nov 2014

yep day off tomorrow, which is sunday. nice saturday working. no easy day. never easy day. well its usu saturday which is the easiest but today was constant busy-ness.

what’s better, when a gurl rejects you because she doesn’t like you, or when she essentially disqualifies herself by getting pregnant?

i have had female frenz before but they never got preggers while i knew them, prob because they were prob on BC as they had sechs with their boifrans. and i did not care, because i was not in luv with them, and i was frenz with the boifrans too.

but if you are in luv with a gurl and you want to switch that OFF, just convince yourself that she is PREGNANT.

and then this brings up the VERY tricky issue of Abortion, which I have never been comfortable with, and which I have successfully avoided all my life because i never had a gurlfriend and never had to deal with Birth Control and/or Abortion head on.

And I generally think Abortion is Morally Wrong, it is probably more morally wrong than Drunk Driving, and at the very least, it goes a long way towards making a woman Crazy, maybe just as much as general promiscuity does.

My Ideal Woman would have a Low Number of Sechs Partners, AND a Low Number of Abortions.

Then I started thinking, what is the Average Number of Abortions the Average Woman in the US between the ages of…..i dunno, 20 and 40.

I read something ridiculous saying the Average Russian Woman in 2000 has had 2.5 Abortions and I thought that was shocking. That seemed like a lot IMHO. Also yes I know that is prob a real difficult statistic to measure accurate. just like average number of sechs partners.

If I were a woman, I would not want to have an abortion. But I would not want to have a baby either. And in this day and age it’s real easy to rationalise having an abortion: its legal, women have fought for this right, bla bla bla, it might not be FUN or PLEASANT but just be thankful the option is available for emergencies. and so then you go get it and feel ashamed for a while and hope you never have to do it again.  i think this might be a fairly common Rite Of Passage for Middle Class Career Bound College Gurls. They party, get preggers, take a semester off skool, have an abortion, then hopefully straighten up their act afterwards, and go to grad skool and get a good career and then have a babby at age 40 with the help of fertility medz.

so woman having the baby would probably be more moral, and it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker of u being friends with her. but there’s no way u would go out with her then.

but would her having an ABORTION also be a dealbreaker? but ALL women have Abortions at some point or another! u might as well be asking for a VIRGIN!

Well u certainly not asking for a VIRGIN, because that’s impossible, hahahaha. but how impossible is it to find a gurl who hasn’t had any abortions? So the average american gurl has taken 9000 cox, fine. How many abortions has the average amerislut had? 9000?

but u will never understand because u am not a woman.

u suppose it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for u Dating Her, but it would def take her a few months to Get Over It. Hopefully.

See everyone who’s against abortion always gives you bible verses, and even though i am kinda religious, i also have big problems with christians too.  i would be against abortion for deeper reasons, namely i find murdering human life to be immoral, hahahaha.

so yeah, if you need to back off of a woman, just tell yourself that she’s pregnant.

so say u have some b1tch on the pedestal, u are in luv with her, hypothetical here, but if she were preggers, and i can’t give odds on that, i do think she would probably get an abortion. especially if she doesn’t like the guy any more. so i have to decide if her recently getting an abortion would be a dealbreaker for me. well…. i would have to give it a few months i guess. i am not really comfortable with abortionz and hope i never am, in fact i wouldn’t mind becoming even more anti-abortion as i get older and more conservative hehehe. but wouldn’t it be ironic then, if her having an abortion would be what allows me to Date her, whereas i DEFINITELY would not Date her if she has the Baby. Super Ironic Uh?

what would be worse, her being pregnant, her getting an abortion, or her getting some long term sex disease like herpes or hepatitis???????