dec 19

yeah buddy. still waiting to hear about results of job interview. it would be SICK to get it. i am so sick of current job, i mean i really dislike the marrow of it, but i can’t Just Quit It because. Healthy Mature Adults dont and CANT just Quit Their Jobs. besides it would kill my future job prospects. and there is nowhere that pays more. so i go to the easier place that pays less. OR i get this easier job which pays MORE!!!!!

so it would be pretty disappointing not to get that.

saw my female friend. she was wearing jeans which made her buttocks area look really nice. i thought to myself how i would love for her to sit on my face.

anyway it’s frustrating to talk to callers and sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, because you DON’T know what you’re talking about, and nobody can really help you, but they tell you the person can’t be helped, and so you have to tell the person they can’t be helped, but you can’t really explain WHY they can’t be helped, and you sound like an idiot, and they don’t believe you, but you can’t have them speak to someone higher, because the higher up person doesn’t want to talk to them, and won’t let you transfer the call to them. hehehe. and of course you get in trouble if you hang up.

i would not have to EVER worry about this with the new job. EVER.

of course it would be easier to deal with if i could have my female fren cuddle with me and sit on muh face. having a female fren who could do that would make a lot of things easier for a lot of men.

is she more degenerate than me? probably, but its easier for women to get degenerate than men, just cuz of all the sechz they have which men dont, plus sechs is inherently more degenerate for women than for men. and she has had about 9000 times more sechs than me. no jk but i did roughly estimate it, it’s probably more like only 300 to 400 times more sechs than me. and with a very small number of guys. so that’s good. she’s not so degenerate that she’s not a nice person! and i like that she is such a nice person. i would like to have a nice person like that for a gurlfran, rather than some degenerate b1tch. i like nice people.

how about u. hehehe. you SHOULD like nice people.

but yeah. i am damn DESPERATE for cuddling and making out and cuddling and real gurlfran experience and now she is on the pedestal for that.

the PEDESTAL hehehe.

number one rule is, never put the pvssy on the pedestal. and i usually dont….but when i do, i really really really do.

how about u? of course you do, hahaha.

how about eating candy out of her bunshole. that would also be acceptable. that would only be called for.

certainly my fixation on gurls bunsholes has to signify some sort of deep seated issue. 4n4l stage, 4n4l fixation, freud, etc. 4nal retentive and 4nal expulsive, hehehe. i think it’s all about CONTROL, like the sense of control you have over your bowels. well freud was a degenerate marxist k1ke so i shouldn’t pay too much attention to him. freud and marx, both horrible horrible people. certainly freud had to have been influenced by marx. and vice versa. didn’t they live around the same time? i think marx was a little bit before freud. but the world would have been MUCH better off without them both.

but yeah that is my degeneracy, the bunshole stuff. and not sure if i want to give that up. that is a little bit o degeneracy i refuse to give up. how about u?

dec 21, 1232 am

i never stay up this late. saw some old friends i have not seen in like 5 years. that was real neat. this one guy requested i friend him on facebook and i actually did, i have a big mancrush on the guy, plus he is a huge winner in life as well, great career, very smart, and a great nondegenerate honorable man who needs to have ten kids. he came from upper working class and worked his way into middle middle class thru very good performance in the Hard Sciences. he did everything right that I wished I had done. and remains humble and kind and not a degenerate marxist. it is great knowing there are great people like this in the world.

also talked to another guy who said he could get me an interview for a job. he said it was kinda a sh1tty job, but it def pays more than my current job. i told him i had 80% lock on my new job but that i appreciated his offer and would send him a resume like he requested.


At the very least, I will write him a nice note thanking him.

i was never really superfriends with this guy, but he just came up to me and was nice, so, hey i will take that. i appreciate any favors. he said honestly the job is kinda sh1tty but if you can tough it out a year you’ll be good. i said my current job was sh1tty and i had toughed it out for a year.

he also said he interviews people sometimes and that he barely cares about their technical skills, but rather their social skills: is this a person I would not mind working with. a friendly, easy to get along with, normalf4g. well i try to be normal and easy to get along with, just quiet sometimes. like at the restaurant where there were 10 people talking and it was kinda loud and i was a bit too overwhelmed to say much, even though i had taken a valium. but i later had a normal conversation with the guy outside one on one while smoking a cig. nice.

if i can do it, anyone can!

i didn’t even have anything to drink, but he said he was “wasted”. and thankfully he was nice drunk and not mean drunk. but he admits to being a stubborn opinionated 4sshole, which is fine. he seems like a nondegenerate, old fashioned man with wife and kids that he hopefully takes good care of.