jan 17 2015

no easy day. saturday. perhaps hardest day ever. nonstop phone calls, mostly weird stuff. our job is to fix stuff we’ve never heard of before after looking at it for just a second, while people who work with it all day every day don’t know how to fix it.

i will probably get written up for call avoidance because of going to the bathroom too often, taking too long after calls to finish case notes, or say a hail mary before jumping back in to take the next weird call where i have no idea what they’re talking about.

then you ask for help and have to wait 10 minutes for a really sh1tty answer that doesn’t help you and which you have to translate into customer-friendly speak, with half-truths and lies if it helps.

yep. most stressful job in the world. you worry about the next day because you know it’s gonna be full of calls where you look like an idiot who doesn’t know what you’re doing, becuase you really don’t, and you can’t get good help, and you look like an idiot in front of the person you’re supposed to help, and you’re not allowed to transfer the case to somebody more capable, because they say no. so you have to tell the person, there’s nothing we can do to help you.

totally brain dead at the end of the day. just barely holding onto your job, just barely being capable of doing bare minimum. really sucks hehehe. so find a better job. but i cant get one huhuhuh.

computer is so slow. gotta restart this.

female fren. weird. she just liked my facebook picture and now i can see more of her profile. but she doesn’t want to text or chat with me? i am def sending her more indicators of interest than she is sending me. but she does some nice things for me too, and i am not used to women being nice to me, so maybe i mistake niceness for interest. but she just got heart broken by some dbag, and i thought about myself gettting over heartbreak, and it takes me at least a year, so i figure it might take her three months at least. so maybe she might be ready to date me in like march at the earliest. so stands to reason i should pull back and give her space bla bla bla.

but if she starts getting f00ked by other guys before then, well then she would be making herself into a degenerate, and undateable by the likes of moi.

jan 18 sunday day off

listening to sweet music, day off, slept till 12 pm, over a full 12 hours, oh man, it was needed though. job is so intense that you need to sleep at least 12-14 hours when you have a day off, for your mental health!

just gonna neckbeard ALL DAY and perhaps go to store around 4 or 5 pm. get gas, get some stuff for house and for family.

37 degrees, had a big warmup at end of week, so its not so cold out there. really should go for a powerwalk.

yep just chilling on a sunday. actually looked at work related stuff for a few minutes to try to “study” for tomorrow”. see my job is like taking a College Exam all day every day, but more like an Oral Exam where you have to explain all your answers convincingly. explaining technical weird things you don’t really understand, in the context of taking Calls all day, and having very little Help you can get apart from Unhelpful, Abstruse Articles.

will end this post at the end of my day sunday. this post encompasses saturday night (hardly any writing) and all of sunday.

female fren, who knows. so if she is heartbroken it will obviously take her a few MONTHS to get over that and be ready to date somebody new, ie, MOI. how about three months. so, march or april. i said this yesterday didn’t i. so be COOL until then, do NOT pressure her to hang out all the time. give her time and space, till march or april. and then if she starts whoreing it up and bending over for trashy dudes before then, that’s another way of her answering me. and not a cool or positive way either. hope she doesn’t do that. its sad and disappoint to see good gurls become whores.

“but having sechs doesn’t make you BAD or a WHORE” say modern women

go get fooked, whores, I respond. yes it does. well, technically it makes you a dirty degenerate, and absolutely not the type of gurl it would be good for any man to Date Monogamously or especialyl have Children with. good for Short Term Fooks only.

WARNING : the Coinbase website will flag you for TOS violations if they think you’ve been sending BTC to “gambling” websites. Which I did not do, hehehehe. Nonetheless, just want to make you aware of that. they are not cancelling my account, just giving me a warning. ok.

so yeah my mistake is that i fall in luv with gurls TOO SOON.


prime rule of life.

yet many times, MOST TIMES, i fall in luv with a gurl and never even MAKE OUT with her.

DONT FALL IN LUV SO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but she might honestly come around if i just play it cool for another month or two.

so do that.

heh found the settings in my video card to turn the brightness way down on muh laptop. that helps.

that or i am not drinking enough water, just coffee. took some tylenol and now drinking water.

taylor swift could get away with acting like this when she was 16 or 18 (not really, but could get away with much less whorey version of triflingness), but now that she is 25 years old, it’s just ridiculous, embarrassing, degenerate, deluded, disappointing, and sad. This Is Not What A Grown Woman Looks And Acts Like. she should be getting married and having 2 children by now at least., not being a high number whore. and parents cant keep their daughters from ADMIRING her.

heh sweet black metal hurr

ok gonna take a shower, go to store, come back, maybe do powerwalk, then go to bed early for big horrible stressful day tomorrow!

it’s good to take a shower on your days off LOL.

and now i am sitting on the crapper trying to TCOB there, while typeing on the computer and listening to sweet music. NOICE. this is the best way to spend a day off.

took a valium last night which didn’t seem to do much, as per usual, and was asleep by 10 pm. sleeping 14 hours or so to recover from the Normal Work Day, and I can’t sleep 14 hours every day, i usually sleep 8 hours a day, but obviously i should be aiming for 9 or 10 hours there.

note to self, another good example of type of stuff i am hungry for right now at the moment in january 2015