april 29 2015

oh yeah buddy.

yeah gotta get cracking on my job search flashcards. i mean my “current” job is so ridiculous, so stressful, so challenging, and i do such amaing unbelievable feats of Innovating Miraculous Solutions under extreme pressure all day, that really if i can do this job, i am therefore qualified for ANY job, so i need not feel underconfident in Job Skills.  but i still want to work on this “social problem” first because it is eating up even more of my mental/emotional resources, causing a lot of stress and worry etc, been going on for too long, etc.

if you suddenly find yourself without a job, make sure you stave off becoming a fat neckbeard, by at least going for a brisk powerwalk every day. actually doesn’t even need to be brisk or powerful. just go out and walk around the block once. i try to do about an hour a day. should do more. should be more worried about my employment, but i know i will go back in a while. but its such a bad job, i should be looking for another. but i really want to get this social thing figured out first really, even if to prioritize it makes no sense.

get a hooker or go to a strip club if you have not been with a grill in a while. hehehe. look who i am talking to. go to a strip club RIGHT NOW.  if you are heart broken over a specific gurl who rejected you….go to a strip club also.

they are not fun places though. i guess just get in and get out. try to tune out the obnoxious music and people and setting, and just get the cutest gurl in the quickest time possible. actually when you first go into a strip club, the girls will approach YOU, and it can be difficult to say no, even if you want to spend your money on a cuter gurl. just tell them no, or be like nope, i want a dance with THAT one. then get dances and leave. but try not to get ripped off by the first Shark who comes your way. i had that happen one time i went to a strip club unprepared and was not ready to firmly reject the very persistent woman. and she was not all that young or attractive.

so yeah this is the downside of the strip club. the upside is that you get to touch attractive women hahahahaha.