may 4

in an ideal world you wouldn’t have to sm0ke tons of MJ to block out stress related to job and wimmin, but it’s better than alcohol or any other drugs. and we certainly do not live in an ideal world!

besides after a few months of NO CONTACT the stuff with the b1tch will get better guaranteed.

also say that your job is so stressful that it has messed up your bowels and given you PTSD hahahaha.

this will make it impossible to get a new job, so you have to be ok with that.

note: even if u have the worlds worst job,, having gurl trouble is EVEN WORSE. well, not in the moment, actually, gurl trouble is better than sweating it and stressing out all day.  its all bad!

heh dont say i, say you. delete the word i. and me and that sorta stuff.

so no job is ever going going to train you. and you have to fool them during the interview that you know how to do the job. so simply lie or stretch the truth or BULLSH1T on EVERYTHING that they cannot concretely prove otherwise.

but try not to sound too downbeat and disgruntled about how horrible your previous employer was. so instead of saying

“yeah i can handle difficult situations like a boss, because my current employer didn’t train me and just threw me to the wolves to figure it out for myself, and i learned how to bullsh1t well just to placate the person and to survive each day. then i would furiously do trial and error as quickly as possible, try to look like i knew what i was doing when i didn’t, and in most cases i could have the thing fixed within x minutes, because i knew if i asked the higher ups for help, it would take 20 more minutes, make my custo more impatient, AND my higher ups would give me a hard time and no help. so while i didn’t have autonomy in the sense i couldn’t transfer this case to someone with more power, i did have autonomy in the moment to just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks, and to make up bs stories about WHY things happen, when i really didn’t know why, because they dont want to take the time to adequately train us”

then your interviewer says WOW this guy is like a feral child, he has learned bad habits and had a bad attitude!!!!.

SO, what you say is::: i take the initiative to improve any gaps in my training by asking senior people questions to learn constantly. if i dont know something while being grilled by custo, i say, i am not sure, it is either the x or the y, but i cant certainly confirm that for you if you give me 2 minutes to check with my higher up; (then dont say how THEY are likely not to know, and will take 10 minutes to answer a yes or no question, then 10 more minutes to answer why, and that is not likely, but dont say this in interview)

emphasize how YOU came in early and stayed late so you could chip away at your list of questions about WHY things worked or broke the way they did;

say that your company trained you as best they could, even though they didn’t, they DGAF

and just say you developed AWESOME, TOP people skills, because you did. in situations where nobody knows anything, that looks very unprofessional. so you just try to speak professionally and say im sorry a lot. IM SORRY, I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY.

some coworkers get cocky or arrogant. i never had that problem because i was too nervous, and too underconfident. so be nervous and underconfident hahahaha. that should not be hard for you!!!!

so in this case the weakness turned out to be a strength. but you cant say the words nervous and underconfident.

how to spin it: say your desire to leave no stone unturned made you not jump to conclusions, and to be absolutely certain. this can take a little time so you learned to help the person be patient. helped you empathize with person like a boss.

how do you handle stressful situations at work?

say you dont take the persons abuse as personal abuse; that you let it roll off you like water off a ducks back; AND that you don’t waste time moping about it, you NEVER STOP WORKING, and jsut continue working like a boss.

NOT that you take 5 minutes to cry in the bathroom, or that you take medicinal mj, or valium on the job hahaha. this is what jobless loser kv’s do haha.

heh. your managers and interviewers are all a bunch of normie non-kvs, so yeah it can be hard to relate. well its IMPOSSIBLE to relate, but you CAN PRETEND to relate, but putting on that ACT is still diffiuclt!!!!

fookin normies.

lately i have been developing a super autismal normie vs degen matrix, which of course is just a 2 by 2 grid hahaha.

its ok to be a normie as long as you are non degen.

it is never ok to be degen.

those are the simple lessons.

try to hang out with normie nondegens, or autismal nondegens.

if you manage to find a normie nondegen nonkv who is managing to have nondegen secs, uhhhh ask him how he did it and if he can find any nondegen gurls for you to have nondegen secs with.


It’s really just talking bullsh1t ALL DAY ERRDAY. i guess the explanation as to how they can do it is, practice akes perfect. or at least practice makes professional. they’ve been doing this all day errday for yearssss thats why they are so good at it.

heh gotta watch this stupid gay faggot show #redflag on HN news from kim karwhorian and producers of intervention, what do when “mental illness meets social media” hahahahaha. and peopel whine about k1lling themselves and feeling worthless and bullied on fagbook hahahaha. k yourselfvs now, lazy losers. or maybe just make whore sex tapes, and take k1ke ssris.

tell the managers that you like to view yourself as management material, you like to think like a manager, ask questions that a manager would ask, become real team with the management, be their eyes and ears on the floor and willing to tattle on any lazy corner cutters or bad attitudes. and hopefully in 10 years you can become assistant manager if you’ve proven yourself. point out that no raise would be necessary, you would just love to take on the extra responsibilities, work, and the title of course, but with no extra pay.