nov 25


well not much i can do about that. serenity now. courage to change the things i can, serenity to accept the things i can’t and the WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

heh. they should call it the WISDOM prayer, because when it comes to wimmin, i never know the difference between the things i can and cannot change!!!!!

how about u?

oh well, i have family friends and a job, i don’t need no WIMMIN.

so i get dumped because i’m too unmasculine and needy, ok fine.

or maybe they can tell that i secretly hate women, hahaha.

who knows, maybe i DO hate women. oh well. just let it be maaaannn. just let it flow right through me. go with the flow.

well i don’t hate them super passionately. it is more of a cold, bitter, lethargic hate. more of a cool dislike really. hahaha.

no its disappointment really. just disappointed in getting rejected, and never being able to be with the person i want ever.  except for two times, where i went out with them for like two months. and not two SOLID months either!!!!!

this is more than most kissless virgins, but way way way way less than most normalfags. i am WAYYYYYY closer to kissless virgin than i am to normalfag. i have only dated 2 gurls for less than 2 months apeice, and not solid months. the second one i didn’t even bang, cuz i wanted to take it nice and slow. i just Fingerbanged her and made out with her a bit. The first one I banged Twice, and she Blew me once, and I Ate Her Pvssy once. It was all very fun, but that was the end of that, and that is the extent of all the action i ever got in muh life. Oh yeah i made out with the first one a lot. and i was in luv with both, and was crushed when i was dumped. interpersonal rejection hypersensitivity.

anyway  maybe i will get fired for helping people too much. oh well. i could probably get a job at this other place people from my job have gone to. you get paid less but it’s supposedly easier.

plus some of the skillz i have learned here are very transferable/portable.

but yeah. it is hard to feeeeel like a man if you are totally unsuccessful with wimmin always and forever.

but i would rather be foreveralone than be with someone who sucks, or who i only settled for because they liked me more than i liked them but i figured that was the best i could get.

like this one woman who is nice to me and i could probably bang, but i would never want to date her because she’s not really attractive, she has kids, she’s annoying, kinda sleazy, pretty dumb, etc. i would have to be very drunk and sad and desperate. and i do not get drunk any more.

but yeah. my job is exhausting. becuase you are talking to poeple all day, about weird things you can never predict, the range of things is very broad, you have to pretend to know what you’re talking about, you have to learn an incredible amount of info extremely fast and try to explain it to people, you have to stay very calm under pressure, you have to think fast and accurately all the time, so at the end of the day you are braindead, exhausted, and don’t want to do anything but smoke w33d and sleep.

heh. would be real nice ot have a nice qt gurl you liked so you could hang out, do fun things together, cuddle, make out, and have monogsex.

heh. the more mature of an adult you are, the less monogamous your sechsual relationsh1ts.

because jealousy is immature and creepy. and sexist and woman-hating.

naah i dont hate women, i just hate being rejected and being a failure with women.

how about you?

hehehehe. or when women lead you on, or blow you off, or LEAVE YOU IN THE LURCH. very disappointing. very, very disappointing.