nov 28

smoke w33d, listen to music, maybe some black metal, and write on the internet. wow. the perfect night. looks i am the total r9k virgin amirite? no but see i hung out with a frand before all this, hehehe. and talked to him semi coherently about music before coming home

and now listening to music.

cuz i think i took 3 puffs here. perfect would be 1 or 2 puffs right.

welp good thing i don’t have to go to WORK tomorrow. although i prob could. ideally i would take a 3.2 mile powerwalk right NOW.

how do you make wimmin like you. well you give them a break and dont text them erry day, hehehe.

well it was fun smoking that w44d, wish i had just smoked one less puff and thus been a little more cohernet.

next day

yes i am thankful for seeing my frand and it was also fun smoking than w33d.

vacation!!!! today do some internets, powerwalk, etc. try to not think about female friend. i actually had a DREAM regarding the old woman8, IE the woman I just took out of woman8 position because i never really tried with her and never even really hung out with her, she just began haunting my dreams years later. well i had another dream. yeah i probably would try with her if i lived anywhere near her! but she lives like 70 miles away. too much. might be able to deal with that if you’re already in a pre establised rel, but uhhhhh i’ve never even hung out with this woman, haven’t talked to her in 9 years.

so yeah, she’s not woman8 any more

how does a normalfag with normal rejection nonsensitivity react to rejection? and then model yourself afer that. they say, damn b1tch, what’s YOUR problem, i’m awesome, you rejecting me is STUPID, you’re STUPID, damn. whatever, i don’t have time for STUPID people, see ya.

and that’s that.

so that’s the approach you should dfeinitely take, thats my official recommendation.

maybe i should read r9k for advice!

no, i dont need to do that.

stupid for rejecting me, i don’t deserve to be rejected, and i’m sure as f00k not gonna hang out with or try to hang out with stupid people who reject me!!!!!!!

the end. period. full stop.

but its amazing how our Toxic Mainstream Culture tries to condition us against our nature, and in many cases…..it works. nature is overcome by nurture. i still say they are 50/50.

and that is why people are so anxious and schizo nowadays hehehe. and mentally cray cray.

get a plus certified. i have been meaning to do this but keep forgetting. it can’t be THAT hard.


it is administered by comptia of course.

uhhh i will take the test and get certified if it costs less than 100$, i get unlimited attempts, and can do it right now online.


ehhh its not cheap.

suk muh dik.

muh erectile disfunciton.

i really can spell better than this, its all a typing issue, not a spelling one. i try to type too fast and therefore misspell words. but i KNOW how to spell them correctly i can assure you.

but yeah when i smoked that w i could feel the huge resevoir of anxiety threatening to take over. either you get chill and silly, or you get VERY nervous and anxious, and that stuff was right there.  shoulda taken one less puff, but i am very thankful i didn’t take one MORE puff.

hehe i luv 4chan, 4chan should be my job

“jooz are not even human”


/r9k/ daily letter thread – write letters to ppl who will never see them



went for Scenic Drive, recorded Power Talk during, went to store, got gas, got some snax, they had my pantz on sale so i bought a darker brown pair of classic fit Khakis, flat front, this time slightly bigger, with expandable waistband as well. yes. this is the best way to do it son.

they might be a little big but i can always wear a belt, and of course i would be. because you need extra comfort if you’re wearing the pantz for 12 hours a day. come on now.