dec 26

yep. see men never forget how different men and women are, so they never try to compare the two. sperm is very cheap, eggs are very expensive. double biological standard, b1tchez!

its really amazing that men and women ever get together AT ALL. It’s because men WANT women too much. Men WANT women more than women want men. well, unless the men are True Alphas. then they  never get rejected by women anyway.

jump in the casino here for a little bit. i have been down a little bit. remind me never to try to gamble for a living. i am the world’s worst gambler.

of course, a guy who has never had success with women….has a real tuff time visualizing what prolonged success with women would look or feel like.

also, the average woman has much more experience being in Long Term Relships than the average Man.

and these differences have a perfectly sound explanation. i just irritated when women b1tch about “double standards” and men being creepy, when there are perfectly good explanations for them. it would be nice if women simply recognized and understood that men and women are very, very different. but then again, they don’t really NEED to understand this.

heh. i don’t like anime, i don’t like vidya. dont like skool, don’t like work. don’t like women, but i would like to get with women. i do like music (but not musicians, hehehe)

back. cam back home, felt tired, laid down. will take small powerwalk later.

back home, powerwalk time, but now i feel sick and tired.

what is the scientific empirical results of tfwnogf? for years? how about nevergf?

probably derpression and a damn OBSESSION about wimmin, hahahahaha.

next day

well it would make sense that the only time i get sick is when i have some time off.

had some nyquil last night, went to bed at liek 8 pm, napped on and off till like 12pm, nice.

here’s a good album, drudkh forgotten legends

good guys, but i want to like them more than i actually do, because their albums start getting boring too fast. but i’ve no doubt that they are great people and i would really have fun hanging out and socializing with roman sayenko, hehehehe. also, he needs to use his deep voice to sing in drudkh.

oh noes, nationalists are even more hateful than RACISTS, hahaha.

well, your gurlfran would leave you for a racist nationalist even though ytou both have a masters degree in marxist self-loathing

and make more than me, but less than a locksmith, in some hipster urban gayborhood

we DO live in a decadent, degenerate world, and that IS legit reason for getting sad, and mad.

at this time i say don’t fight it so much, but don’t let yourself be poisoned either.

better to just sleep all day if you’re in doubt.

can’t force women to want to hang out with you? just drink nyquil and sleep. can’t get ahead at your job because it sucks and you just do the bare minimum to get yourself thru the day? that’s fine, just drink nyquil and sleep.

well it’s not fine fine. but sometimes it takes a TON of energy just to do the bare minimum!!!!!!!!!

meh. i would say take valium ON the job, every other day.

i gotta start taking valium ON the job more often.

oh yeah just won huge 2.12 pot with a full house. 7s full of 10s hehehe.

nyquil is more powerful than valium, nyquil knocks you out for 20 hours. valium doesn’t really do anything.

didn’t really do anything over my vacation. seems like i drank nyquil and slept through most of it. well i did get a little sick so it was justified right.

just get dayquil pills and take those all day long until your throat stops hurting. also take them at night so you can sleep. get the nondrowsy stuff and only take drowsy stuff like nyquil, if you don’t have to work AT ALL the next day. because you WILL get too much of a hangover to work.

or maybe you just won’t CARE about going to work with a nyquil hangover and underperforming. because you secretly want to get laid off. well i guess that could happen. oh well.

like the guys who are in their 40s and have even less of a change getting promoted than i do. because all companies are ageist, whether you want to believe it or not.

guys in their 40s, decent moral men, still at entry level, close to the chopping block of getting laid off permanently, often divorced, have kids but no wives or guirlfrans, lonely, smoke too much, terrible health, no health insurance, sometimes go back to skool just because they simply can’t get a job, then IF they finally get the job, they didn’t really need the skool at all.