dec 2014


but hr called about it and now have an interview a week from today. whoa.

of course they will make you do three or four interviews so  not gonna get hopes up,  guessing 70 30 odds not in favor.

but more than capable of doing the job. it would be a lot easier and less stressful and less technical than current job, and it would pay more, and have better benefits. wow.

it would promote a Full Social Class Up: from Middle Working Class to Upper Working Class.

could very possibly use it to achieve Life Goal of Waifu and Children.

total game changer in other words.

and  just got new winter coat from and it was the right color and everything and it looks and fits great. everything is coming up milhouse today in other words.

it would be ridiculous to get this job. but it is harder to get a job with this organization than it is to get a job at google or apple or facebook. and they called out of the blue, completely umprompted. which means that someone there specificially remembers and wants for the job.  have to write them a thank you note regardless of whether get the job.

job gets health care and 401k immediately . and is very hard to get fired from.  could be SET 4 LYFE here. people there complain about having to pay more for health care, but they still prob get a better deal than buying the health care on The Marketplace.

really lifes goal is to: help losers become winners. help losers transform their lives and get the women and jobs they desire. not gonna tell you how to get rich or anything.  don’t even CARE about getting rich.just care about not being a loser, and getting an upper working class fulltime job with health care which would be enough to support 3 children. period.

and also that you can find and pull a woman who you want to be your wife and a mother to your 3 children. an attractive nondegenerate woman.

isn’t this what EVERY man wants? but some are too normal and stupid to articulate it so profoundly, haha?

is all this stuff TOO MUCH TO ASK?

But even ridiculously poor people would have tons of chirren they couldn’t afford, they’ve been doing that since the dawn of humanity.

so  have the kids now, worry about how you’re gonna afford them later.

and you don’t need to be rich or even middle class to raise at least three winner children.

don’t want to have children RIGHT NOW because still have some wild oats to get out of system.

but could accomplish that by just going out with the same one gurl for like…. 3 years with very regular sechs.

anyway  very blessed right now as it is.

ok interview one week from today. damn son.

what the heck.   will more or less tell them about current job and then they can decide if  smart enough to do this job, which  certainly AM, just about ANYBODY is, most people are smart enough to do most jobs. The intelligence needed to do most jobs is highly exagerrated.

so it’s basically all a SOCIAL test to see how socially charming you are.

never been strong suit!can’t even convince a gurl to make out! ha ha!

so reading gilmartins book,  can see thatnot totally “love shy”.  similar to them in some ways, but  way more normal. because have friends, a good family, sometimes have female friends not a totally kissless virgin, have briefly dated wimmin.

not love shy or wizard or kissless virgin, but main malfunction is that  never been able to hold onto a gurl for more than 2 months or so, and haven’t even been able to do THAT in about ten years, and every gurl have liked in the past 9 years or so has rejected without so much as a make out.

so really its getting constantly rejected which is main problem, hehehe. don’t like it.

can talk to gurls but can’t convince them to like, to make out with, to hang out with regularly and enthusiastically. the b1tches always get cold feet.

dont understand normalfags who work full time AND go to stupid college, often taking multiple online classes at once. envy them for their energy and work ethic, but also think it’s stupid for them to spend all that money on useless college. but normalfags can usually make their college degrees pay off for them.

most interested in how gilmartin says that the failure loveshys have with women (and while don’t viewself as tech love shy, have about 80% of as much General Failure With Women!!!!) translates into General Social Failure – failure to make male friends; and their general social failure then translates into General Career / Job Failure, where they are underemployed and not making barely any money, despite often being quite educated; that they often move down from middle-class upbringing to working-class jobs as adults; and gilmartin advises loveshys to get useful degrees in college, rather than useless degrees in social scinences, humanites, or liberal arts. all c’s in electrical engineering is better than all a’s in sociology. then they might have a chance at getting a good job, and therefore perhaps finally finding mates as an adult. because when theyre older, women prefer men with money and good jobs.

all very good advice which agree with wholeheartedly, gilmartin.