may 2015

yeah buddy. being a slob.  trying to edit older posts. kinda goign thru something right now that would be of benefit to r9k kv types. namely  trying to get things going with a woman, and things look rough, they look bad, not hopeful at all, odds fo success have never been more than 20% at best. it has been causing stress but would like to get some resolution or “closure” as b1tches call it.

but many times, perhaps more often than not, when in the situation of a beta male desiring a woman, the woman won’t give you closure and you have to make your own closure by telling yourself that no closure is good enough. you just take the cold shoulder as your “NO” answer, as your rejection, and slowly move on.

which is tough for kv’s like uss, because it’s better for us to HEAR “NO” than to get nothing, and build up hopes for years. imho.

so yeah it makes it sad and frustrating and gives you no energy.

so if a girl is ignoring you for no good reason, and keeps blowing you off, and tells you that they will hang out soon, getting your hopes up, but that time never comes….. uhh dont keep asking the gurl about it. even though you are kind of entitled to it, because she keeps lying to you saying you will hang out. if you are a true beta then you will carefully ask her to hang out once every two or three weeks, she will keep blowing you off, then after tow or three YEARS you will get the pciture, hahahahahaha. and then you will be visibly older, fatter, balder, and more beta, more kv, lower mate value, bigger loser.

so just ignore the b1tch just like she is doing to you, do NO CONTACT, and maybe she will contact u in a long time, but 90% chance she will just be a huge promiscuous slutwh0re. and u will be horribly crippling derpressed for a long time. so just herb medicinally, dont worry about finding a new job, and just go one day at a time, and try to do other fun things. and h3rb as much as possible.

medical hb is a valid treatment for treatment resistant derpression hahahahaha.

alcohol, opiates, or benzos are NOT.

u would be amazed at the miraculous things do at job. we all have insane responsibilities and . all the while looking like an idiot, because you really dont’ know what youre doing, and your just doing trial and error.

and the company can get away with this because youre not a DOCTOR doing life and death stuff; and you are talking to “internal” not “external” people, so it doesn’t matter if you sound/look dumb; so basically you get no training and get thrown to the wolves and try to survive. and have miraculously survived, but  totally burnt out by now, and want to get away from it

so does it sound good on interviews to say that you have learned how to BULLSH1T well and Fudge The Truth so that you can get yourself out of Difficult Situations by SOUNDING like you know what you’re doing, even though youre jsut doing trial and error?

well you spin it by saying youre not mad about not being trained, because you beleive its the employees job to train himself, not the companies, because thats just them throwing money away. that’s why you come in early one hour and stay late one hour every day, off the clock, so you can train yourself with other people.

so in other words, work 10 unpaid hours a week hahahahahaha

the sad part is, that’s pretty much what  do. would get in at least an hour early just to read and study and research, because you don’t have TIME to do this on the job it’s like taking an EXAM. you can’t study DURING the exam. and all day every day is the exam. you can STUDY when you go home, or get in early, or stay late.

is that normal? convince your interviewers that you like this and think its normal and ok and you excel at it.