dec 7 2014

sunday morning 9 24 am hooray.

drinking coffee, neckbearding, might play settlers.

i was in a huge iron maiden phase, now i want to listen to something like maiden but not maiden. looks like i shoudl head for JUDAS PRIEST then. listening to “screaming for vengeance” album, not bad at all!

1982 there. 1976 sad wings of destiny, ok lets go there. this sounds badass too but it’s got that overproduced drum sound i don’t like, but everything else sounds great. and rob halford is a badass just like bruce dickinson. even if he sucks the d. has a better range than bruce. sounds ridic good on “dreamer deceiver.” see the only judas priest albums i even kinda listened to are “stained class” and “british steel.” not bad albums to be sure! but there’s plenty of other good albums too.

albums should never be more than the vinyl lp length of 40 minutes or so.

how does rate your music rank the judas priest albumz?

find vinyl ripz of sad wingz thru….painkiller.


found just that vinyl ripz. nice. i am thankful for the internets.

ok gotta mkae a decent amt of cigarets tonight to make this day count.

tues dec 9 after work big day of work tomorrow

i am feelzing jealous and resentful and anxious that bla bla  bla bla because you can’t MAKE somebody want to hang out with you.

then i thought again about how men need to work for all their popularity, men have to COMPETE FOR INVITES, and this is the social price men must pay for the benefit of not being able to get pregnant.

at the end of the day, it is still a bargain to not be able to get pregnant, so it’s worth it.

but it is still is very possible for men to get lonely when they cannot be with women.

and you can’t GO out with gurlz unless you can HANG out with them. or make out, or bang, or cuddle, or whatever your Hetero Goals are.

if you can’t hang out with them….you’re AT A DEAD STANDSTILL.

and you can’t FORCE somebody to hang out with you. you can guilt trip or coerce or manipulate them, but they they rightfully get bitter and butthurt at you.

degenerate rejectors!


but honestly i think i am overreacting

or maybe that’s too high of expectations hehe.

you think i would have learned my lesson by now, haha.

I believe as a Traditionalist Conservative that it’s GOOD for men and women to be together, to be mates for one another.

and its retarded that women need men less than men need women. no they really dont. back in the day women knew how to luv men. heh.

BUT the social cost WOMEN must pay, is that they must be more CAREFUL with their uteri. And because precisely they are NOT, and they give it away so freely, that is exactly why they are Degenerate. Because Women can get pregnant, men must compete to hang out with them, and by that very token, women Should not spread their legs so freely. OR give some of dat 4ss to u and me, hahahaha.

ALSO, I wanted to say that because Average Women get Physical Intimacy like Touching, Cuddling, Making Out, and Sechs more often than Average Men, therefore Women take these things FOR GRANTED more than men do. Women put LESS VALUE on it than men do, because women GET IT MORE. So in other words a nice cuddle session might be worht a measly 5 bucks to a woman, but to a man, he would gladly pay 5 THOUSAND dollars for a good cuddle, if he could afford it.