dec  2014

cant be long. either this or settlers. actually had kind of an easy day today. that might mean i am gonna get laid off. but i am helping and being a boss.

also discovered a new resource at my job that i think is gonna help quite a bit. WHY DON’T THEY TELL YOU ABOUT THESE THINGS??????

don’t wanna get to clingy. obviously it’s best where you seem to like the gurl less than she likes you. if you like the gurl MORE than she likes you………that’s exactly what i did wrong with the gurls i “dated” and or got rejected by. it might have been my Major Mistake.


so i am a huge hypocrite and i pray to GOD when i am afraid. i still get nervous going into WORK , and then i pray to GOD for STRENGTH. I also pray for my family and my friends and for strength on the job, and sometimes even throw a prayer in there that the LORD will guide female Into My Arms.

It would just be NICE to have a Ladyfriend for once. hehehe and not one where she liked me a lot more than i liked her. not that that’s ever happened! because i don’t pursue a gurl unless i really like like her. maybe that’s my problem.

besides, not liking anyone is not bad at all. but getting over female wont be easy (woman8). but if i can get over woman7, i can get over woman8. didnt even use alcohol to get over woman7. just used time and space. time and space, all you need.

in that case, i needed a LOT of time and space. no contact for like a year and a half. i will nothave that luxury with woman8, but i would just have to avoid her as much as i possibly can given the constraints.

assuming she rejects me, hehehe. maybe she will not reject me and become  gurlfran, hahaha. a man can dream haha.

no she would be a pretty good furst gurlfran, maybe even a good wife. i am a traditional man and really have no need to bang LOTS of b1tches. at the end of the day i prefer a monogamous man 4 lyfe.

i don’t care if that sounds beta. it really IS kinda beta. i just don’t care.

because a little beta used to be a good thing, it kept men from dumping their wives.

but now that degenerate b1tches dump YOU at the first sign of beta, beta men cannot get gurls or wives like they did in the 50s hehehe.

oh heres a great protip i came up all by myself:

use your email inbox as your todo list.

for example, if you want to set an appointment with a friend and not forget it while you are Work freaking out about work stuff,

SEND YOURSELF AN EMAIL saying “hang out with bla bla saturday night at 7 pm at bla bla” and don’t delete it. at least 3 or 5 or 7 days in advance. that way you see it every time you look at your (personal) email, which i am sure you do at least once a day.

also have google calendar send you email reminders of events at least 3 days in advance. because i read email every day but never look at google calendar.