dec 4 2014

your first instincts are usually correct. and we can overcomplicate and overintellectualize things. why don’t i like women? i don’t like women because they’re stupid, annoying, too promiscuous, slutty, skanky, wh0rish, degenerate, disgusting, the attractive ones have even worse personalities, you get horny for women but you can’t get real women to mate with you, the few times you’ve come close, they reject you for the stupidest reasons and don’t give you a fair chance, they care too much about careers, they care too much about being huge degenerates having mixed race babies, sure you say not all of them are like that, but too damn many ARE, and you’ve gone from being a honry teen to a horny young adult to now a slightly less horny full blown regular adult and most of the women you’ve met have been Like That, and the ones who weren’t STILL rejected you, or they became Like That eventually, etc.

and that’s all she wrote, hahaha.

THAT is why i do not like women.

Went shopping, recorded an awesome voice file, all out of blue mt dew, so i bought a 2 liter of ginger ale. and also what i do is i have a 12 or 14 ounce plastic resealable bpa free small bottle that i keep in the fridge, and then the only time i open the 2 liter is to fill up that bottle with the soda. i think this help keeps the fizz in the soda longer.

also broke down and got some high fructose gobstoppers.

but maybe the women did have a good reason for rejecting me, because i was a fat, old, short, bald loser!

hehehe. when i actually dated gurls i was not old and bald and fat hahaha. and i was just a potential winner amongst many other potential winners. so yeah they had no good reason for rejecting me.

anyway i now have bigger fish to fry, for example, how 2 deal with customers.

uhh speak calmly and professionally from the instant you answer the phone to try to influence them to be nice. kill them with kindness.

follow up on all the thing that you cannot solve so you can see how your Superiors solved them.

stay in the chat room all day and learn things. it is absurd that superiors do not encourage this more. as opposed to never mentioning it.

also women look real bad after they hit 30. and if they don’t, then they are GUARANTEED to be evil or crazy.

dindu nuffin.

yep around age 25 your brain stops developing//growing and you transition from being a young adult, to just being a regular adult. you start Settling Down.  And if you are still a loser or virgin at age 25, that really sucks.

at this age you might notice alcohol or drugs actually being a PROBLEM , rather than something you do to have fun or experiment. at 25 i had a full blown Drinking Problem. Thankfully by 26 I had gotten Busted and managed to Clean Up My Act, the greatest achievement of my life Post College. Apart from finally getting a Fulltime Middle Working Class job which i work now. but before that I worked a 10 times more disgraceful sub-lower-working-class part time student job . but damn that was fun and chill.

but it wasn’t a grown man job. much like the cop who was booking me when i got arrested for DUI said. he was humiliating me for being a loser and f00kup at life who should have done so much more with their gifts and privileges, and he wasn’t wrong!

but maybe class is more important than race or religion or culture. for example, middle class blacks are much better than poor sub-working-class blacks because they are much more productive and much less violent.

so we should aspire to make everybody middle class then?

and i suppose the same could be said of whites, right?

well, working class whites can easily be seduced into degeneracy and white trash. but plenty of middle class whites are degenerate! and also i am more willing to stick up for white trash degenerates because they’re still My Team Dammit!

so it stands to reason that many middle class blacks or browns would be degenerate too!

degenerate in the sense of liberal progressive leftist marxists, and encouraging policies that will only hurt the working class, like with importing millions of poor browns, and encouraging women to be degenerate, and very pro-global type stuff that killz murkan jerbz.

anyway i get along with women just fine on a day to day basis. the women at my job for example. but i would never want to date them, either because they are physically unattractive or personality wise unnattractive, or both. definitely no desire to get closer to them! just be cordial and polite and get along and do small talk is more than fine enough.

but it is good to have a social life outside of werk and skool, and sometimes you want your social life to include moar wimmin. that’s all i’m saying.

heh. or maybe i am just getting anxious and impatient because i have not hung out with my female friend in too long.

or simply because i have had no contact with a grill in too long.

when you get aroused due to an actual woman, versus boredly whacking off to pr0n, it’s a MUCH different sensation.  it is as if MORE blood rushes to your genitals and you get MORE libidinous. and if you dont get your “release” then you get “blue balls” which is legit PAINFUL.

none of that happens with pr0n.