hahaha.

anyway if you have a question about your job because you arent trained, write the question down and ask someone when you aren’t busy doing stuff you know how to do, like email them or ideally talk to them when you get done with your shift. shift is not time for learning, its time for doing.

which is why its important to make friends with at least one person whose a nice normie, ideally who has been there longer than you, so you can ask them questions. if they are the same “level” as you that is less intimidating than asking a higher up, plus people on your level are prob nicer and less of dickheads anyway. but if you can find a nice higher up who isn’t gonna judge you or try to block your promotion because you asked him how to do something, great, more power to u.

watching bar rescue and it is obvious that many of these failing bars have people that simply have no idea what they are doing; they have never been trained, and they continue to do things wrong, and no one cares.

well  you can fire the idiots that dont know what theyre doing and replace them with people who do. guess company sort of does this. sometimes it gets so busy you cant really fire people though.

question is, what about the poor bastards who got fired for not knowing how to do stuff? whos going to train them?

am, and get fat subsidies and grants from fedgov hahahahahahahahahaha.

for benzos at work, break the pill in half, take half in the morning, and half after lunch.

try not to benzo more than 3 days out of 5. dont want to become dependent on them.

tattoos, so you can boast to the entire world, for the rest of your life, how you are an idiot, with bad taste, making decisions that will publicly affect your body, for the rest of your life, for everyone to see. and average normies all have the shittiest tattoos. what does this tell you.

maybe spend the extra money so you can buy “dabs” from your medical W dispensary and “vape” them, which the extra money can be worth it if you don’t have enough privacy to get good and Blazed, because you still live with your fam and they cant think youre a drug addict. because you need to get blazed every night after your stressful busy job. then go right to bed after blazing.

your first suit should be a dark BLUE suit. then a gray suit. then a black suit. you might think a black suit looks good and it does, but it is too edgy to get you hired anywhere. get a fooking dark blue suit or be foreverunemployed.

take a loan out for $200, like you took a loan out for $100 GRAND for college.

military would teach you more “portable” job translatable skills than college.

convince b1tches that you are “fun” by taking her to fun places like the beach, a nice restaurant, nice bar, nice park, a museum, a somewhat interesting place o people watch, and then just make up stuff that doesn’t sound weird or creepy or angry or bitter or sad or entitled or pathetic or autismal or nonnormal hahahaahahahaha

fake being a normie to get pvssy

see the feminists say that u, what u want the most, aka pvssy, is attached/part of that which you hate the most, ie wimmin, and this creates a lifelong tension for u etc. well, would stand up for you and say that you dont’ want JUST pvssy, you also want the woman its attached to, you want luv and companionship and wife and gurlfran and handholding and hugging and making out and talking and cuddling too, just just the filthy pvssy, u want it all!!!!!!

uhh get a management 101 textbook from amazon for 1 dollar and study it. theoretically it might explain  why your job is managed so bad. like you dont receive training and you look like an idiot all day and this does not affect your company BECAUSE of the types of customers you are servicing. your company is not getting money from THEM, they are getting money from……….some sort of contract? FOLLOW THE MONEY. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

think about internal vs external clients/customers. are you allowed to sound like an idiot all day and incompetent? are the people you’re talking to directly responsible for the revenue for your deparment? or does the money get filtered thru some layers? FOLLOW THE MONEY. because it gets filtered thru some layers, therefore you can sound like an idiot, the person you are talking to gets unhappy and angry at you, yet no money is lost for your company/department.

well sometimes the money comes one layer removed, from the person who is talking to the perosn you are talking to. it’s still ok if that money walks out the door, because your company has guardrails and uncollected debt levels built in, so that the company could still make 1 billion in revenue each year, if they have 1 million in revenue walk out the door, so it doesnt matter that 500 dollars just walked out the door.

hehehe. of course  like to think of things in terms of people not dollars. that is mistake hahahahahaha. that is why  am underemployed lol.

that and do not have a stem degree and stem experience. aka ACTUAL SKILLS in SOMETHING USEFUL.

dont go to college, become an electrician, plumber, hvac. period. recipe for a successful winning life, good wives, good children, good future, good death, good home, and good respect for you after you die.