dec 18

lot of moving parts here. got to move the goalposts. not just push the envelope but sign seal and deliver the envelope. get out in front of the circle wagons and really get your arms around it.

when you are employed, it is easier to speak this language of The Workplace, which in turn will halp you do better in interview if you Talk Like An Employed Person. It’s all just Speaking A Language.

men waste so much energy, time, intelligence, and money thinking and talking and caring about Professional Sports. Even many men who are really too smart for that. why aren’t they focusing on their careers? Are they that comfortable in their careers? In their families? I WISH I were that comfortable. and i am getting real close to being pretty darn comfrotable. nice.

heh. at my weekly store visit, i bought another 3-pack of Trojan Rubbers. I am doing this to build confidence and masculinity  it costs about one dollar per one rubber.

i used to have a few rubbers somewhere, but they expired because i couldn’t get sechs within the expiration date, hahahahaha.

anyway the idea is to have something in your basket, then dart in and grab the rubbers real quick, then put them under that other thing. i can’t even imagine having to ASK for the rubbers or having to have a cashier look at them.

well, if you can simply survive to 30 without being dead or in jail…….good for you.

the other really bad thing would be being ADDICTED to drugs or alcohol.

so dont be too ashamed for being a loser who hasn’t done much with your life. at least you aren’t dead, in jail, or hooked on drugs. congratualations, you are not a degenerate.

so what about successful, non-loser degenerates? because they certainly do exist. middle class degenerates.

so what? they’re degenerates and a degenerate is a degenerate is a degenerate.

they put their career success before their families, before doing the right thing. they support degenerate political and social policies because they sound educated and intelligent and enlightened and progressive.

they can eat and sit on a d1k.

back from powerwalk, watching the best show ever, king of the hill.

its not perfect. but the strength of hank makes up for all of the shows weaknesses, to make it one of the best shows ever. since i could never meet hank hill, i would like to be hank hill.

ok. so a good day would be to smoke w33d with young qt, then we go sit in the sauna and then she sits on my face while she gets all sweaty, then we bang slowly in there, then come back home, and watch king of the hill, smoke a little more w33d, and bang some more.

it is hard to believe that people actually DO this. well, not this exactly, but they have fun hanging out with their Gurlfrans and also having sechs with them. people actually do this.

just like they go to jobs that do not stress them out all the time, so that they can stay up late, get no sleep, and still perform half-4ssed at their job, because they do not have to be “on” for customers all the time, and they won’t get fired if they are not always giving great customer service.

uhh get the book of questions off amazon so you can always have queastions to ask people to get them talking and manipulate them into liking you so that they will do what you want.

hehehe. or how about just be nice to people. i try to be a nice person. and i really appreciate other nice person.  would also sit on my face in the sauna and have true luv sechs with moi and go out to dinner with me and watch tv with me.

men love women more than women love men. men have more empathy.

women think sechs is a basic human right, no scarcity, and that you don’t have to work & compete fiercely for it…….just because THEY dont have to.

this is how womens naturally loving nature has been nurtured out of them by an insanely degenerate culture.

but by this same token, you could also probably convince naturally less civilized races to indeed become more civilized. nature CAN be overpowered by nurture,  SOMETIMES.

but anyway its obvious that being loving is better than being violent.

i like how hank hill was a VIRGIN before he married peggy, and peggy was the ONLY gurl he ever dated. and he craps his pantz and goes bwaaaaah when he finds out peggy had sechs with ONE other guy before him. who was her gay friend who she had sechs with once to confirm if he was gay or not, and he was.

i also like how connie is such an overachiever high strung, wants to get into HARVARD, being pressured by her status hungry parents. however are all laotians really like this? isn’t overachieving more of a chinese thing? and how did khan go from laotian bad boy, to wealthy systems analyst? whered he get his masterz degree? and also i wish that bobby were interested in a gurl of his own race, even though connie is a nice gurl. but i hear they break up in season 6 or 7.

also i would like to see bobby become less of a lazy loser, but he is a great example of a lazy loser. however it doesn’t bother him. he has good self-esteem and is not a spaghetti pockets autist. he can talk to people and will probably not become a 30 year old virgin. he will never pull 7’s, but he will be happy enough with 5’s and the occasional 6. hehehe.

hehehe dont u luv my super cynical worldview. weltanschauung.