dec 16

yeah so doing that all day can make you a bit angry. and watching stupid tv commercials makes me angry. and my female fren ignoring me makes me angry. hehe got a lot of anger. so how do you get rid of all that anger? powerwalking. fo sho. i should be taking longer powerwalks every night. so should you.

and getting plenty of sleep is essential when you have long mentally draining days where you have to juggle so much information so quickly its ridiculous. and think straight and think quickly for your callers.

anyway do interview on thursday. hopefully i get that job, that would be sweet. big improvement.

i really should go to a hooker for muh xmas present to muhself hehehehe. a classy attractive hooker. something classier than backpages.

how about u? hehehehe.

next hair buzz i might get a level 1. it looks better short. also more masculine. course i will look less masculine when i shave my long beard. but thats the price i am willing to pay to get this new job.

be like man i talk to people all day erry day about weird stuff they expect me to fix quickly. 9000000000 different things. i think i can do this job which is easier.

dominate or be dominated. that iron clad rule applies to all aspects of life. no exceptions.


A. Always. D. Dominate. O. Or. B. Be. D. Dominated.

yeah i stole this from a blogger i admire but i worry that naming him will identify me. somehow hehe. he writes a very controversial blog which has been very influential to me. in a way he always wants to make losers into winners. he has transformed people’s lives for the better. i am grateful he exists. anyway i don’t mean to STEAL from him but i kind of am, sorry man.

so tired. serving customers for  all day is mentally exhausting.  2 hour calls where you are dying and noone wants to help you, and increasing your desire to smoke cigarets.



hope you are not all spam.

dec 17

big interview tomorrow. shouldnt even be typing here. prepared a sh1tty two sheeter. sent email to interviewer containing the 4 documents i will be bringing. took powerwalk in freezing cold. shaved beard completely and now have total smooth babyface. electric shaver missed a few hairs, will get them in the morning. no easy day of work,

actually it was easier than yesterday, 4 hours on the phone rather than 5 hours. 6 hours is SUPER busy and thats what it used to be. i guess its really not that bad to be on the phone 6 hours of an 8 hour shift, right? but thats with 30 minutes paid break. so 6 hours of 7.5 hours. on the phone. i guess that’s not so bad. but even 4 hours out of 7.5 hours feels like a lot!

with time being eaten up by bathroom, and also going into no call mode for a minute after each call to take a deep breath and finish up notes and get programs reset for the next call.

point is, the new job would be way easier, way less stressful, and pay more, and i know i am more than capable of the job, if i can do my current job, i can really do just about anything. honestly. even brain surgery. my current job is HARD. we all WORK HARD for the money. all of us. no easy day, no easy job, we work HARD.

i saw the previous person in the job i’m interviewing for. i used to work there, then i left for current job. and that person did jack sh1t all day, i worked harder then them even though i got paid 5 dollars less an hour.

also i became a better worker at my current job and Grew Alot As A Worker and As A Person, namely communicating on the phone, and doing really hard complicated things very quickly and sounding very confident abotu it all.

if i had had the skills i had with my current job, at my old job, i would have done a better job at my old job. i would have been a lot quicker in finding information, helping people get answers, reaching out to other people, etc. getting better answers quicker, picking up the phone, calling people, helping people, not being so annoyed by answering the same stupid question over and over again, etc.

but i gotta go to bed soon. there’s not a whole lot i can do to prepare here. i looked over my one sheeter, now a two sheeter, oh well. kinda updated it from when i used it last.

but yeah. this would be a GAME CHANGER hehehe. i could get this job and then my female fren could sit on my face for a year.