dec 21

so i’m now thinking PDF is a stupid way to send your resume.

well, it depends who you’re sending it to. if you’re sending it to a friend or someone who is doing you a favor, send them it as a doc or rtf or even a txt so they can EDIT it if needed.

sure, you can copy and paste pdf texts into word or notepad or anything, but still.

now, wordpad saves as docx but not doc. weird. will word open rtf? probably but not sure.

most companies that you would want to get a job at will use word.

some cheapass companies use open office when they dont want to pay for word.

i guess some companies might use google docs too, but they would prob be more lenient about copying and pasting your resume for you.

i guess the point i’m trying to make is, send you resume with an absolute minimum of formatting, and in an editable format.

the ONLY formatting i have is: arial family of fonts, size 8, .2 margins all around, and that usually fits on one page.

i would just send the resume as plain f00king text if i could. f00k, just send it AS the text in an EMAIL.

bobs burgers is a modern show which is funny, fun, and not too degenerate. i recommend it.

really i am a big fan of the Family Sitcoms essentially. The family can be comically dysfunctional, just not degenerate.

being nervous can make you act and seem a lot more DUMB than you actually are. so you look like an idiot, and everyone thinks you’re an idiot, but you know you’re really not an idiot. you just get nervous having to Perform and Deliver for Other People, like Customers. You get Nervous when trying to do a Complicated Operation for Customers.

So i guess just take valiums AT work then.

dec 24

xmas eve

anyway i am just pissed i did not get the job i thought i had 80% odds to get. that SUCKS. i was starting to get my hopes up of leaving my stupid job before it gets REAL stressful, and going to a sweet job that is both MUCH less stressful and has MUCH better compensation.

have 5 days off, this is ridiculous but i love it already.

yesterday as i was driving home from an easy slow low stress day of werk i felt more tired than usual, almost as if i had been drugged. i figured maybe it was all the coffee i drank at werk, and also i was talking a lot, trying to train a new gurl who was very high energy and talkative.

i came home and immediately laid down. by 7 pm the tv was off, and i had drank some NYQUIL, and slept from like 730 pm to 930 am. wow. how ridic amiright.

nyquil makes you very tired for more than 14 hours. maybe 16 or 20 hours. just keep that in mind.

ok gotta wrap xmas gifts. that wont take too long, i just gotta do it TODAY.

might go to church at 10 pm tonight. it might make forever, so i will take a scenic drive after about and hour or so

still tired even though i drank a ton of coffee! might take a powernap until i get energy to do ANYTHING.

took powernap till like 3 pm. note to self, nyquil knocks you out for about TWENTY HOURS.

it also makes you not hungry at all. could be a useful dieting tool.

ok took a shower and feel more energetic. i still gotta wrap presents and go to church today. exciting.

it would be nice to go for a powerwalk because the weather is unseasonably WARM, but i got to wrap dem presents first.

542 ok got errything wrapped. good.

damn. it was GREAT to get all that sleep. if you ever have 2 days off in a row and feel real tired when you get home, drink some nyquil and go to SLEEP at 7 pm sharp. then sleep till like 3 pm the next day. because you need it. your body needs 20 hours of sleep.

yep. now just killing time before going to church at 10 pm. damn. that is not going to be superfun. maybe i am thinking of easter. either way, i am leaving after 1 hour and just driving around.

sucks not to get that job.

i thought companies were supposed to be all about efficiency. yet i know my company would not promote the most efficient, productive people, if those people did not apply on the website. and if a less productive person applied on the website, then they would get the higher job. that seems stupid.

course perhaps my company may be well on its way to bakruptcy. maybe.

company treats new people like crap. i treat new people with kindness and patience and i try to help them as much as i can, because i know how bad it is, and how bad they get treated, and how HARD it is, and how likely they are to be laid off. and it’s not like it’s HARD to answer their questions.

bill watterson made a reappearance in the current comic strip pearls before swine, in mid 2014. today i learned. calvin and hobbes was always a big influence of mine, one of the more positive influences of my youth. i related a lot to both calvin and hobbes. i wonder if calvin grew up to become a loser kissless virgin, hahaha.



dec 21

so the guy said this job was kinda sh1tty, that there would be calls with weird issues, and it’s all about BS’ing those people. well that’s kinda what i do anyway. except this would pay 5 dollars more an hour hahaha. that is no small thing.

well this guy has an engineering or computer science degree too, pretty sure. and is a couple years older than me. don’t think he has a masters degree but he definite could, he is smart and energetic enough.

and you don’t really need to be SMART to get a masterz degree, as i’ve noted again and again. you just have to be dedicated and determined and work hard. that is my downfall.

watched some real degen porno where they were having real rough sechs with the gurl. tying down, bent over, slapping her buttocks with a cat o nine tails, rag stuffed in her mouth, pulling hair, rough housing the gurl. what does this mean? that i like to abuse women? no, only that i may enjoy super rough sechs with women. never got a chance to try it though!

heh. i have been awake over 19 hours. that does not happen often i can assure you!

yep. use emails to yourself as your to do list. and in gmail use the “expand all” button to show you everything you have written. just add a new reply every time you think of something related. then it moves it to the top of your inbox. when you are done with the task, delete or archive it out of your inbox.

uhh definitely get a computer with more than 2 gb of ram. how about at least 4

heh. dont like when i cant neckbeard on internet on sunday because i have to get ready for CHURCH hehehe. and i do a real half 4ssed job of it to, no shower. so i can maximze the internet time.


ok. went to church, had a great talking file, sent that guy a text, he texted back, got his email, added him to contacts, can send him email and resume later.

cant get over this idea of using the email inbox as a to do list. it’s because my email is the first site i open, and i look at it every day, and i am thus more likely to see notes to self in the inbox than even a post it note on the wall next to my bed.

or lost among the 10000000000000 other technical post it notes on muh work desk.

today still gotta go for powerwalk, make cigarets, go to bed early.

that’s what i do and have done for almost a year, i can’t believe i survived, but it is one of those living hells that if you DO survive, will make you into a better person, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and will probably (55%) make you look good for other jobs where you DONT have to  all day.

the guy who said he could get me an interview for the better paying job said that his younger brother worked at a sh1tty bla bla as well, and now he works a funner job AND gets paid a lot more, for some consultants who “set up the bla bla.”

more fun AND more money, it’s really too good to be true, but it DOES happen in the working world.

people that hate their jobs more than half as less, and make at least twice as much money. wow.

this guy i talked to was married to the woman he was going out with over 10 years ago, and now they have 2 beautiful children. all this is very encouraging.

heh. found some writings which i had done in 2010 when i was taking classes at the loser college and not working as much and could actually concentrate enough to do 60 credits of stupid classes. some interesting fan fictions and blog posts that never got published. sweet. i might bring those out here. i mean i wrote them on scraps of paper and put them in my skool folders then found them today when going thru the skool folders looking for paperz to throw out.

you gotta HUSTLE to win in life. just going to college isn’t enough. hustle is more important than college. if you go to college but don’t have the HUSTLE, get the f out of college, until you DO have it.

you don’t need college, but you do need hustle. so get as high as you can get on hustle alone, then when it becomes incredibly obviously that you could easily make a LOT more money by going to college, THEN go to college. you might well be in your 40s by this time. heck you might even be married with chirren because you hustled hard enough to make THAT much money. now you just want to make even more. not because you’re greedy, but because you want the best life for your children. so you can homeschool them into huge winners with nondegenerate morals. and because things are going to be even harder for them. things may not collapse during their lives, but things have been going steadily downhill during own lives, and will continue to do so during THEIR lives.


dec 19

yeah buddy. still waiting to hear about results of job interview. it would be SICK to get it. i am so sick of current job, i mean i really dislike the marrow of it, but i can’t Just Quit It because. Healthy Mature Adults dont and CANT just Quit Their Jobs. besides it would kill my future job prospects. and there is nowhere that pays more. so i go to the easier place that pays less. OR i get this easier job which pays MORE!!!!!

so it would be pretty disappointing not to get that.

saw my female friend. she was wearing jeans which made her buttocks area look really nice. i thought to myself how i would love for her to sit on my face.

anyway it’s frustrating to talk to callers and sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, because you DON’T know what you’re talking about, and nobody can really help you, but they tell you the person can’t be helped, and so you have to tell the person they can’t be helped, but you can’t really explain WHY they can’t be helped, and you sound like an idiot, and they don’t believe you, but you can’t have them speak to someone higher, because the higher up person doesn’t want to talk to them, and won’t let you transfer the call to them. hehehe. and of course you get in trouble if you hang up.

i would not have to EVER worry about this with the new job. EVER.

of course it would be easier to deal with if i could have my female fren cuddle with me and sit on muh face. having a female fren who could do that would make a lot of things easier for a lot of men.

is she more degenerate than me? probably, but its easier for women to get degenerate than men, just cuz of all the sechz they have which men dont, plus sechs is inherently more degenerate for women than for men. and she has had about 9000 times more sechs than me. no jk but i did roughly estimate it, it’s probably more like only 300 to 400 times more sechs than me. and with a very small number of guys. so that’s good. she’s not so degenerate that she’s not a nice person! and i like that she is such a nice person. i would like to have a nice person like that for a gurlfran, rather than some degenerate b1tch. i like nice people.

how about u. hehehe. you SHOULD like nice people.

but yeah. i am damn DESPERATE for cuddling and making out and cuddling and real gurlfran experience and now she is on the pedestal for that.

the PEDESTAL hehehe.

number one rule is, never put the pvssy on the pedestal. and i usually dont….but when i do, i really really really do.

how about u? of course you do, hahaha.

how about eating candy out of her bunshole. that would also be acceptable. that would only be called for.

certainly my fixation on gurls bunsholes has to signify some sort of deep seated issue. 4n4l stage, 4n4l fixation, freud, etc. 4nal retentive and 4nal expulsive, hehehe. i think it’s all about CONTROL, like the sense of control you have over your bowels. well freud was a degenerate marxist k1ke so i shouldn’t pay too much attention to him. freud and marx, both horrible horrible people. certainly freud had to have been influenced by marx. and vice versa. didn’t they live around the same time? i think marx was a little bit before freud. but the world would have been MUCH better off without them both.

but yeah that is my degeneracy, the bunshole stuff. and not sure if i want to give that up. that is a little bit o degeneracy i refuse to give up. how about u?

dec 21, 1232 am

i never stay up this late. saw some old friends i have not seen in like 5 years. that was real neat. this one guy requested i friend him on facebook and i actually did, i have a big mancrush on the guy, plus he is a huge winner in life as well, great career, very smart, and a great nondegenerate honorable man who needs to have ten kids. he came from upper working class and worked his way into middle middle class thru very good performance in the Hard Sciences. he did everything right that I wished I had done. and remains humble and kind and not a degenerate marxist. it is great knowing there are great people like this in the world.

also talked to another guy who said he could get me an interview for a job. he said it was kinda a sh1tty job, but it def pays more than my current job. i told him i had 80% lock on my new job but that i appreciated his offer and would send him a resume like he requested.


At the very least, I will write him a nice note thanking him.

i was never really superfriends with this guy, but he just came up to me and was nice, so, hey i will take that. i appreciate any favors. he said honestly the job is kinda sh1tty but if you can tough it out a year you’ll be good. i said my current job was sh1tty and i had toughed it out for a year.

he also said he interviews people sometimes and that he barely cares about their technical skills, but rather their social skills: is this a person I would not mind working with. a friendly, easy to get along with, normalf4g. well i try to be normal and easy to get along with, just quiet sometimes. like at the restaurant where there were 10 people talking and it was kinda loud and i was a bit too overwhelmed to say much, even though i had taken a valium. but i later had a normal conversation with the guy outside one on one while smoking a cig. nice.

if i can do it, anyone can!

i didn’t even have anything to drink, but he said he was “wasted”. and thankfully he was nice drunk and not mean drunk. but he admits to being a stubborn opinionated 4sshole, which is fine. he seems like a nondegenerate, old fashioned man with wife and kids that he hopefully takes good care of.


dec 18

lot of moving parts here. got to move the goalposts. not just push the envelope but sign seal and deliver the envelope. get out in front of the circle wagons and really get your arms around it.

when you are employed, it is easier to speak this language of The Workplace, which in turn will halp you do better in interview if you Talk Like An Employed Person. It’s all just Speaking A Language.

men waste so much energy, time, intelligence, and money thinking and talking and caring about Professional Sports. Even many men who are really too smart for that. why aren’t they focusing on their careers? Are they that comfortable in their careers? In their families? I WISH I were that comfortable. and i am getting real close to being pretty darn comfrotable. nice.

heh. at my weekly store visit, i bought another 3-pack of Trojan Rubbers. I am doing this to build confidence and masculinity  it costs about one dollar per one rubber.

i used to have a few rubbers somewhere, but they expired because i couldn’t get sechs within the expiration date, hahahahaha.

anyway the idea is to have something in your basket, then dart in and grab the rubbers real quick, then put them under that other thing. i can’t even imagine having to ASK for the rubbers or having to have a cashier look at them.

well, if you can simply survive to 30 without being dead or in jail…….good for you.

the other really bad thing would be being ADDICTED to drugs or alcohol.

so dont be too ashamed for being a loser who hasn’t done much with your life. at least you aren’t dead, in jail, or hooked on drugs. congratualations, you are not a degenerate.

so what about successful, non-loser degenerates? because they certainly do exist. middle class degenerates.

so what? they’re degenerates and a degenerate is a degenerate is a degenerate.

they put their career success before their families, before doing the right thing. they support degenerate political and social policies because they sound educated and intelligent and enlightened and progressive.

they can eat and sit on a d1k.

back from powerwalk, watching the best show ever, king of the hill.

its not perfect. but the strength of hank makes up for all of the shows weaknesses, to make it one of the best shows ever. since i could never meet hank hill, i would like to be hank hill.

ok. so a good day would be to smoke w33d with young qt, then we go sit in the sauna and then she sits on my face while she gets all sweaty, then we bang slowly in there, then come back home, and watch king of the hill, smoke a little more w33d, and bang some more.

it is hard to believe that people actually DO this. well, not this exactly, but they have fun hanging out with their Gurlfrans and also having sechs with them. people actually do this.

just like they go to jobs that do not stress them out all the time, so that they can stay up late, get no sleep, and still perform half-4ssed at their job, because they do not have to be “on” for customers all the time, and they won’t get fired if they are not always giving great customer service.

uhh get the book of questions off amazon so you can always have queastions to ask people to get them talking and manipulate them into liking you so that they will do what you want.

hehehe. or how about just be nice to people. i try to be a nice person. and i really appreciate other nice person.  would also sit on my face in the sauna and have true luv sechs with moi and go out to dinner with me and watch tv with me.

men love women more than women love men. men have more empathy.

women think sechs is a basic human right, no scarcity, and that you don’t have to work & compete fiercely for it…….just because THEY dont have to.

this is how womens naturally loving nature has been nurtured out of them by an insanely degenerate culture.

but by this same token, you could also probably convince naturally less civilized races to indeed become more civilized. nature CAN be overpowered by nurture,  SOMETIMES.

but anyway its obvious that being loving is better than being violent.

i like how hank hill was a VIRGIN before he married peggy, and peggy was the ONLY gurl he ever dated. and he craps his pantz and goes bwaaaaah when he finds out peggy had sechs with ONE other guy before him. who was her gay friend who she had sechs with once to confirm if he was gay or not, and he was.

i also like how connie is such an overachiever high strung, wants to get into HARVARD, being pressured by her status hungry parents. however are all laotians really like this? isn’t overachieving more of a chinese thing? and how did khan go from laotian bad boy, to wealthy systems analyst? whered he get his masterz degree? and also i wish that bobby were interested in a gurl of his own race, even though connie is a nice gurl. but i hear they break up in season 6 or 7.

also i would like to see bobby become less of a lazy loser, but he is a great example of a lazy loser. however it doesn’t bother him. he has good self-esteem and is not a spaghetti pockets autist. he can talk to people and will probably not become a 30 year old virgin. he will never pull 7’s, but he will be happy enough with 5’s and the occasional 6. hehehe.

hehehe dont u luv my super cynical worldview. weltanschauung.


dec 18

i can relax for the first time in  84 hours hahahaha.

i will neckbeard here for an hour or so waiting for laundry to finish, then go to store and scenic drive.

i also reported my lost credit card which took all of 5 minutes and i didn’t even have to talk to a person.

hehehe. that is hilarious.

you know, the old “RULE” where you have to make X thousand dollars a year, where X is also your age. So if you’re 30, you should be making AT LEAST 30k a year not to be considered a total loser wastoid.

of course, 35k a year is the real loser cutoff. if you make below 35k a year, you’re a loser, period,end of story.

or maybe enough time to get the easiest, cheapest, most useful masters degree, of taking one class at a time in like rocket science.

or starting my own business of helping losers. it would be like a private Social Work business especially for younger male losers trying to gain cofidence and success in work and life and wimmin. it would be unorthodox psychology, unorthdox social work, (ie, non marxist!!!) with a decent amount of game and social skills training, life coaching, etc. there’s not really any big companies that do what i want to do, so i would have to do it myself.

album of the day: judas priest painkiller. 1990. rob halfords “final” album, this was a high point for the band. i think Rob was pushing them to get heavier than they had been. I should have listened to this album a lot when i was a kid. oh well i can still enjoy it now.

what is rob halford’s best performance? i honestly do not know. i like songs like “dreamer deceiver” where he demonstrates his entire range, low, medium, high.

anyway i am almost a Shoe In for this job.  the only thing i could do was apply for a higher position, which never opened up. well it just happened to open up recently and they were nice enough to remember me.

so in other words this might be my ship finally sailing for the first time hahaha. well i guess going to university at age 18 was my ship sailing, but i screwed that up ROYALLY. that’s why i’m a huge loser who wants to help other huge losers, and started this blog, and might start that business, but i am gradually becoming less and less of a loser, THANK GOD.

this song will improve your mood, as will watching the cleveland show in general. greatest show since king of the hill hhehehe.

nowhere near as degenerate as its parent show family guy, and disappointed it got cancelled.

cleveland brown is a much more admirable and honorable man than peter griffin in other words.

well, he’s a bit of a beta loser, but hes nowhere near as DEGENERATE as peter. and not being a degenerate automatically makes you a Little Winner, even if you’re a Loser At Life.

well grateful for a good day here, hope i get this job, that would be huge. it was a huge improvement to get my current job, but it is so stressful and gay that i often forget that it has technically made me no longer a huge loser. well, this new job if i get it, would make me pretty much not a loser at all, and it would be lower-stress enough to be able to appreciate that. i am well on my way to becoming a nonloser normalfag neverdepressed. heck at this rate i might even get a gurlfran and cure myself of nevergf!

but only a real woman hater would think he DOES have any say in that!


dec 16

yeah so doing that all day can make you a bit angry. and watching stupid tv commercials makes me angry. and my female fren ignoring me makes me angry. hehe got a lot of anger. so how do you get rid of all that anger? powerwalking. fo sho. i should be taking longer powerwalks every night. so should you.

and getting plenty of sleep is essential when you have long mentally draining days where you have to juggle so much information so quickly its ridiculous. and think straight and think quickly for your callers.

anyway do interview on thursday. hopefully i get that job, that would be sweet. big improvement.

i really should go to a hooker for muh xmas present to muhself hehehehe. a classy attractive hooker. something classier than backpages.

how about u? hehehehe.

next hair buzz i might get a level 1. it looks better short. also more masculine. course i will look less masculine when i shave my long beard. but thats the price i am willing to pay to get this new job.

be like man i talk to people all day erry day about weird stuff they expect me to fix quickly. 9000000000 different things. i think i can do this job which is easier.

dominate or be dominated. that iron clad rule applies to all aspects of life. no exceptions.


A. Always. D. Dominate. O. Or. B. Be. D. Dominated.

yeah i stole this from a blogger i admire but i worry that naming him will identify me. somehow hehe. he writes a very controversial blog which has been very influential to me. in a way he always wants to make losers into winners. he has transformed people’s lives for the better. i am grateful he exists. anyway i don’t mean to STEAL from him but i kind of am, sorry man.

so tired. serving customers for  all day is mentally exhausting.  2 hour calls where you are dying and noone wants to help you, and increasing your desire to smoke cigarets.



hope you are not all spam.

dec 17

big interview tomorrow. shouldnt even be typing here. prepared a sh1tty two sheeter. sent email to interviewer containing the 4 documents i will be bringing. took powerwalk in freezing cold. shaved beard completely and now have total smooth babyface. electric shaver missed a few hairs, will get them in the morning. no easy day of work,

actually it was easier than yesterday, 4 hours on the phone rather than 5 hours. 6 hours is SUPER busy and thats what it used to be. i guess its really not that bad to be on the phone 6 hours of an 8 hour shift, right? but thats with 30 minutes paid break. so 6 hours of 7.5 hours. on the phone. i guess that’s not so bad. but even 4 hours out of 7.5 hours feels like a lot!

with time being eaten up by bathroom, and also going into no call mode for a minute after each call to take a deep breath and finish up notes and get programs reset for the next call.

point is, the new job would be way easier, way less stressful, and pay more, and i know i am more than capable of the job, if i can do my current job, i can really do just about anything. honestly. even brain surgery. my current job is HARD. we all WORK HARD for the money. all of us. no easy day, no easy job, we work HARD.

i saw the previous person in the job i’m interviewing for. i used to work there, then i left for current job. and that person did jack sh1t all day, i worked harder then them even though i got paid 5 dollars less an hour.

also i became a better worker at my current job and Grew Alot As A Worker and As A Person, namely communicating on the phone, and doing really hard complicated things very quickly and sounding very confident abotu it all.

if i had had the skills i had with my current job, at my old job, i would have done a better job at my old job. i would have been a lot quicker in finding information, helping people get answers, reaching out to other people, etc. getting better answers quicker, picking up the phone, calling people, helping people, not being so annoyed by answering the same stupid question over and over again, etc.

but i gotta go to bed soon. there’s not a whole lot i can do to prepare here. i looked over my one sheeter, now a two sheeter, oh well. kinda updated it from when i used it last.

but yeah. this would be a GAME CHANGER hehehe. i could get this job and then my female fren could sit on my face for a year.

dec 15 2014

interview in 3 days. today i went to an old skool mens barber on my way home from WERK. I got there at 555 and they closed at 6pm. thank GOD they let me in. I gave the barber an over 30% tip. and it was still cheaper than my usual spot. i am gonna have to start going to this new spot for my buzz cuts!

because i am going hugely bald on top, so it looks best to buzz it short. today i got a level 2 when before i got a level 3. level 2 looks even better. next time i will get a level 1.

anyway had a real busy day. past few weeks have been the EASIEST ever. well that ship has sailed, and now its back to being hard and busy and stressful.

came home, ate dinner, powerwalk, then prepared my documents for the interview. used google docs, then converted those to pdfs. will send 4 pdfs to the interviewer the day before, who happens to be my former boss: res, CL, and reference letters from TWO people they know!!!!!

in other words, my odds look GOOD actually.

this job would pay better and probably be less stressful. probably much less stressful. and WAY better benefits. its win win win.

i would be in the official upper working class and could easily stay here for 30 years. i wouldn’t mind it. i could raise a family with my female fren. after licking her bunshole for like 2 years straight.

but right now i have super short hair, my beard is longer than my hair.

after getting my head buzzed to a 2, i came home and shaved the sides of my beard from a 3 to a 2, and left the chin area long (at like a 6 hahahaha).

the combination of very short hair and long beard makes me look more masculine, so i could possibly pull gurls now. lesson learned: keep hair cut very short, and beard as long as possible. also, go back to this barber. it is an old school mens barber and not some f4gg0t salon.

i thought that would be a sweet job. just an older man cutting other older men’s hair in an old school barber. i can’t imagine the guy makes much money though. he was a friendly man who said he had 4 sons. Nice I said, I wouldn’t mind having some kids some day. No daughters though. He was glad to have no daughters. I hear that, i said, with girls there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, a lot of worry there. He said his son was going to college for computers. I said that was a good idea.

well, if it’s for computer science, and he is in the top 20% of his class, then its a good idea. but if its for “Information Technology” and he’s in the middle 50% of his class, then he should just QUIT NOW and become an electrician.

unless he has good normalfag social skills and can talk to gurls, then he could probably talk to employers and clients and become a salesman or something and not be an underemployed virgin loser when he’s 30, hahahahahahaha.

yep its all about using gmail calender with EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS of events THREE DAYS in advance.

also USE YOUR EMAIL INBOX as a TO DO LIST by sending tons of emails to yourself. forward forwards to yourself and add stuff, like “updating a case” and then it will move to the top of your inbox. when you get it done just archive or delete it.

dec 16


i am starting to get feelings for u name

a lot of guys move too fast, but i move too slow. it doesnt mean i dont want to date u! because i do. i am just a little rusty atm. but u could fix that real quick!

wanna hang out on saturday?

is there even a 1% chance that you could ever date me in the future? not even right now! but even a few months from now. i have feelings for u and need to know.

name i think we should try cuddling. i heard u like that and i do too, i think it would be a lot of fun for both of us!!

i get a warm fuzzy feeling when i think of u sometimes. is that weird?

hope u get this txt haha! wanna hang out tonight and do something fun?

i think my brain is manufacturing oxytocin whenever i think of u sometimes 🙂

I would not be too gentle. I know gurls hate that and will dump you immediately if you don’t bang them HARD enough.

real busy day on the job, it’s back to busy again. i had a break for 2 or 3 weeks, that was great. now its nuts again. too many phone calls. it is MENTALLY EXHAUSTING to be on the phone all day, talking to person after person. heh. this is why you can always find a job in a CALL CENTER. because it sucks so bad everyone quits it or gets fired. kinda like a restaurant. but i prob get paid more than avg for Call Centers, and my callers are actually NICER than avg. so i shouldn’t complain. but its still mentally exhausting to do that all day. wish i could do it just half a day and do another non talking non customer task the other half. this is why you don’t get sh1tty liberal arts degrees in kollige hahahaha.