dec 11 2014

i repeat, most people are smart enough to do most jobs. the average mud skinned amerifat with an average iq of 90 is smart enough to be a hardcore engineer, a rocket scientist. it’s more a matter of persitence and hard work and never giving up, and energy, and work ethic. patience, stick to itiveness, disclipline, maturity, normalfagness, general mental health and stability. responsibility.

and then also normalfag social skills are HUGE for winning jobs and friends and mates, passing interviews, and getting along in the workplace.

gilmartin sez that most firings (have i already said this? probbably) are not due to technical f00kups, but because the person is socially awkward and not a team player, and weird, kissless, virgin, loveshy, r9k, neet, autist, virgin.

have pictures of yourself wearing a SUIT and looking like a Professional, Highly Paid Executive, then use this picture for your linkedin and fagbook.

if you live in an area with snow, go into debt to buy a f00king snowblower. i don’t usually advise going into debt, but for this you should. don’t go into debt for college, but def do for a snowblower. or a suit. or probably a car. but not a house.

that or just get such a stressful and busy job, that you don’t have the time or the appetite to eat.

yeah so theres no real jobs for my passion in life, helping loser males become winners. closest thing would be: counselor, social worker, shrink, pick up artist coach, life coach.  dont wanna get a masterz degree, so probably being an entrepreneur opening up my own pickup skool would be the best. or unlicensed life coaching skool. or unlicensed shrink business hehe.

dec 13 2014 sat tom off 712pm

yes. that is my mission in life. my porpoise. to start that business to help losers become winners. which is also the mission of this blog. basically to get decent upper working class jobs they can survive on, and to have their FIRST choice of wimmin, rather than have to settle for a distant second, when you wish you could be with someone else. then it’s way better to be alone.

like when you hear a beautiful song, what gurl does that make you think of? that’s your first choice.

i guess ideally it would cause you to think of NO gurl, but just say damn so and so writes some beautiful songs, ideally women COULD make you feel like that, but they can’t, and if they do, they reject you.

anyway all you need to not be a sad loser, and be a happy winner, is to have an upper working class job with health care, and a woman that you truly luv. that’s it. well a good family helps. so these are the main goalz i want to help u achieve.

i think nature and nurture are both 50 50. there is a normal bell curve of the population, where the vast majority of the people are bell curved around that 50 50 mark.

meaning: nurture and nature are equally important. fact.

and some people, you cannot overcome their nature with a ton of nurture. and vice versa.

and also we need to respect real, natural group differences.

meaning blacks don’t necessarily HAVE to become criminal thugs. but also, black police should police black communities, and, most important, black fathers need to be very active in the lives of their black sons, because the current black fatherless matriarchy produces very thuggish, violent young black men, and skanky black women having broods of black chirren with those thuggish black men, repeating the cycle of poverty hehehe.

I TOLD YOU I am a racist!

bottom line is, black families NEED fathers. might even need them more than white families. well, white families need them too. ALL families NEED fathers.

now sometimes you need practice women, to bang women you aren’t really in luv with, so you can comfrotbale and not nervous around women, and this will give you the confidence and masculinity needed to pull the women you really DO want.

i have been rejected by more would-be suitors than you have accepted, wh0re!

heh. i would prob be less mad if she just texted me with “no sorry maybe some other time.” but no text whatsoever. maybe this is a sh1t test, hahaha.

of COURSE the best thing to do is just let it be.

meanwhile i will live out my lifes mission of helping losers like us become winners with decent jobs and with VERY decent women.