die nonvirgin scum


uhh peopel should not go to college until they are older than 25 and their growing body and brain has started to settle down and they have gotten a lot of stuff out of their system.

another school of thought says head down and power thru like a boss, completeing STEM degree in 3 years and starting a powerhouse career at age 21. if u think u can do that, do that then. but these people will never be reading this because they are nonvirgin winners with good jobs.

so to get a job you must compete with at least 10 other people they are INTERVIEWING for the same job, NOT counting the HUNDREDS of resumes and applications they threw immediately in the trash and didn’t bother to call in for an interview.

then you need to INTERVIEW better than all the nonvirgin social normalfags, to convince employer you are better at doing a shitty torturous job. yes  like dealing with angry customers ALL DAY, and i like being challenged with things ive never seen before ALL DAY, every day, and i like making angry people wait while i beg for approval to do stuff. i love and i am very good at all this, and here’s why, and to make your explanation sound better than the other normalfag nonvirgins they are interviewing, you the spaghetti pokets autismal reeeeee nevergf wizard assburger, doing better on a TUFF VERBAL INTERVIEW than an avg normalfag nonvirgin.

say you could never get a job because you “sounded too sarcastic” when you told interviewers that you LOVED serving angry stpid faggot customers all day. and it took you several years to stop sounding so sarcastic, so that’s why you have been unemployed the last 2 or 3 years. not because you have major personality or behavior problems that make you unemployable, undateable, and unluvable hahahahaha.

how long can you go without having a gf before you get weird? forever really, but it is good to get TOUCHED by a qt at least one a year ‘d say, so go to a hooker or strip club for that, but be prepared to withstand the stupid environment you have to be in.  guess take a bunch of benzos to help with that. find the cheapest arab docker in the middle of the ghetto to perscribe u benzos hahaha. no jk, just look for DO’s with degreez from like island nations in the carribean or pacific bwahahahaha.

am not encouraging any illegal activity! you probably NEED benzos for your ridic anxiety anyway!!!!


when you drink yer mt dew gaming fuel, MIX IT WITH A LITTLE WATER so you are not drinking pure HFCS hummingbird syrup.  uhh maybe 25% to 30% water.  maybe at that point you could throw in a splash of energy drink to keep you hyped up on your job.  usually hate energy dranks and drink strictly buckets of coffee, but….that makes sweaty and nervous and having to diarrhea once an hour and urinate every 30 minutes.

target dot com gives you free shipping on orders of 25$ and above and seems to have better deals on pantz than kohls dot com, who also wants $75 for free shipping. DONE with that sheet!!!

at target found some nice flat front wrangler khaki pantz. not the dress pants but the very casual kind. nothing wrong with dress pantz, but nothing wrong with casual khakis either. $20 which is my ideal price. $30 pantz are just degenerate and wrong and faggay.

and let me restate that going to a stripper to get your yearly touching of women out of your system is indeed FRAUGHT and PROBLEMATIC with PITFALLS that need to be UNPACKED. namely when you go in there the gurls will come at you like vultures, and this WILL throw you off guard, since women approaching men is An Abomination of Nature.  Not being used to Turning Women Down, you might go off with the first ugly girl that comes your way and BOOM now you are out 50 bucks with NO satisfaction.

so be prepared to say NO and don’t spend your money unless it is with the cutest gurl in the place.

and heres a great pickup line which  am partially stealing from something  read on 4chan  think::::

“You are definitely a little slutty, but I like that, I’d definitely hit it. How many guys u f00ked? I’d say around 30 to 50, right?”

that will get u far, might get to touch a nonstripper with that power line.

use a money CLIP, never a wallet. put cash and your most important 3 or 4 cards in the clip, nothing more.

if you manage to get a nonhooker into bed, start smacking her 4ss right away and using 50 shades of gray sheet, women really like that, and they will be less likely to dump u immediately, and give you a more consistent, extended schedule of secs, and you might even get to bang the gurl 20 times if you play it real cool!!!!!

and when have you ever banged a gurl 20 times? that would fix errthing wrong with you regarding wimmin, wouldn’t it?!?!?!?!

yeah can all agree that would be bretty awesome mang.

marilyn monroe was a huge crazy whore and not a good role model whatsoever

so women do not want to hang out with you because you obviously hate women, and because you are NO FUN AT ALL. so guess try to hide your disdain, and to pretend like you are a fun fun fun fun fun person. so see if b1tches are entertained by u talking about crushing communism and u being a loser and smoking w all day. hint they wont be and you will remain a virign till u die hahahaha.