nov 26

thanksgiving is tomorrow, happy thanksgiving, give thanks, god is good, all the time, hahahaha.

but yeah i am totally entitled to be VERY DISAPPOINTED in and by women. and so are you. when have women not disappoitned you?

because you hold them to such high standards! you want to cuddle and date and have a rel with a woman! talk about a tall order! No one has ever done that!

but of course they do, men and women have been getting together for years, it’s the whole reason the human race exists, because men and women f00k.

and yet you and me cannot fulfill that MOST BASIC funciton of human life. we cannot find a woman who is willing to mate with us!

because we are the hugest omega virgins ever, completely unattractive to women! feelsbadman.jpg

but enough of the PITY PARTY, i don’t NEED women and neither do you!

anyway i am very thankful to have family, friends, and a middle working class fulltime job. this is more than 90% of people. or ate least 50%. better than average. do not want to get GREEDY by wanting a WOMAN.

but yeah when you look around and see how many men get with women, you realize it’s not an unreasonable request.

but they have sh1tty relationsh1ts, with sh1tty women, right?!?!?!?!?!

hehe well certainly more than 50% do at least, hehehe.

i dunno i am pretty greedy and lookist, because i refuse to date or bang a woman i am not attracted to. that is really where my order becomes too tall. i could probably bang this one unattractive woman right now if i wanted. but i don’t want to!

and i would want to date her even less!!!!!

how about you?


meh i gotta go lay down. i work real hard, i deserve it hehehehe. plus i am not a degenerate or a drug addict or an alcoholic. well not any more, hehehe. although i would totally smoke some w33d right now if i had any. but i don’t.

i could take a valium but i really don’t even feel like that. i would prefer to smoke w33d. maybe then i would take some valium.

nov 27 thanksgiving

so i give thanks for my family, friends, and fulltime job.

as i say, it’s not bad at all being single and lonely UNLESS you have found someone to put on the pedestal, that u want to date. THEN it’s horrible. So the root cause is Your Feelings, see, NOT the being Foreveralone.  You could be Foreveralone and perfectly happy as long as you didn’t LIKE anyone!!!!!!!

so learn to never like a grill in a serious way, hehehe. eradicate your feelings of luv for wimmin.


but seriously folks. taking time off from Dating to Figure Yourself Out and What You Want is a privilege that only Women get, and it all traces back to the Uterus, so, I don’t necessarily envy them that privilege.

You could take Ten Years off of Dating and Figure out that all you want is a nice, pretty, young girl who you get along with, are attracted to, lets you cuddle and make out and have sechs with her, and doesn’t dump you before two months, hehehehe. i have found the answer!!!!!!

nobody puts ufmll in the friendzone, baby! hehehehe.

only beta loser kissless virgins, and woman-haters actually use the term friendzone, becuase only they are creepy enough to actually get banished there.