so men have to be FUN TO BE WITH in order to get women to not reject them. it is less about money and status and power, but being FUN to spend time with, and you dont have to spend 9000$ on a date to show youre rich.

ok fine. so how do you be fun to be with hahahaha. that is what blog helps with.

yes life is no fun. at best you work a horrible job and try to recover by sleeping as much as possible and smoking as much w as possible. and this sounds pretty “depressing” and no fun and therefore nobody wants to spend time with you except men who are as bitter and sad and desperate and lonely and angry and virgin as u. hahaha. at best. or maybe you can hang out with really smelly arab men who also hate women and then you can not smoke wd and talk about how you would enslave and beat and raep your 9000 submissive wives.

just woke up and reread that stupid futrelle thing.

so you dont need to be rich or even handsome, to be alpha you have to be FUN to be with. well, FUN and Secsy. can a man be secsy but not fun? yes, technically, and he will do just fine. but would say the majority of nonvirgin (men) have to be fun first to make the woman woman to be with them, to make up for the secsyness lack.

so it is very important to be fun. talk about how much you love your shitty job, and talk about all your fun hobbies and your fun family and fun stories from your fun life, hahahahaha.

guess most virgins like us are not getting any women simply because are not FUN, and have the lack of friends-in-general to prove it. never get invited anywhere by anybody because you are not fun. losing friends rather than gaining friends because you are boring and not fun to be around.


well maybe buy a bunch of W and then always share it with everybody, then they will want to invite you.

also take the initiative and invite your male friends out for dinner, and then pay for their dinner.

bribe people into hanging out with you.

becuse you are not fun enough to hang out without paying people, hahahahahahahahaha.

so jobs dont have to train you, you pay to get yourself trained in college. so why is college or skool/classes so different from jobz? could not tell you. because they want to be seen as bastions of classical education or some sheet and they can get away with it because they still make money.

how to deal with angry customers
its funny nobody every trains you on this; not skool, not college, not even the fookin jobs where you have to deal with angry customers. you just hope you figure it out and dont get fired for doing it wrong, theres your training.

so  now welcome you into HOMESKOOL where will now teach and TRAIN you in the best way to deal with angry customers.

first of all figure out how much you can get away with in terms of throwing your company under the bus, ie, do you have a manager hovering over you, are you being recorded. if u are generally safe to speak freely, simply say:

“Listen sir, agree with you completely. This company sucks and to be honest, they don’t really care about making their customers happy. they care only about screwing the customer as much as possibly, scamming you out of money, then taking the money and running and laughing all the way to the bank, figuring out a way to screw you out of as much of a refund as possible if you got shitty service/product. agree with you completely. ‘d advise you to go to a more ethical company. not this one. But have no power to do the right thing here. have to get permission or else  will get in trouble AND you still wont get your money back. There’s nothing  can do here. cannot help you. My manager cannot help you either, for the same reason that he cannot give me permission to help you: because his manager would write him up for trying to help a customer. That’s why the answer is gonna be “NO” no matter how high up you go; and the reason why the higher management thinks like that is, is because the customers don’t really bring in the money; well they do, but shareholders and higher execs honestly don’t lose any money by screwing customers out of good service and their hard earned money. you can’t really hurt these fat cats by saying you’re gonna walk out. they don’t care. walk out, they say. wish there were some way  could help you, but will get in trouble and possibly lose job if do. Yes,  agree with you completely, it sucks, but our hands are tied.  am sorry you had to find out how really shitty this company is, but it’s the truth.  would say don’t come back here ever, and MAYBE if enough people do the same, the executives can start losing money and maybe change their policies in 10 years or so. so why am  working here? because  sucked at college and  have to make money, just like millions of other people in similar jobs. you want to speak to manager? yuppppp,  would too if  were in your place, but the honest truth is, they won’t give permission to let me let you speak to them. they don’t want to talk to you. there’s nothing they can do, they will tell you the same thing ‘m telling you, and there manager will tell you the same thing, but even slimmer chance of talking to them! simply put, manager doesn’t want to talk to you, and they don’t have to, because they are the manager. yes that sucks, yes that flies in the face of what Customer Service is. Really the best thing you could to do complain is to write a Snail Mail letter to the following executive (give mailing address), don’t tell them gave you their name and address, and realize this only has a .00000001 chance of being successful, maybe in 10 years, but more than likely, within those 10 years, the entire upper amangement will be fired and replaced to give the impression of changing things up, but they will quickly fall into the same patterns.”

if you are being monitored, recorded, or hovered over, uhh you cant say any of that. So say, ” agree with you completely, this situation is bad,  wish  could help you, but  cannot, and neither can anyone higher up. so sorry, so sorry.” then go to the bathroom and take a BENZO and hopefully the next one will be better, hahahahahaha.

ok  guess none of that is of any use to normies, who have had years of experience telling all that to customers, so that you get it down to a science and just say “cant be fixed, sorry, nothing can be done. we are done here.”

stumbling block has always been trying to satisfactorily explain WHY this is, when you’re not really sure why it is, and the angry customer is demanding at least a good REASON why you can’t help them. then you sound like an idiot, they think you don’t UNDERSTAND them (and maybe you dont!!) and therefore don’t believe you when you say you can’t help them, and demand to talk to a manager, which can’t be done.

so get your talk to a manager speech well rehearsed: “manager will call you back and give you a full explanation as to why this can’t be done. unfortunately they cannot estimate when they will call you back but it will be within 3 business days thank you.”

3 business days? this is appalling! how can you run your organization this way?
honestly dont know sir,  just work here. can have my manager call you back within 3 biz days, that’s all can do.

make sure you have begged for and received permission to have a higher up call them! and then let it go and take a benzo hahahaha.

no not addicted to benzos hahaha but might have to start taking them more on the job.

basically it is VERY hard trying to explain things you dont’ fully understand. because your lack of understanding will come thru, and they will want to talk to somebody who DOES understand. unfort there is short supply of those people, one does not simply walk into blabla and expect to immediatly talk to someone who understands problems and why they can’t be fixed.

so why dont u use the the classic answer of “I’m not 100% sure but let me find out for you?” because it would take an hour to find out and to get a satisfactory explanation from the person. (or you could wait 10 minutes just for them to come back with “cant be done.”).

also its like the game of telephone, where u then talk to the expert, the expert “explains” the thing in a way you dont’ really understand, and you don’t think he is understanding what you’re telling him about the custo’s problem; and then you have to try to explain his explanation, which you don’t quite understand, while trying to hide your lack of comprehension, to the custo. this takes top 1% of People and Communication skills. and until you get to that point u will be in awkward, humiliating, and stressful situations

so smugly tell the custo that it would take an HOUR for you to get a mere EXPLANATION. OR you could have the manager call them back sometime in 3 days with a more full explanation. and STILL nothing would get fixed, because it can’t be fixed. it’s like a dead car. so it causes custos to walk out. big deal, truthfully do not need there money, tell the person that. tell the person it’s built into budget to have 1% of customers walk out. just a known cost of doing business. (not sure on that 1% number. could be 5 or 10, hahahahahaha.)

tell them it’s NORMAL for 10% of customers to walk out. this was approved by vice president of operations and the CFO lol.

“yeah this is called expected loss and has been accounted for by the accounting department and approved by the CFO, sorry your manager didn’t tell you about it, but you know how managers don’t like to tell people anything hahahaha. but basically it means that its OKAY to totally screw x% of your customers. its built in. guardrailing its called. ALL COMPANIES DO THIS. some companies can remain economically viable by screwing over 50% of their customers. Really we are not giving customers good product and service, but by taking the money and running and scamming and screwing them, and of course they will be angry about being scammed. It’s too bad you had to learn this Life Lesson by telling you and not your manager.  wish my manager had told me that too. That is one way our company differs from other companies, is that managers are not clear with about this fact. but at least now you know for the future. just let the customers walk out. don’t worry about giving them a good deal. worry about trying to screw over MORE of them, because its by screwing custos and getting away with it, that we make more money and you keep your job. so we’d LIKE to see the screwing percentage get up to 100% in an ideal world. dont like it, get a job somewhere else faggot, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ”

anyway its no fun to be stressed out by your job, and then of course stress makes you a less fun person, which has countless Opportunity Costs in all the sweet things you missed out on, had only you been more Fun. Because you gotta be FUN all the time, lol.

awww yeah. found it. how to deal with angry customers.txt. use and learn. go and do likewise gents.

so yeah. companies dont have to train you in anything ever. the sooner you get that expectation/entitlement out of your mind, the better and happier and more successful and more fun and less virgin you will be. fake it till you make it. stretch the truth. lie abotu everything that can’t be fully proven otherwise.