may 5 so what do you do when a b1tch is breaking your heart and you dont want to do anything but sm0ke wd on the rare times you can get out of bed? well then do just that.  do the only thing you can do. dont fight it, feeeeeel it haha. also in a unique situation right now where temp off from work….but will go back in several weeks. so like a long vacation. would ideally look for a less stressful job but no energy for that. no energy for antyhign, just very upset about wimmin. always a tough time when you are reaching the end . and then a tuff time after that too.

then it is back to the worst job in the world, with the wimmin who rejected u hahahaha. when did u last have energy? 10 years ago when u were young and had the interest of a young qt gurl? well yes certainly. but that did not last long and then u went bad to sad sack loser right after that, and never fully came back, let alone improved!!!!!! anyway have a super tuff job which is amaze ballz can even handle without quitting. keep saying gonna quit but too lazy to get something better. plus hear there are even WORSE jobs out there. that is hard to imagine.

well, just keep repeating to yourself “at least u HAVE a job” and that’s all u can do. that and smke tonnes of wd. take a shower erry day. try to get some walking in. smk tonnes of wd did mention that yet. go no contact every on ALL b1tches who rejected u. crawl around on your hands and knees begging GOD for mercy. get a valium or benzo rx and hoard them for when you really need them. take benzos every OTHER day ON the job so the job doesnt kill you as bad when you are there. if called out on it, and prob wont, say you haven’t been sleeping well because your kid. hahahaha.

heh  am GLAD and GRATEFUL that women have done nothing but reject u, because now you can not care what b1tches THINK about u, and go around saying YEP IMMA RACIST, AND I DONT CARE IF YOU WONT GIVE ME THE DIRTY VAG BUS PASS BECAUSE OF THAT!!!! cant wont pay the too high bus fare for the filthy dirty ass vag bus that erryone else has ridden and is current riding like a bus, wider than a bus, more black thugs up in there than a bus hahaha. there was some sort of reddit thing haha

refuse to link to that f4gg0t futrelles site, but futrelle/manboobz/we killed the mammoth commented on a reddit mgtow vag bus thing. have pasted both articles and comments in this one paste. the orig reddit thing is halfway thru it. fine  will link to reddit but NOT to that other guy, because he WOULD come back here and be a f4ggoo about me hating wimmin. he has been doing that for years and would really rather have him not harrassing. how much moeny does he make for this. certainly he gets DONATIONS from wealthy feminists. of ocurse he has a donate button on his blog. you can dnate to him if u want.

heh you can donate to if you want at bitcoin address REDACTED  will even send u a thank u message!

anyway when you are as big of a white knight as that f4ggot, you get even less pvssy than, or than the avg KV. so yeah if had gone out with any of those grills might have been slower to become the racist am proud to be now, out of fear of being dumped for having racist, nonmarxist, nonleftist beliefs.

was nietzsche REALLY a coprophagist???!?!?!?!?!?!!? never heard that till today. rumors that he ate poop after he went crazy, which is not an unusual thing to do when you are batsh1t cray like he was in the last 10 years. so think it was much more mental insanity than disgusting degeneracy. although nietzsche was a virgin till like age 35 until he finally got with a hooker and then fell in love with her and prob got the syphilis which drove him insane. all from banging one hooker and that was his only experience with a wimmin. that sucks. well at least he was real smart and got respected in his life and even more afterwards for his smarts. he became like chair of the philosophy dept at like univ of…munich, leipzig or sommat at a very young age. course back then being chair of the dept didnt really get you 18 year old 4ss because 18 year old gurls didn’t go to college like they do now. they would just get married to well established gentlemen like nietzsche and start having babbys. so why didn’t nietzsche get one of those 18 yo qt’s as soon as he got his Set 4 Lyfe Job????!?!?!?!?!?! he probably would have lived longer and been happier and done even more important stuff. of course can’t even read one page of nietzsche or any Philosopher without getting bored. reading philosophers is harrible. but many of them led very interesting lives. but even though nietzsche was a weird virgin, he was still not a lazy loser, because he got a phd at like age 20 and became head of philosophy by like age 25 or 30. so he was spending all this time obsessively reading, writing, and studying philosophy, and not worried about B!TCHES.

is it racist to look for drs based on them being white.  the majority of drs, do or md, are not white, and like whites best because am one, and  know we are smart enough to become dockers.  better question is, why am scared about being thought a racist? because white gurls will not give their filthy bodies that they love to defile with nonwhite cox??? hahahaha. am a white racist and proud.  no am not trolling for JIDF.