jan 11 sunday

how cold is it, hoping for over 12 degreess

27 degrees? NICEEEEEEE!!!!!

they should say on the lable that nyquil and dayquil makes you very thirsty and dehydrated, becauyse it does.

did i mention the guy from my job that works 40 hours a week at our super stressful job, then works 60 hours a week at another job? if you are forced by life to work 100 hours a week, why wouldn’t you just K yourself?  not that he should. but i could not handle it!

should make cigaretes for at least 30 minutes tonight.

would liek to take powernap as well.

ok back and i tried to powernap, watch a little bit of “rainman” on tv and it was great, now i want to internet. rainman. i don’t care if they’re all jooz. tom cruise, dustin hoffman, barry levinson, the writerz and producerz. the jooz came up with a good movie here for once.

did i mention i’m anti-semitic. no, that’s a dumb j00ish word, just call me anti-j00, would more clearly describe it. well, any jooz that are not zionist AND not marxist AND not degenerate (kinda synonmyous with marxist) then they are ok.

thinking of the best way i can withstand my job, without stressing out, without going crazy, and without doing beneath the bare minimum, and getting in trouble and or losing job.

so why are record numbers of millennial males moving back in with their parents after college?

it’s not a tough question. because it makes perfect economic sense. because they are 100k in debt from going to college, because they can’t make 1000 dollars a month for rent and 1000 dollars a month for loan payment and 1000 dollars for other expenses because that would involve them making 3000 dollars a month at their jobs, which they can’t, because they are lucky to make 1000 dollars a month at their jobs.

perfect economic sense.

hence, it would make more sense for them to then pay their parents 900 dollars a month to live there.  then you have 100 dollars left over to pay your 1000 dollar a month student loan, hahahahahahaha.

that’s why, b1tches. because men can’t AFFORD NOT TO live at home with their parents. they aren’t MAKING enough. that’s why. very simple. dont confuse it.

so you can’t pull pvssy when you’re 30 years old and live with your parents. why would you want to pull the disgusting, diseased, degenerate pvssy that’s available anyway? better to be a kissless virgin.

the rare virtuous nondegenerate woman won’t care that you live with your parents, in fact, she will prob live with her parents too!!!!

and you can probably still pull some super degenerate white trash pvssy even when you live with your parents, if you are just looking for quick action, and certainly you will be, at times.

so yes. the truth is so simple. and so great.

too many students getting college degrees and not enough jobs for them. and barry wants to send more people to more college at the cost of trillions of dollars, with no mention of the jobs that these students will go to after college. same as the jobs they would have gone to without college. or just simply no jobs whatsoever. college f4ggots. college is for f4ggots. who never want to make enough money to move out of their parents house.

this stupid cartoon show “sit down and shut up” featuring many of the people from arrested development is actually pretty funny.

it sucks to never really receive decent training at your job, and you just have to sorta pick up on it, ask the right questions, and perform well, or else you get laid off.  just seems like a stupid way to work. well it really is, but i have no bargaining power. this is the life i’ve chosen. i have no marketable skills hahaha. except i did get an a in calculus 2, computer science 2, and accounting 2. and econ 2. that should entitle me to at least minimum wage haha.

next day mon

after werk. i shouldnt even be typing i should be laying down. but i performed pretty good today, was more confident today than i expected. so thats good.

did not get chance to seduce the gurl at work i want to seduce, it was busy and i had to focus on muh work. thank god i was performing well and didn’t get anything too strange.

thank GOD i am getting over cold. dayquil helps but after a like a week of taking it eery day, it really sucks. makes you very dehydrated and thirsty and gassy.

THANK YOU to everyone who follows this blog!

everything you wish you could remember, copy and paste it to a text file, and start a new one every month.

ACTING. a huge part of my stressful job is ACTING to ppl like i know what i’m doing, even though I have even LESS experience with the things it is my job to FIX for them, than THEY do. I just have to be FAST, SMART, CALM, and fix the things with things they’ve used 90000 times as much as i have. yet they screw it up, and it’s my job to fix it. it is just weird. it sounds weird, and it IS weird.

how is this the only job i can get where i make this much money?

i don’t make a LOT of money either.

hehehehe i am making less than 16.81 an hour, i can assure you!

Dec. 31, 2014 ……..  24.57 … (BLS)

i am DEFINITELY making less than what the BLS sez is avg

Table B-3. Average hourly and weekly earnings of all employees on private nonfarm payrolls by industry sector, seasonally adjusted

is what that is. private service producing avg is 24.28 and i am def below that son. way below. damn. i just wanna be average. middle of the bell curve.