APRIL 22 2015


just tyring to keep it cool. got lay off from horrible jerb and i am not using the time too professionally. but it is great to be free of the stressful job. would like to find less stressful job, def willing to take pay cut to do so, now is the time to hit the bricks, but i am being lazy, not buying a new suit even though i have the PRIVILEGE to do so, having too much herbal j00 in muh blood to GET a new jerb, ok start a business then, yep thats a lot of WORK too.  but also even the more urgent goal is to get some things straightened out in the errrrr social life, and i know a lot of virgin losers struggle with that as well as the werking. my excuse is that it would probably provide a good “FOUNDATION” of chill and confidence off which to build. on the other hand, FAINT HEARTS DO NOT WIN FAIR LADIES, because WOMEN ARE THE CHOOSERS, period, which IS a valid excuse for a great deal of their irrational, if not totally degenerate, behavior. but that degeneracy onyl happened because the irrationality permitted by the IRON FIST NATURAL LAW of WOMEN ARE THE CHOOSERS was exploited to an absolutely degenerate degree 1488.

for example, women ARE naturally entitled rightfully to choose the alphaest man, hypergamy. but they are NOT entitled to parading the alpha around the betas? no, just not around me lol. so i guess try to call out that degeneracy as loudly as possible, but wihtout creating undue drama yourself. because it also seems right and natural for humans to warn each other about a wh0re in their midst. that benefits women as well as avg beta males. (to alphas of course, it does not matter, because muh alpha privilege lol die gf having nonkissless virgin scum.)

although TRUE kissless virgin wizards would shun me, i have been a kv for more years than i would like to admit!

so hopefully i can remedy at least part of that. because i argue that being a kv for too long can drive a man into an especially tragic, degenerate desperation, more animal than man. not pretty. not our finest hour lol.

and THAT is what i am committed to as EVER to helping these men overcome. mainly white men. because they are the ones being cucked the worst, having the fewest babies, and these are MY PEOPLE. and i fully believe even the most degenerate white man can improve himself enough to become a halfway decent father of white children. white white white. suck it antiracist f4ggots and k1kes. i am edgy because i read /pol lol and being a racist is the EASIEST way to be EDGY. i am listening to wagner RIGHT NOW. if u dont become a RACIST, u will always remain a KV. hahaha. (unfort becoming a racist will not take the KV away right away though!)

so what about race MIXING? oh lord that is one of the best arguments ever, right up there with ABORTION.

yeah i am not fond of white men mixing or white women mixing. doesn’t mean i hate the poor mixed race babies, them i feel sorry for, they didn’t ask for that. white men are more susceptible to mixing with azn wimmin it seems; and white women with blacks? mexicans? i’m leaning towards blacks from my experience lol. wake up white virgins, do you LIKE being CUCKED by blacks?

nontheless i get along with black women famously, and black men pretty good if they’re not cucking me.

who invented the word “racist”? hint same as who invented the word “genocide”

anyway i like to say i get along with blacks better than any other huge racist youve ever met, because its true, i generally do. but i make a point to actively stay away from “TNB”!!!!

so white kv’s, stop singing the praises of azn wimmin and realize that YOU can still pull one of the few remaining white non degen wimmin, with MY special program! haha.


jan 21 2015 wed day off

oh thats right. always a good idea to take the computer in the commode and blog while taking care of business there, while listening to beethoven’s glorious 9th.

saturday night, sunday off, 742 pm, jan 24

oh yeah. got home, relaxed, very hard day, ate, did little of project, now fbing and neckbearding and music!

almost don’t know what to do. the job has been real tough, and i have almost been cutting corners and being slightly more insubordinate and trying to get away with stuff that might catch up to me, or it might not. but the things we have to deal with and more precisely the WAY we have to deal with it given our resources, is ridiculous for all, and its suprising more people don’t SNAP. or you can just cut corners like i am leaning towards, because your work load is so tremendous and urgent like a dam about to burst.

but it makes me want to relax when i get home, and very happy to have a day off, so i am in my prime time right now. ideally would spend it with female friend, but this Tall Girl I also wouldnt mind spending time with, but i have barely said 2 words to her. Well i said hi a couple times and smiled at her and she didn’t get all b1tchy and smiled back. sort of. it is very difficult to socialise with people at the job because we are so busy.

trying to play it real cool with the female friend, good idea. i have done all i could, balls in her court, anything more from me would be pushy, ive already been pushy, and that is beta as fook.  either way, when someone is distant to you, you can’t make them get closer to you by getting in their face, you have to patiently restrain yourself and wait for them to come to you. to respond to you, would be more accurate. total ball in peoples courts issue.

and its not in mine, and i can’t really go and grab it back.

1055 pm . back . relaxed; got pretty relaxed; read project and played POKER simultan; retired from that, now blogging, playing POKER, lowest stakes, and feeling confident like a boss because i have a huge bankroll 20 times the size of this rooms max buyin, which i think is a good rule of thumb anyway. i guess the bankroll gives you the frame of mind to get thru those swings, which are an unpreventable and very unfortunate part of the game.

playing 11% of hands, lost .17 out of 4.00.  3 out of 26 hands seen. i think you should only see 10% of flops right? if you are a conservative player like moi?

will do a little bit of relaxing around 1145 or 12. maybe especially if i win a nice pot. hehehe. but def getting tired, the sleep is gotta hit like a steamroller tonight.

probably need to get 14 hours of sleep. day off tomorrow, then back to hard grueling stressful fast paced super busy work for 2 days, then off agian.

super busy. it is taking its toll on everyone, esp the people working lots of overtime. i myself am not doing a lot of that because the normal 40 hours is MORE than enough, that even overtime pay cannot convince me to stick around one more MINUTE.

sunday jan 25 611 pm.

essentially slept in till 4 pm. i was up till a good 330 am however. i was gonna relax for a bit soon, then i gotta spend at least 30 minutes making cigarettes, and also eat dinner. i went shopping briefly so that is good. it is nice to sleep till 4 pm!!! and also nice to stay up super later relaxing last night. had a relaxation around: 1:50 am, 11pm, 7 pm, and maybe once more in there. not bad. good night.

gonna neckbeard for at least 1 hour and then get ready  for bed and big day of hard verk tommorow. playing some cards. will try playing no more than the top 14 starting hands. nice and toight. hahehaheha.

gotta make cigs for about 30 mins. 15 88 is showing as the 15th best hand on muh sheet. yeah i will play that one too fo sho. but no lower. hehehehe. no lower than .25 EV. of course the lists vary slightly too.


i may have found the best youtube playlist of ethnic folk music hehe. very nicely done, very honorable and not watered down.

pure neckbearding is happening right now!

will have a snack at some point fairly soon. no later than 8! then cigs then bed like a boss. oops i wanted to review some work related stuff NOW so i was ready for the day tomorrow