dec 21

so i’m now thinking PDF is a stupid way to send your resume.

well, it depends who you’re sending it to. if you’re sending it to a friend or someone who is doing you a favor, send them it as a doc or rtf or even a txt so they can EDIT it if needed.

sure, you can copy and paste pdf texts into word or notepad or anything, but still.

now, wordpad saves as docx but not doc. weird. will word open rtf? probably but not sure.

most companies that you would want to get a job at will use word.

some cheapass companies use open office when they dont want to pay for word.

i guess some companies might use google docs too, but they would prob be more lenient about copying and pasting your resume for you.

i guess the point i’m trying to make is, send you resume with an absolute minimum of formatting, and in an editable format.

the ONLY formatting i have is: arial family of fonts, size 8, .2 margins all around, and that usually fits on one page.

i would just send the resume as plain f00king text if i could. f00k, just send it AS the text in an EMAIL.

bobs burgers is a modern show which is funny, fun, and not too degenerate. i recommend it.

really i am a big fan of the Family Sitcoms essentially. The family can be comically dysfunctional, just not degenerate.

being nervous can make you act and seem a lot more DUMB than you actually are. so you look like an idiot, and everyone thinks you’re an idiot, but you know you’re really not an idiot. you just get nervous having to Perform and Deliver for Other People, like Customers. You get Nervous when trying to do a Complicated Operation for Customers.

So i guess just take valiums AT work then.

dec 24

xmas eve

anyway i am just pissed i did not get the job i thought i had 80% odds to get. that SUCKS. i was starting to get my hopes up of leaving my stupid job before it gets REAL stressful, and going to a sweet job that is both MUCH less stressful and has MUCH better compensation.

have 5 days off, this is ridiculous but i love it already.

yesterday as i was driving home from an easy slow low stress day of werk i felt more tired than usual, almost as if i had been drugged. i figured maybe it was all the coffee i drank at werk, and also i was talking a lot, trying to train a new gurl who was very high energy and talkative.

i came home and immediately laid down. by 7 pm the tv was off, and i had drank some NYQUIL, and slept from like 730 pm to 930 am. wow. how ridic amiright.

nyquil makes you very tired for more than 14 hours. maybe 16 or 20 hours. just keep that in mind.

ok gotta wrap xmas gifts. that wont take too long, i just gotta do it TODAY.

might go to church at 10 pm tonight. it might make forever, so i will take a scenic drive after about and hour or so

still tired even though i drank a ton of coffee! might take a powernap until i get energy to do ANYTHING.

took powernap till like 3 pm. note to self, nyquil knocks you out for about TWENTY HOURS.

it also makes you not hungry at all. could be a useful dieting tool.

ok took a shower and feel more energetic. i still gotta wrap presents and go to church today. exciting.

it would be nice to go for a powerwalk because the weather is unseasonably WARM, but i got to wrap dem presents first.

542 ok got errything wrapped. good.

damn. it was GREAT to get all that sleep. if you ever have 2 days off in a row and feel real tired when you get home, drink some nyquil and go to SLEEP at 7 pm sharp. then sleep till like 3 pm the next day. because you need it. your body needs 20 hours of sleep.

yep. now just killing time before going to church at 10 pm. damn. that is not going to be superfun. maybe i am thinking of easter. either way, i am leaving after 1 hour and just driving around.

sucks not to get that job.

i thought companies were supposed to be all about efficiency. yet i know my company would not promote the most efficient, productive people, if those people did not apply on the website. and if a less productive person applied on the website, then they would get the higher job. that seems stupid.

course perhaps my company may be well on its way to bakruptcy. maybe.

company treats new people like crap. i treat new people with kindness and patience and i try to help them as much as i can, because i know how bad it is, and how bad they get treated, and how HARD it is, and how likely they are to be laid off. and it’s not like it’s HARD to answer their questions.

bill watterson made a reappearance in the current comic strip pearls before swine, in mid 2014. today i learned. calvin and hobbes was always a big influence of mine, one of the more positive influences of my youth. i related a lot to both calvin and hobbes. i wonder if calvin grew up to become a loser kissless virgin, hahaha.