jan 19

monday evening, going to bed late; work tomorrow; gotta get up in 8 hours hehehe. spent time after work immediately having 5 pffs of a medicinal thing mixed with a tobacco to make it last. that was just the perfect amount. kept me going thru my project, making a reading file of a fun book that doesn’t have an audiobook yet. i started this two years ago and now i am picking up on yet. sweet. good fun. keeps me excited after work in a way nothing has since Gambling in early 2014 haha.

studied some of my work stuff, which i did yesterday on day off, and i think that helped make me more confident. in other words, it pays off to study work stuff in your non work time, if it makes you work time less stressful. yes, its faggy you’re not getting paid for it, i completely agree. do it even though its faggy, because its helpfulness outweighs its fagginess.

studied that stuff for like 15 to 20 minutes. that was good enough. because its your free time, you CAN study it while listening to sweet music. plus the environment of home is HOPEFULLY less stressful than work. if not, then i really feel bad for you son.

they are offering overtime right now at my job, but i am not volunteering to do it. i will do it if they MAKE me, but they probably won’t make me. that might make me look like not a team player, so i might get canned first week of feb with the first round of layoffs. we are ALL seasonal employees, so we ALL get laid off, even the best performers. this is the weird degen world of Seasonal Employment,  ask your Labor Lawyer about it.

anyway the job is so ridiculous that getting paid 1.5 times the usual is not convincing enough. but many people are not so privileged and rich as me, and are looking forward to the overtime, grateful to get it. and that is moreso the norm than the not norm. this is the world we all live in. except for you middle class masters degreefag winners.

tomorrow, get fun social thing, then day off weds. heh. i will be enjoying the medical but tolerance builds up quickly. hence why every OTHER day is SUCH a GREAT ideal idea.yet it is absoolutely certain i will be doing that tomorrow as well. so yeah it IS habit forming. don’t let the middle class professional marxists  tell you otherwise.

1244 wed morning am hehehe day off tomorrow, party tonight to relieve stress lolz

hahahahaha. found an appealing album for the moment.

drums machines are always tough though, i always prefer a real drummer, but this stuff is still well put together and i cant complain too much.

looked at some filth. cant even say if it was worth it, but i think the timing was right, hahaha.

so, take a little bit more medicine or not? i said if i did, tomorrow would be day of total abstinence.

kinda 60 40 in favour of medicine though.

something sold me to 70 30. i think some writing got lost oooooops. my reading project. so i read that till like 230 am , it is 301 am right now, for a guy that normally goes to bed at 9 that is ridic. my party is about to come to an end here.