may 1 2015

wow the blog is finally caught up. anyway it is interesting how thoughts of u being a KV, or of other peopel being non KV normie degenerates with their gulfrans and rels and casual secs and promiscuity and hand holding and hugging and kissing, you just dont care abotu things or think about things straight. you watch stupid news about police violence and think of all those normie cops out there getting pvssy and bagnging b1tches and getting married and having gurlfrans and being normies. or black ghetto thugs looting stores, killing each other, and brooding a future generation of black thugs with black slut wimmin, having no trouble Busting A Nut in a B1tch.

and that all the normies with gurlfrans are by definition degenerate because they are all a bunhc of promiscuous cheaters breaking hartz erry day.

or you dont want to listen to music because these normies are all degenerates banging sluts, you want music written by KV’s, and that is hard to find. even morrissey is str8 up asexual or perhaps gay.

but i am thankful to have some friends, they keep me from going full wizard. but i am bad about staying in touch with them because i have very little energy. and i do try to stay away from true degenerates. i will hang out with nonvirgins but in many cases they are MARRIED nondegenerately. if someoen starts going over to the dark side of degen i will accordingly avoid them. shun them and shame them.

i dont care about justice for freddie gray, i care about justice for muh dik. and my poor broken hart lol.

going to a social party tomorrow. should be fun, unless one particular person shows up. odds of that? maybe 35%. if that happens i will leave discreetly and quickly. so try to be charming, try not to look like a slob, try to talk to any attractive gurls, heck try to talk to anyone and come off as a normie. be like oh hey what do you do. oh i just graduated college and i am starting my masters degree in marketing……oh nice i am 10 years older than u and i am a KV loser who refuses to go back to school and cant get or keep a job. also i am a racist, sexist, nationalist, white supremacist, and i think any nonvirgins are degenerate scum. can i touch your early 20’s female frenz plox i am so desperate and lonely hahaha.

see what i mean, it can interfere with you having normal normie conversatins with normies.

anyway i am always upset or angry about something. tyring to get some daily exercise in to stay healthy, not be a fat4ss, improve the mood. also am running out of k1ke scam brain destroying ssri pharmaceuticals because i have to find a new doctor and get the prescription rewritten, so i am taking 1/4 of each prozac pill every 12 hours or so.

uh oh! going off the meds! that is when people usually act out and do bad things! if he’s OFF the meds he must be crazy/insane!

i accidentally saw a photo of woman #2 the other day, it did not affect me nearly as much as i thought. good. it was not a new photo, i had seen it before, it was from like 6 years ago.

heh if i were not a kv i would have one of the gurls i was degenerately banging, shave the hairs on my neck. but instead i have to do it myself, and i can’t even see it or control it very well. first world kv problems haha.

hehe. right now i am being WRONGED and i am just trying not to get too angry abotu it, because then i will be remembered as the bad guy, and its very important for me for the other person to be remembered as the bad guy. sure the most important thing is to overcome our difference, but the person would rather just ignore and abandon me completely, than try to work things out. so why would i even want to know such an evil horrible degenerate. good question. you can probably guess why, beta male desperation for female contact.

but yeah it is making me upset and angry and energyless, so not at my best here. only way to get over it is time i guess, and try to refrain myself from doing anything stupid. i so cannot afford to look like the bad guy. just real angry at them, and they keep ignoring me, and theres nothign i can do but try to erase them from my mind, and that is real hard, and all this is ruining my free time and energy.  how baout u.