nov 27 thanksgiving

give thanks you don’t have some j1zz drenched b1tch sucking your d1ck on this valentines gay, hahahahaha.

so what do you do when you have strong feelings, and the gurl could possibly go both ways, but she’s getting out of something recently, and definitely is not as hot for you at the MOMENT as you are for her?

uh PLAY IT COOL son.

PLAY IT COOL. BE COOL. take be cool pills if youhave to.

so i am still toying with dropping woman 8 from my list of Women, becuase that would inflate the value of Muh Luv.

this would then make woman 9 woman 8. i may 60% chance do this.

and the whole point is to make My Luv Moar Valuable, like Gold. Upvalue it. like, what you’re getting from me baby, is worth a LOT. don’t turn it down. dont pearls before swine it.

so you might have to mentally shift there and delete the old woman 8, and make this woman 9 the new woman 8. i kinda like that.

i have made bad choices regarding women 1 thru 8. (ok im all in). I have made good choices too. that is, some of those women sucked, others were decent and non scumbags.

how do you ruin a culture, by ruining its WOMEN. then everything else will gradually crumble.

damn i have never had this much time off. maybe i should find a good 4chan post for yall.

ok got one. just a standard r9k post, that got lucky by me immortalizing it forever. probably r9k has great posts like this every day that just blow away into the ether.

there ya go guyzzzz


heh this is the official term as of november 2014

i am thankful for my family, friends, job, and also that r9k is such a great place to have great discussions like this even on tgiving.

no i am gonna spend time with the fam but i am gonna spend the aerlier part of the day internetsing.

and doing laundry.

has pastebin kept all its pastes since it started in 2002? would the links still work?

what if pastebin deletes all my classic pastes of r9k threads?

and then move to colorado and become a w33d entrepreneur and make middleclassbux.