feb 4 2015, day off, listening to a classic rocker hehe. 1211 pm, did not get up too late. been doing this relaxing thing lately which is of course cloaked in innuendo, but is really nothing more than a natural herb which has been enjoyed by classic rockers and chilled out types for actual centuries, hahaha.

that is a bit of experiment for this month, def not permanent. so far it hsa its pros and cons, pros being having great fun at times like this, writing and music and free time, but cons are, it can take a while to get out of your system if need be, and staying up too late and relaxing too much can lead to more stress related to a loss of personal confidence the next big busy day.

so i will attempt to DISCIPLINE MYSELF, which is what WINNERS do, all winners. by ceasing all relaxation activity after like 4pm or so.

study my work related stuff, whcih i’ve been doing diligently. sort of looking at it right now, just to tighten up the knowledge, because the official training is very lacking. woefully lacking, and knowledge is never shared in a relaxed environment where people can discuss and have a few minutes to get a basic understanding of the concepts and procedures.

but noooooooo you just get throw to the wolves all day erry day, struggling to figure out things on the fly with the person waiting for you to come and fix things, with very limited guidance from above. but there is written information, and we can search and interpret that. the writing style there is very obscured and makes little sense. so i am going home, getting relaxed, then trying to read choice articles in a relaxed environment. the knoweldge base is like the bible of the job, so i will try to learn something from it, to tighten up my game, make me more confident. and confidence is just as key as it always was.

hmm. lemme do kinda a one sheeter, or a HALF SHEETER, of kinda sanitzed scripts of what to say to get the ball rolling, that could be used by anyone who is serving custos.


hello, get ridiculous intro information that can make some people more impatient; how may i help you; then they do a spiel and i write down as many key words as possible. if i am even vaguely familiar of the issue or family of issues, i will be more confident and offer a vague reassurance that we can get bla bla issue fixed for them.

ok. relaxer cutoff at 4 pm, want to do some outside weather related stuff before then, maybe 330, then relax, then neckbeard, i can still do that and it is relaxING, would like another day or two off hahahahaha. we have a “black out” on time we can request off now, but as soon as that is lifted, I would like to take 2 full days off, giving me 4 full days off, mini vacation if you will.

other night threw out some unneeded stuff into the garbage, that’s always good, theres always something you can get rid. even vacuumed the carpet which was certainly covered in dust, hair, tobacco particles hehehehe.

before that, enjoy it between 4 and 430 hehehehehehehehee. then do some more reading, and get in bed to sleep no later than 8 pm. eat some food in there as well.  also should make at least a few cigarets.

play cards for 40 minutes, finish concert, prep relaxer, snow work, relaxer, dinner, reading, bed. i should really go for a brisk walk at some point, been too long there.

414 did my snow work, getting real close to starting time of relaxing hahaha. enjoying one of my old fav youtubers i have not listened to in FAR too long. right on time here. just killing like a few minutes. this is a big deal hahehe. hue hue hue. a reverential relaxation ceremony / ritual.

ok back at 611pm, neckbearding, want to go to bed super soon and get a LOTTTT of sleep.