dec 18

i can relax for the first time in  84 hours hahahaha.

i will neckbeard here for an hour or so waiting for laundry to finish, then go to store and scenic drive.

i also reported my lost credit card which took all of 5 minutes and i didn’t even have to talk to a person.

hehehe. that is hilarious.

you know, the old “RULE” where you have to make X thousand dollars a year, where X is also your age. So if you’re 30, you should be making AT LEAST 30k a year not to be considered a total loser wastoid.

of course, 35k a year is the real loser cutoff. if you make below 35k a year, you’re a loser, period,end of story.

or maybe enough time to get the easiest, cheapest, most useful masters degree, of taking one class at a time in like rocket science.

or starting my own business of helping losers. it would be like a private Social Work business especially for younger male losers trying to gain cofidence and success in work and life and wimmin. it would be unorthodox psychology, unorthdox social work, (ie, non marxist!!!) with a decent amount of game and social skills training, life coaching, etc. there’s not really any big companies that do what i want to do, so i would have to do it myself.

album of the day: judas priest painkiller. 1990. rob halfords “final” album, this was a high point for the band. i think Rob was pushing them to get heavier than they had been. I should have listened to this album a lot when i was a kid. oh well i can still enjoy it now.

what is rob halford’s best performance? i honestly do not know. i like songs like “dreamer deceiver” where he demonstrates his entire range, low, medium, high.

anyway i am almost a Shoe In for this job.  the only thing i could do was apply for a higher position, which never opened up. well it just happened to open up recently and they were nice enough to remember me.

so in other words this might be my ship finally sailing for the first time hahaha. well i guess going to university at age 18 was my ship sailing, but i screwed that up ROYALLY. that’s why i’m a huge loser who wants to help other huge losers, and started this blog, and might start that business, but i am gradually becoming less and less of a loser, THANK GOD.

this song will improve your mood, as will watching the cleveland show in general. greatest show since king of the hill hhehehe.

nowhere near as degenerate as its parent show family guy, and disappointed it got cancelled.

cleveland brown is a much more admirable and honorable man than peter griffin in other words.

well, he’s a bit of a beta loser, but hes nowhere near as DEGENERATE as peter. and not being a degenerate automatically makes you a Little Winner, even if you’re a Loser At Life.

well grateful for a good day here, hope i get this job, that would be huge. it was a huge improvement to get my current job, but it is so stressful and gay that i often forget that it has technically made me no longer a huge loser. well, this new job if i get it, would make me pretty much not a loser at all, and it would be lower-stress enough to be able to appreciate that. i am well on my way to becoming a nonloser normalfag neverdepressed. heck at this rate i might even get a gurlfran and cure myself of nevergf!

but only a real woman hater would think he DOES have any say in that!