sun nov 30 2014

and if i get rejected, well, it can only get a little bit worse, because i’m allready all in, i have nothing more to give or lose, except muh hope, hahahahaha.

and if i get rejected, well then i just work on my game to bang b1tches, , and life goes on. oh well. its not cancer. not a death sentence.

but yeah that would be diappointing. wow. disappointed in wimmin, well at least i have PLENTY of experience in that hahaha. what else is new.

was shia lebouef raped by a woman or a man. was he coerced into sechs by an ugly gurl, or was he full blown raepd up the 4ss by a man.

anyway. just play it cool. be cool. don’t be clingy or needy. less contact, less texting is BETTER.

and then when i get my chance, be decisive, be masculine, put it all out there, go all in. in a masculine, cool way.

and do likewise when you get a chance like this. and if you don’t like anyone, then be happy, because liking wimmin SUCKS. then just enjoy neckbearding on the internet and having contempt for everything. ohh how i long for those good old innocent days.

anyway, when a man bangs a woman, it makes him more masculine, imho. makes him feeeeeel more like a man, to do manly things like take risks and work and make gains and win and etc. so, banging is generally good for MEN’S HEALTH.

is it good for women’s health? with greater conditions. if they are in a monogamous loving traditional rel with a man, yes its probably good for her health, and give her oxytocin to bond with her man all the more strongly. but banging does not make women more feminine/healthy, as generally as it makes men more masculine/healthy.

if anything, i’d err on the side of caution and say it’s BAD for women’s health. unless in the context of a monogamous healthy rel with a man.

here’s a great epigram/sound bite i read on 4chan over my vacay:


hehehe that might be a little too /pol/ 4 U, but it’s just pol enough 4 moi!!!!!

albums are too darn long. 40 minutes is more than long enough for an album.

and even that’s too long to start off listening to the album. i can only listen to about 20 minutes max of an album unless i luv it.

therefore my anecdotal evidence proves a scientific fact: listening to the same album for like 18 minutes WILL be boring.

maybe even 15 minutes. heck, 10 minutes.

took a pwalk. very pleasant day, warm.

at my old job i never got nervous. at my current job i get nervous almost erry day. because i never know what i’m gonna get next. never know if it’s gonna be something i know, or don’t know. or if the person is going to be upset or chill. all that uncertainty is nerve wracking.

yeah, so education, work, career, life, and women have always been a struggle with me. i have always been a bit of an outsider in everything, all the time. well, thankfully it has been possible for me to make male friends. but everything else has been super hard, super struggle. education, work, women. with education and work i have made nominal gains and achieved the bare minimum at least: college, fulltime job. (not a college job though.) but with wimmin, i have not achieved the bare minimum of a steady ladyfrand whom i like. although at least i’m not a virgin! bretty damn close though.

i am all in already, so i really don’t have any more to give. i am just waiting for The Final Showdown, before my opponent shows their cards. usually this just takes a few seconds in an actual card game. but here it will prob takes months. and that is nerve wracking. anxiety producting.

anxiogenic hehehe.

we live in SUCH a DEGENERATE society!!! It’s sad and angering.

i’m moving to fooking MONTANA.


apply to over 25 jobs, r9k, hehehe

you can write a letter to the gurl u are hopelessly in luv with

“dear fatty, just give me a chance please. you don’t have to decide right now. it took me a while to get these feelings for you, a couple prereqs had to happen first, here’s what they are, and then after that everything clicked. so i am more than happy to wait if you think it would help. if it wouldn’t, and you’re just gonna jump on as many dix as possible right now, i think that’s a horrible idea and that will totally lower my respect of you, and would greatly damage our frendship MUCH more than me developing Like Like Feelz towards you.”