dec 15 2014

interview in 3 days. today i went to an old skool mens barber on my way home from WERK. I got there at 555 and they closed at 6pm. thank GOD they let me in. I gave the barber an over 30% tip. and it was still cheaper than my usual spot. i am gonna have to start going to this new spot for my buzz cuts!

because i am going hugely bald on top, so it looks best to buzz it short. today i got a level 2 when before i got a level 3. level 2 looks even better. next time i will get a level 1.

anyway had a real busy day. past few weeks have been the EASIEST ever. well that ship has sailed, and now its back to being hard and busy and stressful.

came home, ate dinner, powerwalk, then prepared my documents for the interview. used google docs, then converted those to pdfs. will send 4 pdfs to the interviewer the day before, who happens to be my former boss: res, CL, and reference letters from TWO people they know!!!!!

in other words, my odds look GOOD actually.

this job would pay better and probably be less stressful. probably much less stressful. and WAY better benefits. its win win win.

i would be in the official upper working class and could easily stay here for 30 years. i wouldn’t mind it. i could raise a family with my female fren. after licking her bunshole for like 2 years straight.

but right now i have super short hair, my beard is longer than my hair.

after getting my head buzzed to a 2, i came home and shaved the sides of my beard from a 3 to a 2, and left the chin area long (at like a 6 hahahaha).

the combination of very short hair and long beard makes me look more masculine, so i could possibly pull gurls now. lesson learned: keep hair cut very short, and beard as long as possible. also, go back to this barber. it is an old school mens barber and not some f4gg0t salon.

i thought that would be a sweet job. just an older man cutting other older men’s hair in an old school barber. i can’t imagine the guy makes much money though. he was a friendly man who said he had 4 sons. Nice I said, I wouldn’t mind having some kids some day. No daughters though. He was glad to have no daughters. I hear that, i said, with girls there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, a lot of worry there. He said his son was going to college for computers. I said that was a good idea.

well, if it’s for computer science, and he is in the top 20% of his class, then its a good idea. but if its for “Information Technology” and he’s in the middle 50% of his class, then he should just QUIT NOW and become an electrician.

unless he has good normalfag social skills and can talk to gurls, then he could probably talk to employers and clients and become a salesman or something and not be an underemployed virgin loser when he’s 30, hahahahahahaha.

yep its all about using gmail calender with EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS of events THREE DAYS in advance.

also USE YOUR EMAIL INBOX as a TO DO LIST by sending tons of emails to yourself. forward forwards to yourself and add stuff, like “updating a case” and then it will move to the top of your inbox. when you get it done just archive or delete it.

dec 16


i am starting to get feelings for u name

a lot of guys move too fast, but i move too slow. it doesnt mean i dont want to date u! because i do. i am just a little rusty atm. but u could fix that real quick!

wanna hang out on saturday?

is there even a 1% chance that you could ever date me in the future? not even right now! but even a few months from now. i have feelings for u and need to know.

name i think we should try cuddling. i heard u like that and i do too, i think it would be a lot of fun for both of us!!

i get a warm fuzzy feeling when i think of u sometimes. is that weird?

hope u get this txt haha! wanna hang out tonight and do something fun?

i think my brain is manufacturing oxytocin whenever i think of u sometimes 🙂

I would not be too gentle. I know gurls hate that and will dump you immediately if you don’t bang them HARD enough.

real busy day on the job, it’s back to busy again. i had a break for 2 or 3 weeks, that was great. now its nuts again. too many phone calls. it is MENTALLY EXHAUSTING to be on the phone all day, talking to person after person. heh. this is why you can always find a job in a CALL CENTER. because it sucks so bad everyone quits it or gets fired. kinda like a restaurant. but i prob get paid more than avg for Call Centers, and my callers are actually NICER than avg. so i shouldn’t complain. but its still mentally exhausting to do that all day. wish i could do it just half a day and do another non talking non customer task the other half. this is why you don’t get sh1tty liberal arts degrees in kollige hahahaha.