jan 28 day off tomm

1249 am satying up late, playing a little cards, relaxing, bed very soon.

google what to do when a girl is being distant, and you realize how stupid the question is. to ask the question is to answer it. you be distant right back. OBVIOUSLY! and stop texting or messaging her so much! the most drastically you cut that out, the better! so i’m trying to do that. have gotten a LITTLE better lately, so thats good, but gotta get better. it is very doable though. just takes willpower.

sweet mainstream album

jim morrison was a total degenerate, disgusting and unadmirable.

but this was and prob always be mah fav doorz album.

sat jan 31 830 pm partay time.

heh. won .25 pot because i had a straight when i thought i just had QQ and the other guy beat me with a pair of kings. heh. should bet moar, i could have gotten the pot up to .50 at least.

but yeah jim morrison. total degenerate. but also he was a great raging alcoholic. if i’m not wrong alcohol might ahve been considered his main drug. although i am sure he msut have dabbled in the Hard Drugs as well as the soft ones. but he was a bigtime drinker. which makes you obnoxious as f00k.

1023pm relaxed a bit more.

gettin in at the table. won like .90 last session, coming in with a phat bankroll of 100 (about 20 bucks) and just hoping to build on it in the long run.

1157 pm a little more relaxed. wow such a busy past 3 days. insane. snow stuff tomorrow yikes. playing a little low stakes. and reading this book hehehehe.

read moar bookz.

hmm theres the end of the book. a little abrupt but it was dragging too. still well worth reading.