dec 14

watching and jurking off to porno is actually a GOOD thing when you are trying to get your mind off a specific b1tch. either because she rejected you, or you just have to give her time, but you are getting impatient, but you KNOW you better not text her. or your just got rejected by the latest gurl you were in luv with and should never think about her again. so just watch some porno. so what if its degenerate and bad. it’s nowhere near as bad as what you’re going thru with this real life gurl!

save your big kohls purchases for like big sale days, then buy enough to get kohls cash, then use THAT to buy something else.

sonoma brand runs like one size too small. their pants do not have a high enough rise, even though they look good on the rack. definitely buy those a little big if you can. and also the shirts/ sweaters.

get tons of gray and black thermal shirts for the winter. at least xl. i can’t imagine any man, unless they were TINY and SKINNY, wearing anything less than an XL. used to wear L t shirts, now realise  MUCH prefer XL. do not wear L unless you are TINY AND SKINNY both.

found a promising sauna, but it is 30  miles away from my house. but it seems to be exactly the type of place looking for: not a spa, not a gym, just a sauna and hot tub place, where sauna is actually in the name of the business. nice. costs 15 dollars for one hour of sauna. a little pricey but could probably do that once a month. actually way pricy.  think the saunas are private. you could probably take your gurlfran in there and bone her.

heh. see its all can think about. nonvirgin normalfags have other interests besides women, like career and sports and cars and getting drunk and hunting or vidya or computer programming or masterz degrees or kidz or whatever.  doing CREATIVE INNOVATIVE stuff that could potentially make them monay. or not, and just being happy idiots.

but when you never get women, all you can think about is women. or at least 60% of the time, which is still waaaaayyyy too much.

heh. the only thing to get to stop thinking about women this much is to actually get a woman and go out with her for like a YEAR, with regular sechs and probably regular spending nights. then could use awesome mental powers to come up with a great idea and make monay with it, or at least concentrate on getting a better job, or even getting a masterz degree.

actually, for Helping People, a masters degree in Counseling, Social Work, or Psych would be the best for that. But it is OBVIOUS those are stupid and gay masters degrees to get, because then you end up makine 25 grand a year as a social worker, trying to help a bunch of burnouts and court orders, then you get burnt out, and are also Handcuffed by the State Agency you’d invariably end up working for, if you could find a job in the field, while paying 100 grand to get the stupid degree in the first place.


ok. see female tomorrow. just play it COOL. try not to get butthurt or passive aggressive or angry or disappointed, even though  am. also  going to have a stressful day of work (hehehehe not really), also all this is distracting me from preparing for this interview on thursday which has the potential to CHANGE WHOLE LIFE, because getting that job would improve life vastly.

need to produce two letters of recommendation